Latina celebrities

Four Latina celebrities but who is the smartest business woman?

Latina celebrities are building style empires at a staggering rate, including clothing lines, fragrances, lingerie and sporting clothes. Their empires are in the multimillion level; they are starting lasting trends and becoming top influencers in the way women dress, look and smell.

Latina celebrities

Latina celebrities

However, who of these four Latina celebrities is the best entrepreneur? Investing, branding and philanthropy are just some of the ways they are managing their multimillion dollar enterprises.

We follow them, we adore them, and we admire them. They make us proud –most of the time– because we see them as major achievers of our own tribe: smart Latinas. Each has conquered the Hollywood world of fame and glitter in her own right; however, each has also managed their earnings and ventures in a different way.

Jennifer Lopez_280x425 Latina celebrities

Jennifer Lopez

Who of these four Latina celebrities is the best entrepreneur? In my view, entrepreneurship encompasses several aspects of a person’s influence in the world. Producing wealth through creative talent is an important part of who we are as entrepreneurs but wise branding, productive investing, and strong corporate responsibility are also crucial components in being a successful entrepreneur.

Jennifer Lopez  (Jlo’s net worth: $300 million)

Jennifer Lopez launched and promoted her scent Glowing in 2012.  She began designing in 2001, starting with the brand Sweetface Fashion but she has also launched a line of clothing and accessories for Kohl’s department stores that includes dresses, sportswear, handbags and jewelry. According to Forbes, the “actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, and television producer has a net worth of $300 million. Her career has spanned more than two decades and today she is one of Hollywood’s biggest A-list celebrities.

Lopez’s style and empire have influenced the world. Her  fragrance line has become the most successful line in the world, with record-breaking sales exceeding $2 billion. Lopez has contributed to a number of charitable organizations including Amnesty International, and March of Dimes, among others.


Eva Longoria 280x425 Latina celebrities

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria  (Longoria’s net worth is $35 million)

Longoria, our Latina “desperate housewife,” enrolled the support of the brand L’Oreal to design her line of scent, a bold move since the actress is allergic to most fragrances. An American television and film actress who has a net worth of $35 million dollars, according to Forbes, she was born in 1975 in Corpus Christi, Texas.  She was known for her role as Isabella in The Young and the Restless (CBS) and as Gabrielle Solis on  Desperate Housewives (ABC).

Her commitment to Latino causes and giving back to the community earned her the Philanthropist of the Year award by The Hollywood Reporter. She has fundraised for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and founded Eva’s Heroes, a charity which helps developmentally disabled children in 2006. She is also the national spokesperson for PADRES Contra El Cancer. She is heavily involved in the Friends of the American Latino Museum and the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


Sofia Vergara  (Vergara’s net worth is $70 million)

Sofia Vergara, the Colombian born actress, model and spokeswoman has an estimated net worth of $70 million, according to Forbes. Born in 1972 in Barranquilla, Colombia, she is probably most famous for her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on the show Modern Family (ABC).

Sofia Vergara_280x425 Latina celebrities

Sofia Vergara

LatinWe (Latin World Entertainment Holdings Inc.) is a multiservice talent management, marketing, production, endorsement and licensing firm where Hollywood producers go to search for Latino talents. The company, founded by Sofía Vergara and former music promoter Luis Balaguer, has estimated  revenues close to $30 million, mostly based on Vergara’s marketing as an actress and celebrity.

However, she also has deigned a line of clothes, under the slogan “Work what you got” aimed at women who want to feel safe and sexy. The line is sold at Kmart stores, to be accessible to her fans at very reasonable prices.



Salma Hayek (Networth $85M)

Salma Hayek, Mexican actress Latina celebrities

Salma Hayek

“The 48-year-old original Mexicana beauty has been making a name lately in the business and philanthropy world with her skin-care line Nuance with mass drugstore CVS, which pulls from her own ancestry to come up with beauty ingredients like Tepezcohuite, a tree famed for its restorative properties. She also has partnered with Beyoncé Knowles in launching Chime for Change, which aims to empower women and girls globally. As a Hollywood pioneer and mom of 6-year-old Valentina, Salma continues to inspire year after year,” says Cosmopolitan for Latinas.

And Refinery29 mentions that “Salma’s not your typical Hollywood actress. In 2000, she founded film production company Ventanarosa, through which she produced and starred in Frida, which brought in two Oscars. She went on to executive produce Ugly Betty, the American version of Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea, sign a development deal with ABC, and even create her own line of cosmetics and skincare products, Nuance, inspired by her grandmother’s homemade concoctions.

