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Cluttered workspace driving you mad? Watch our top 10 desk organization tips! 

A clean workspace is crucial for productivity. When things are cluttered and chaotic, our minds have more trouble staying focused. When you’re busy being an entrepreneur, business owner, or planning your next career move, you should be doing it all from a nice, organized desk. 

If you’ve been putting off cleaning your workspace, then this is the perfect time to finally get on that. The second Monday in January is also known as National Clean Your Desk Day—yes, there’s a holiday for everything! 

So, it’s time to say goodbye to that clutter, discard what you don’t need, and finally sort through that ever-growing stack of papers. 

Don’t be overwhelmed. Just sweep it all away like they do in the movies! 

clean your desk

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Okay—well, maybe not. However, our top desk organization tips and recommendations below will definitely help you get started. 

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Top 10 desk organization tips

  1. Start with a clean slate – The first desk organization tip is, of course, to clear off everything from your desk. But maybe don’t sweep it all off in one go–even if the mess is driving you nuts. Once you have your blank slate, wipe down your surface, dust your computer and keyboard, really give everything a nice deep clean before you start reorganizing! 
  2. Take advantage of desk organizers –  Desk organizers come in all shapes and sizes to suit your organizational needs. These are great tools to help keep everything in its place, from sticky notes to pens and pencils, documents, mail, paperclips, and more! Here is a Best Seller Desk Organizer option with excellent reviews.
  3.  Use small storage baskets to hold additional items – If your workspace is especially cluttered, you might need more than a desk organizer to clear up space. Small storage baskets can help. You can get them just about anywhere, but here is an option with great reviews. They’ll give your workspace a nice aesthetic touch. If you have supplies you don’t use frequently or things you don’t need to have out on your desk at all times, storing them in a basket will keep things neat and ensure you have enough space on your desk for the things you do need. 
  4.  Keep it simple – Don’t go overboard with personal items, knick knacks, and decor. It might be tempting to add a bunch of decor to your workspace to make it more aesthetically pleasing, but too many personal items can quickly become ‘clutter’ and also a distraction. Instead, keep things simple with just a few personal accessories
  5.  Prioritize your workflow – Keep only what you need on your desk. An article by CNN Business advised that one “should only keep relevant and active projects and documents” on their desk. Anything extra that’s not relevant to what you are currently working on should not take up space on your desk. When you sit down for the day, make sure you’re only bringing what you need. 
  6.  Embrace white space – Another tip from the same CNN article suggests keeping “a paper-sized free space to your dominant side as a designated workspace.” This is to make it easier to review or sign documents. In fact, it is also preferable to keep the items you use most near your dominant hand for quick grabbing. 
  7. Keep your computer in front of youMany suggest your desktop or laptop should be placed directly in front of you at a comfortable distance. You want to be able to sit up straight and be able to see the monitor clearly at eye level. The proper positioning of your computer will help you stay focused and on task longer.  
desk organization

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8. Get a trash can shredder – If you don’t already have one near your desk, get one! Having a trash can shredder nearby will encourage you to clean up your space and minimize mess.  

9. Clean up before you go – Before you leave your workspace each day, take a moment to tidy up. Dump whatever trash you have accumulated throughout the day, organize documents, return your supplies to their appropriate spot. Tidying up daily will help keep the clutter from piling up again. 

10. Reassess your space from time to time – What might work for you now, might not work in the future. As your projects evolve, you may find you need a different setup. Perhaps you need more desk space, or your work requires more supplies. You may need to purchase additional storage items or move things around. So, take the time every few months to consider how your workspace and if its current setup is working for you. 

Happy National Clean Your Desk Day! Let us know how you did with our recommendations! 

An example of Cloffice. Image by Haffele.

Cloffice: The latest work-from-home trend to transform your workspace

Home office has been a hot topic since March of 2020. Before, working from home was not always necessary and many got on just fine without a dedicated workspace. However, the rise of remote work in the past year has increased the demand for such a space. If you are one of the many longing for a personal workspace in your home, but think you do not have the room to accommodate such a space, let me introduce you to the cloffice. 

What is a cloffice?

A cloffice is essentially a closet transformed into an office space. This creative innovation is the perfect solution for those looking to have a dedicated workspace in their home but are tight on space. 

Many choose to transform guest bedroom closets or hall closets but you can even use a freestanding wardrobe such as in the photo below. 

cloffice, working from home,

Transform a freestanding wardrobe into your personal home office workspace. (Photo courtesy Häfele)

The cloffice is perfect for those who want a space separate from main living areas. The cloffice also allows you to hide your work from your daily life once you’re off the clock. Just close your closet doors to disconnect from work-life and get back into the groove of home-life. 

That disconnect is especially necessary nowadays as COVID-19 has forced us to blur the lines between our work-life-balance. According to an article by Forbes, having a dedicated workspace increases productivity and reduces temptations to indulge in other at-home distractions while working from home

Tips to build the cloffice of your dreams 

If you are struggling without a dedicated workspace at home, then hop on the trend! Below are some tips to help you transform your spare closet into the perfect, personal workspace to help you achieve more while working from home. 

cloffice, working from home,

Unleash your creativity and build your own personal cloffice. (Photo courtesy Häfele)


Most important, of course, is your desk and chair as these will be where you spend your working hours. A sturdy desk and an ergonomic chair will serve you best and keep you comfortable while you work, help you maintain good posture, and keep stubborn back-pain away. Another option is a standing desk which also has many benefits. Either way, choose furnishings that will best serve you. Make this space your own. 


In such a small space, storage is everything and every inch of space matters. Try not to clutter your workspace with large storage cabinets or containers. Keep it simple. Utilize shelves, built in closet storage, or small cubbies. If your goal is to be able to close your closet doors at the end of the workday, also be sure to keep all furnishings and storage compact. 


Electronics are another important area to consider. Your closet may not have outlets or plugs, but there are solutions. You can use extension cords and cable concealers to keep cables and wires tidy. Another solution for charging smaller electronics is to utilize USB charging ports. Once you have power running in your cloffice, add in your computer and other necessary electronics such as printers or scanners. 


Finally, consider your lighting source. Lighting is essential to productivity. Light can define your mood and impact your performance. Most closets do not have built-in light sources, so you will want to consider different solutions. You could add a desk-lamp, LED lights, or wall lights to your cloffice. Whichever option you choose, make sure it offers plenty of light so you can perform at your best. 

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Once you have the essentials down, it’s time to decorate! Unleash your creativity and personalize your workspace. Add a touch of color or keep things minimal and go monochrome. The choice is yours. Remember, this space will be where you spend a bulk of your time during the workday, so make it a place that is inviting and positive.