Up in the Air, the movie

Travel and work new section for smart Latinas on the go

Up in the Air, the movie

Up in the Air, the movie

A while ago, I started thinking about expanding our sections, reorganizing them into topics that are most sought or read by our (LIBizus). For many years, I had -and still do!- the passion for traveling, and used to combine work and pleasure in my trips so I was wondering if a smart business traveler section would be something our readers and followers would enjoy.

And then I was unexpectedly invited to participate at the International Association of Hispanic Meeting Professionals Association Annual Conference in Atlantic City, NJ, this past October. I saw the event as a positive wink from “the Universe” to start our new section Travel and Work.

portrait of young businesswoman at airport

Depending on how you live your business travels, a world of opportunity and excitement awaits to those who are road warriors. You can have a miserable time going from one sordid hotel to another and one annoying meeting to the next, or you can combine it with a little downtime pleasure while on the road, which builds a positive mood and helps with your travel goals.

However, only knowing how to take advantage of the best resources, places and traveling tips can make your work on the go more enjoyable. As in the movie, “Up in the Air,” sometimes a little fun, meeting new people and creating more comfortable situations for yourself can compensate the most miserable of the jobs.

Hotel tray

Being familiar with the array of hidden perks provided during flights, at hotels and in local restaurants might help you become the winner you need to be to close difficult deals or win hard negotiations. And why not, having the extra benefit of spending some “me” time away from family, children and other obligations, can be enjoyed as a mini-vacation that allows you to come back to them with a big smile!

As a consultant, and having clients in nine states, I used to travel quite a bit. Being on the road was always a challenge to my imagination and to my budget. Finding those little details that improved the experience were essential to my performance on the road. Who wanted to face a reluctant client after a bad night sleep? Or who was willing to stand five or six hours in front of trainees when you had been sick all night after an awful meal?

Hopefully, our Travel and Work section will help you find those amenities and benefits on the road that can lift your spirit and make the whole travel experience a real pleasure. We also encourage you to share those you already are familiar with or tell us about your bad or good stories while traveling. We also invite travel consultants and meeting planners to become contributor to our new section. So get your bags ready, LIBizus, we are on the go!


finding love during trip long-distance relationships

All work no play? 3 Best places to find an amazing date on your work hustle

October is here already and I was thinking about you! With all the Halloween parties coming up, I thought you could use some help finding a party date. And you never know where a party date could lead to!

I know what you’re thinking, “I am too busy”……”Jen, there’s no point there aren’t any good ones left.” That’s why I am sharing three of my favorite tips that will be sure to help you have a date with a Hans Solo and stay away from the Ghouls.

Coffee meets bagel app

Coffee Meets Bagel app

Dating apps are great and there are plenty to choose from. I highly recommend two, the first is Coffee Meets Bagel the second is Cheekd.

Coffee Meets Bagel is a FREE app for Team Apple & Team Droid that launched in NYC –which means will have its highest matches in tri-state area.

Based on your preferences, it gives you a daily “bagel” at noon, which is a date for lunch that you can like or not pass. It’s connected to Facebook so you can see if you have mutual friends but it does not show up on your Facebook page so none of your friends know you are on. Also, my favorite part is that there are no profiles to have to go through! My dating clients have gone on a few great dates with this app and love it. Also there’s no staying online forever because they only give you 24 hours to decide to get offline and go on a date!

Cheeked app

Cheek’d app

CHEEK’d APP LOVE IT! Perfect for the busy professional and only an Apple App right now but great for meeting someone in your direct vicinity in real-time vs virtual time. No lost opportunities anymore! The Bluetooth technology allows the app to work on the train, on a plane or during lunch time. You’ll get a notification if someone who meets your criteria is within 30 feet of you. If you’re near a potential spark, Cheekd makes sure you know about it.

Read more about Cheek’ed    Lori Cheek



2.  Next place, on your THE COMMUTE, TRAIN, SUBWAY OR BUS.

Businesswoman Commuting To Work On Train And Using Laptop

Don’t read that book, pop in those headphones or stay glued to your phone. Make a genuine effort to be aware of your surroundings. Even if you drive, I am sure you are walking some of it. Act like the LOVE & FUN FBI. Your job is to look around, enjoy your surroundings, people watch, sightsee, even if this is the tenth time you have taken this commute. Look for the beauty and the need of the things you look at. One think I do is look at how objects help so many people. I promise you it will be different. I remember a game I used to play when I was a kid, I would look at someone and imagine their amazing life story. I do this now when I want to make new friends. Look, listen and feel for the opportunity for LOVE & FUN. Stay curious of the possibilities. Pick one person on every commute you will exchange a smile, a hello and ask them a question (people love sharing their opinions!). Amazing loves amazing, so he or she will find you while you are on your expedition of life.


Woman looking at the view in balloon exercises room

The other great place to find a great date is at the places YOU have meant to go to. No more waiting. Make the time for that thing you have wanted to do, that place you have wanted to go eat at, that vacation you’ve had on hold. Stop procrastinating. If you don’t make the time for yourself, odds are you won’t meet someone who will stop and make the time for you. Everyone has the same amount of time in 1 day we just all use it differently. Prioritize your values into a life you are proud of. If you value family time or friend time but you are always at work, your soul won’t be happy because you are misaligned on your values. So make time for what’s valuable to you. If work is your highest value, bring your happiness there, talk to people, get to know them, take the time to have coffee dates with colleagues that seem great to get to know, men or women.

Ready to use one of these suggestions? Have a question, comment to this article. Already used it, tell us how it went, we’d love to hear from you.


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