“Besides being our favorite guest character on 30 Rock, Hayek has worked tirelessly with UNICEF to stop the spread of tetanus to children, and she’s made contributions to prevent violence against women and discrimination, netting a stack of awards for her assistance.

“On top of being an A-list activist actress and business woman, Salma also co-founded and helped create recipes for Cooler Cleanse, sold at Juice Generation shops all throughout New York City. Looks like she was waaay into juicing before the rest of us.”

So in your view, which of these Latina celebrities is the smartest business woman and why? Are branding, design, influence, charitable work and community responsibility important features of a smart business woman?




CLN Hall of Fame October 1

Chicago Latino Network Hall of Fame Reception

CNL Hall of Fame Reception

Join us for Cocktails and Accolades, as we honor awardees of the past nine CLN Awards, and celebrate those who have surpassed excellence by inducting them into the CLN Hall of Fame!Complimentary hosted bar featuring specialty cocktails by Hendrick’s Gin, Milagro Tequila and Reyka Vodka.All tickets include complimentary hosted bar and appetizers.General admission: $40 per ticket
VIP booth (seats 10 VIPs): $500 (limited availability)
VIP booth (seats 6 VIPs): $300 (limited availability)

Come and celebrate with the following distinguished CLN Award recipients, and find out who will be inducted into the Inaugural CLN Hall of Fame!

Pablo Acosta – CCO – PACO [cross-cultural marketing]

Anita Alvarez – Cook County State’s Attorney

David Andalcio – CEO – Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC

Juan Carlos Avila – Managing Partner – TOROSO Investments, LLC

Karina Ayala-Bermejo – EVP & GC Metropolitan Family Services; Executive Director, Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Family Services

Martin Cabrera, Jr. – Chief Executive Officer – Cabrera Capital Markets, LLC

Olga Camargo – Managing Partner – TOROSO Investments, LLC

Alberto A. Carrero, Jr. – Member – Chicago Board of Education

Gery J. Chico – Partner – Chico & Nunes, P.C.

Warner Cruz – President & CEO – J.C. Restoration, Inc.

Concepcion “Connie” Favela – Nursing Care Plan Coordinator – Lutheran Social Services of Illinois

Sol Flores – Executive Director – La Casa Norte

Henry Godinez – Professor – Department of Theatre – Northwestern University; Resident Artistic Associate – Goodman Theatre

Alicia Gonzalez – Executive Director – Chicago Run

Angel Gutierrez – Vice President – Community Development and Outreach Services – Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago

Clara Lopez – Vice President – El Valor

Maria E. Lopez – Principal – Maria Esther Lopez & Associates

Heriberto Martinez – Best Buy Carpet & Granite

Juan Ochoa – President & CEO – Miramar International Group

Diana Palomar – Vice President, Community Affairs – ABC 7 Chicago

Sunny Penedo Chico – President and Founder of SPC Educational Solutions

Guillermo “Bill” Perez – Director, Hispanic Outreach Program – Chicago Board of Elections Commissioners

Robert Renteria – Chairman – The Barrio Foundation

Arabel Alva Rosales – CEO & President – AAR & Assocs., Ltd.

Zoraida Sambolin – Weekday Edition co-anchor – NBC5 News Today

Jose Sanchez – President & CEO – Norwegian American Hospital

Sam Sanchez – President – Samco Enterprises

Monica Torres-Linares – Managing Counsel at Justicia Attorneys/Abogados

Israel Vargas – Asst. Provost for College Access and Targeted Recruitment Programs – Roosevelt University

Neli Vazquez-Rowland – President – ASafeHaven

Letty Velez – President & CEO – Velez Enterprises



personal branding

5 Steps to create a personal brand and become a SME

personal branding

Develop your own personal brand to become a subject market expert SME

As a frequent presenter on matters related to marketing and sales, I am often asked for advice on how to become a more effective salesperson. My first words are always the same, “become a subject matter expert!”

Unless the product or service is one-of-a-kind, most salespeople work in an extremely competitive environment. Most companies have at least one competitor. The majority have many. As such, no matter how great the product or service, at the end of the day, most salespeople are selling a commodity!

That’s where recognition as a subject matter expert, or SME, comes in. A subject matter expert is an authority in a particular field. Recognition as a subject matter expert is achieved through a combination of education, experience, and marketing. The role salespeople play every day makes them ideal candidates for SME status. And SME status makes selling less difficult.

