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3 Latest video trends successful businesses use to engage their audiences

It is important to keep up with the latest video trends if your business wants to stay ahead of the curve and be able to come up with more interesting and engaging content. These are already some video trends your business should be aware of and keep tabs on.

By Guest Contributor Kyle Smith (promotional product review)


video trends

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There are three video trends in particular that your business should explore:

  • Live video content

One of the most defining video trends over the last year or so has been live video content. Now that it is more widely supported by social media, it has proven to be able to attract larger audiences and increase engagement levels. Due to its potential, your business should look into ways it can produce live video content of its own – whether it is webinars, event livestreams, discussions, Q&A sessions, or something else trends

  • Serialized videos

The most prominent video trend of recent years has been to produce bite-sized, standalone videos – and serialized videos seem to fly in the face of that. While still a relatively new trend, serialized videos have been starting to attract more viewers and retain them for longer than normal standalone videos. For businesses this represents an interesting chance to try creating content in the form of video series that are longer and more detailed.

  • Virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video
video trends

Video is one of the latest trends to market your business

While VR may not have grown at the pace was initially expected, it has steadily increased its presence – and 2018 will see it become even more accessible. As things stand the most feasible way to produce videos for the VR experience is 360-degree video, and that has become easier and more convenient as well. Not only is creating VR and 360-degree video content a novelty that is bound to attract more interest for businesses, but it is also a very different form of videos – where the video creator is a subject in their own video.

While your business will want to track and explore these trends, it is important to still produce content that looks impressive and stands out. On Mac’s you may very well rely on iMovie for that, but if you want an alternative to iMovie for PC you should try Movavi Video Editor.

Simply put Movavi Video Editor is a video creation tool that has the same intuitive approach as iMovie and is easy to use. It includes numerous powerful features that you can use to apply special effects and filters, cut and trim video footage, improve the video quality, add and edit audio tracks, and more.

Due to how straightforward and easy it is to use, you won’t need any prior experience to start producing polished and professional-looking videos for your business with Movavi Video Editor. In fact all that is required is a bit of creativity and you will be able to come up with engaging videos – especially if you leverage the video trends that were discussed above.

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Author Bio:

Kyle Smith creates video content for his business and constantly has an eye on any new trends or developments that could help him create more exciting, relevant and engaging videos. He is particularly interested in new types of videos that have surfaced over the last year and the technology that enables them.

Typically he uses Movavi Video Editor to compile his videos due to its user-friendly approach and powerful features. In his experience it has everything he needs to produce high quality videos that look professional, and is the perfect tool for creating business videos that are able to stand out.