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Are you ready to manage your finances and make smart decisions about your wealth for once and for all? Our contributor Aquiles Larrea from Larrea Wealth Management has announced the launch of his book Your Money and You: The Ultimate Guide to Wealth Management for Latino Entrepreneurs and Executives, the definitive resource for Latino business owners and professionals looking to make smart decisions about their wealth.

Aquiles Larrea manage your finances

Find Aquiles Larrea book signing event at 2016 Best Business Awards.

Written by experienced wealth manager Aquiles Larrea, the book gives readers a framework for coordinating their entire financial lives that empowers them to:

1. Solve their biggest financial challenges

2. Capture new financial opportunities

3. Position their wealth to build the life they truly want for themselves and their families.

Main challenges Latinos confront in wealth management

Confronting many challenges, successful Latinos and their families share numerous financial concerns and goals today such as growing and preserving wealth to meet life’s most important goals and achieve financial freedom and independence.

“For those purposes, gaining the knowledge and confidence to manage your finances effectively and maximize the positive impact they can have on family and community is instrumental. Better yet if they are guided by a team of professionals that Latinos can trust and that speak their own ‘language,’ not only in terms of mother tongue but also culturally,” Aquiles said.

The accomplished financial expert believes that most Latino entrepreneurs and executives have been building successful businesses that thrive for years—and generations—to come. “Do they want to see their effort gone or do they prefer to transfer such wealth safely to heirs to ensure that loved ones have a strong financial foundation on which to build meaningful lives?” he asked.

Finally, Aquiles believes that knowledge can help them protect such wealth from those who would take it unjustly. “You can manage your finances to make a difference in the lives of family, friends, community and the world at large, values that are very important to all Latinos,” he added.

A comprehensive approach to manage your finances

Aquiles Larrea manage your finances

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Addressing these many and diverse issues requires a comprehensive approach—one that brings together a broad range of resources and expertise to coordinate all the strategies that must work together to build true, meaningful and lasting financial success.

That approach is comprehensive wealth management—a framework for making smart financial decisions that consists of three key components:

  1. Investment Consulting—investing assets to achieve the growth and preservation needed to reach key financial goals.
  2. Advanced Planning—solving the most important non-investment objectives, including reducing taxes, passing wealth on to heirs, safeguarding assets and having a charitable impact.
  3. Relationship Management—assembling and managing a network of experts to help create and oversee a wealth management plan for financial success.

“There’s no question that comprehensive wealth management stands in stark contrast to how the vast majority of Latino entrepreneurs and executives—as well as most financial professionals—make decisions about the most important aspects of their financial lives,” Aquiles said. “This book and our team are ready to help you make this change happen!”

Armed with the information, insights and strategies outlined in Your Money and You: The Ultimate Guide to Wealth Management for Latino Entrepreneurs and Executives, successful Latinos and their families will find themselves better able than ever before to build, preserve, protect and leverage the wealth they have worked so hard to create.

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