People do business with people. Buyers of products and services, whether they are consumers or purchasing agents, prefer to work with someone they know and trust. Subject matter experts, over the course of developing their SME status, have the opportunity to develop the reputation and trust that places them top of mind with buyers. They are top of mind because they are considered the best in the business. And people want to work with the best.

Salespeople that have worked in a particular field for some time likely possess the skills and experience that qualify them as subject matter experts. While these individuals may already consider themselves subject matter experts, many of these individuals fail to position themselves as an SME in the eyes of buyers. As such, they lose sales to others that have proactively promoted themselves.

Philosopher George Berkeley proposed in his 1710 work, A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge, an argument with which we are all familiar. Berkeley asked us to imagine trees in a park and no one there to “perceive them.” According to Berkeley, “the objects of sense exist only when they are perceived; the trees therefore are in the garden […] no longer than while there is somebody by to perceive them.” In other words, and by mashing up Berkeley with philosopher René Descartes’ 1637 argument, I think therefore I am…but only if there is someone in the garden next to me while I think!

Is someone truly a subject matter expert if no one recognizes that person as a subject matter expert? I say no. Becoming an SME requires a strategy to create a personal brand that results in subject matter expert status.


Five steps must be taken in order to achieve SME status and rise to the top of mind. None of these steps are new nor are they rocket science. Further, each step requires continuous attention. Each step comprises a portion of the foundation upon which an SME’s reputation is built.

  1. Networking: Salespeople live and die by their network. A robust network can provide a lifetime of leads to salespeople. A network is an SME’s best friend as it is the members of the network that vouch for and recommend the SME.

Much is said about online networking through platforms such as LinkedIn. While LinkedIn and other social networks provide tremendous benefits, salespeople should not abandon the old school face-to-face networking. Many buyers still prefer connecting a face and handshake to an online profile before making a buying decision.

Salespeople should view their network as a garden. A garden that is well maintained through continuous attention will produce beautiful flowers, fruits, and vegetables. A salesperson can make a good living by properly maintaining a network.

Social Marketing Strategist. Global Business and Social Media Keynote Speaker, Customer Evangelist

Ramon De Leon, WOW, Social Marketing Strategist. Global Business and Social Media Keynote Speaker, Customer Evangelist

  1. Credentials: Three elements are required to establish oneself as a subject matter expert: education, experience, and marketing. Having the right credentials fulfills the education component.

The nature of the credentials is dependent upon the field. For example, an SME working in the field of materials science must likely hold a bachelors, masters, or doctorate. On the other hand, an SME working in the professional soccer industry may not be required to hold an advanced degree but instead may be required to hold an advanced certification from a local, regional, or international coaching organization.

Every salesperson must determine the credentials that will be required to earn the respect and SME status of the community. A useful technique for making this determination is to review the LinkedIn profiles of current SMEs. Are there certain degrees and certificates that they hold?

The lack of a certain credential may make earning SME status a bit more difficult. However, it should not deter a salesperson from continuing with the plan to earn SME status. All it will require is compensation in some other area.

For example, a salesperson focused on selling human resources software need not possess a degree in human resources. A compensating factor may be possession of a certificate issued from an HR organization or a degree in a technical field.

  1. Ambassador: Maintaining a robust network and holding the appropriate credentials goes a long way in earning SME status. However, salespeople who are serious about elevating their status must continue down the path by becoming ambassadors of the industry in which they operate.

There are many ways to act as an ambassador. One technique is volunteering with a local, regional, national, or international trade organization. Salespeople can volunteer to assist with membership drives, conferences, and other activities undertaken by the organization.

This type of activity enhances the salesperson’s network, informs the salesperson of emerging challenges, and provides access to other tools such as best practices. This knowledge increases the salesperson’s value to clients and prospective clients.

  1. Accolades: There is nothing better than independent confirmation of SME status. Most industry organizations, as well as business journals, recognize experts and high achievers through some form of accolade. These accolades include the typical “30 Under 30,” 40 Under 40,” Top 10 CEOs, Top 10 CFOs, or some other similar designation bestowed by an industry organization or business journal. An additional source of recognition can be an alma mater.

Those seeking SME status should research the various accolades available and develop a plan to become nominated for an applicable award. While winning such an award can help solidify a salesperson’s role as a subject matter expert, in many cases a nomination can be just as beneficial. During the Oscars it is not only the winner for Best Actor that benefits. Other beneficiaries include the runners-up.

  1. Influencer: The final element on the path to SME status is establishing oneself as an “influencer.” Becoming an influencer is easier if progress has been made on steps 1 through 4 above. However, it is not a requirement.

