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lift-to-the-top10 Steps to Happy Networking with Latino Bicultural Audiences

  • Are you one to start sweating when confronting a room full of people?
  • Do you stay on the sidelines because you don’t know what to say or how to introduce yourself?
  • Do you hate networking, especially in bicultural settings?
  • Finally, do you want to get MORE out of your networking efforts?

I have put together a series of steps that will make your networking experience a success! With practice, you will find that these steps –and other tricks you might come up with on your own- will come to you naturally!

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  • Award-winning journalist, author, multicultural expert, public speaker, small business advocate and the Editor-in-Chief of Susana is an Argentinean immigrant who started her own small business over 20 years ago. Now, through her new digital platform and social media channels, she advocates for the economic empowerment of Latinas in the United States.