    Jim Cramer CNBC's Mad Money

    Jim Cramer CNBC’s Mad Money

An influencer is essentially anyone who has the ability to affect a decision. Influencers have historically been mass media personalities with broad followings. Personalities such as Fox’s Sean Hannity, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, and CNBC’s Jim Cramer are typical influencers due to their ability to affect opinion and decisions.

In today’s world, influencers include less-recognized individuals such as bloggers, self-published authors, and others. The social media-enabled world we live in today has democratized the influencer industry. Now it is possible to develop a reputation as an influencer from a living room, local coffee shop, or park bench.

Becoming an influencer requires one basic element…relevance. Examples of influencing activities include the creation of a blog or podcast that provides valuable information, writing and sharing books, e-books, and whitepapers that address technical issues, responding to questions posed on social networks such as LinkedIn, and any other activity that highlights the salespersons expertise.

A bit of advice: do not focus on the sale. Focus on helping. People do not want to hear the pitch. They want to hear the solution. To the extent the solution is of value they will reach out and begin a dialogue, creating a warm lead for a sale.

Salespeople that follow these five steps will develop a reputation as a subject matter expert. The process does not take place overnight. However, the sooner a formal plan is developed and implemented, the sooner the salesperson will earn the benefits that come with being a subject matter expert.

It is true, selling is difficult. But with this five point plan it can be made less difficult. Happy selling!


affiliate programs

Why we choose only the best affiliate marketing programs for LIBizus

affiliate programs


By now, you might have noticed those banners and icons from large companies starting to appear on our pages. Like any other business, we want to succeed and create wealth by sharing information with our readers and members of our LIBizus community about trustable companies we work with.

So we wanted to share with you how we go about choosing our affiliate marketing programs and what we would offer so you can take advantage of these products and services with total confidence. We will always disclaim if we use them, and when we just recommend them based on other bloggers reviews.


    Amazon_Kindle Fire

    Shop now for your Kindle Fire!

We chose the Affiliate Marketing Program not only because it has excellent reviews but also because I personally have been an Amazon customer since… forever! I have used every feature, starting with PRIME and buying online every product, from technology to shoes, and beauty and vitamins to gluten-free food (yes, I have a gluten intolerance problem and we will talk about it very soon!)

What I love the most from Amazon –read this Intuit review– is the superb customer service and customer-oriented policies that makes them the #1 online superstore. Not only returns are handled in a super professional and timely manner, but also the respect and friendly interaction with the customer really speaks for their customer service training and preparation. They really go out of their way to achieve customer satisfaction, which, in my view, is a priceless feature.

  1. LegalShield Plan for Small Business (coming soon!)

    Legal Shield APP at the ITune Store

    Legal Shield APP at the ITune Store

LegalShield is an established organization that has maintained an impressive A+ BBB grade for 15 years. Their restoration services are ran through Kroll, who is the world’s leading consulting company in identity theft restoration, according to

I was a member with this company when they were PrePaid Legal Services and having a small business like I had at the time with 11 employees, their services were not only inexpensive but extremely helpful. I’m a member now and, with their small business plan, I use their service on a regular basis.

The company changed its name to LegalShield in 2011, but its goal remained the same as it did 40 years ago – to provide outstanding legal coverage by quality law firms at an affordable price. This is their story:

“When Harland Stonecipher was in a motor vehicle accident and hospitalized in 1969, he realized it was money, not rights that gained you access to our legal system. After depleting his life savings defending himself against something he didn’t do, Stonecipher was determined to make legal protection accessible to everyone, everywhere, no matter how traumatic or trivial the situation, so that no one would ever be blindsided again. And that’s exactly what he did.”

Now with over 4 million users, LegalShield not only provides legal services in 49 states and 4 Canadian Provinces but also, for one low monthly cost, you can protect your small business knowing you’ll have access to legal advice anytime you need it and save a lot of green!

  1. T-Mobile (coming soon!)T-Mobile icon

Tired of slavery with contracts and hefty bills? I was too, a loyal customer with AT&T for years! Took every rock they threw at me and kept the service going. Expensive and less than customer-friendly service, I recently moved to T-Mobile. Yes, you might say it doesn’t have the best network but… they have superb customer service, and they recommend plans and phones according to your needs, not their needs –that is my experience so far!

We recently applied for their affiliate marketing program with CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction), a reputable online advertising company owned by Conversant, Inc. operating in the affiliate marketing industry, which operates worldwide. We will let you know when it all comes together!

  1. (coming soon!) icon

We also recently applied with thinking it is an appropriate time of year to use their services. It is an IRS-authorized e-file provider with a Better Business Bureau Accreditation A-plus, and has a dedicated support team to help answer any questions. We have not tried their service but we heard good reviews and are offered by reputable Rakuten LinkShare Marketing.

We will continue to recommend products and services we like and encourage you to do the same. If you have questions or experiences –good or bad- about these companies, we want to hear from you! Please comment below all your concerns, we only want to offer quality service companies to



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Monica Borbely, a Latina without limits

MonicaBorbelyFrom moving all by herself to America as a teenager, to working as a maid, and later starting and becoming the President and CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation, Monica is proof that the American dream of success is absolutely possible. Not speaking the English language didn’t stop Monica from earning her college degree in: Business Administration and Foreign Languages, and later building a 25 year career as a top sales executive, business owner, bilingual motivational speaker and professional life and business coach.

Monica’s passion is to help people overcome their obstacles and reach for their DREAMS! You can find her either in front of a group, company, organization, school, you name it…changing lives with my high Impact presentation “OUR MOMENTS OF DECISION” or…working hand in hand with a company owner, CEO, managers, doing magical business TRANSFORMATIONS and positive employee trainings as a Business Coach.

Monica Borbely is a model for living life with passion and purpose and she addresses challenges at full speed, from all angles. Her approach aligns lifestyle, goals and mindset to ensure powerful transformations and more importantly, lasting successes. She strongly believes and teaches that if you want to make something happen in your life, you have to just decide and go for it!

For three amazing years of her initial career as a coach, Monica had the privilege of working and traveling around the country as an Account Executive and Senior Mentor for the internationally known Peak Performance Coach, Anthony Robbins. She shares a monthly YouTube program called “Latinas Entrepreneurs in America ask Monica” that focuses on inspiring and empowering Latina Entrepreneurs and she is an active member in the Advisory Board of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce.

Monica has been honored with several awards, including: The Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs, The “Up and Comers” Award, Hispanic Business of the Year from the Minority Enterprise Development and the Latina Women Enterprise Award. She is a regular guest on several TV and radio shows and “Hispanic Magazine” named Monica’s Business as #13 out of the Top 100 Latino businesses with over 152% growth in one year.

To book Monica call 954-647-4450 or Email:


Latinas leaving corporate America, startups, small business, launching a business

Leaving the rat race to launch your dream business

startups, small business, launching a businessBy Jesse Torres

During my Money Talk radio interview on KCAA with Los Angeles area game developer Giovanni Luis, co-founder of MakeData and co-creator of the Papermals Pre-K app, he explained how he made the leap to entrepreneur after 20 years of working for Electronic Arts and Sony.

His work experience gave him the technical expertise and his parenting role gave him the motivation to move from creating blockbuster action games to making high-quality educational apps. “My corporate experience gave me the confidence to go out and create these games,” he said.

He first stumbled upon game development after completing a degree program in industrial design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. “I just happened to know a piece of software that they were using to develop a game called Nuclear Strike,” said Luis, calling the experience a “happy accident.” This resulted in a five-year run with Electronic Arts followed by 15 years of working for Sony’s gaming unit.

As his children began preschool, Luis started to explore the technology used by his school district. He felt that the software and apps available left a lot to be desired, both from the educational and visual perspective. Thus the gamification expert decided to leave the corporate world to start his own company with several like-minded associates.

Luis has another advantage: his preschool and kindergarten-age children. Every day his kids rekindle his passion to develop meaningful apps. His goal is the highest level in edutainment. Luis strived to fashion age-appropriate educational lessons, such as instruction in numbers, sizes and coins.

Here are some thoughts to keep in mind when launching your new business, according to Luis:

  1. Aim to exceed expectations. While Luis’ education apps are less complex than the games he developed for Electronic Arts and Sony, he aimed to develop products that exceeded the ordinary and expected. He wanted his first app to have such a visually stunning interface that the pre-K crowd would adore it and that a high level of engagement would result in solid word-of-mouth referrals from parents and teachers.

Make a product that incorporates the wow factor to increase sales organically.

  1. Know the business landscape. An entrepreneur must be intimately familiar with the industry he’s operating in. Luis wished to market his app as not only a game but also as educational technology. This dual purpose could potentially improve the return on investment.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the market in order to provide timely innovations and provide a product that meets buyers’ evolving desires.latina microfunding

  1. Produce for the masses. Luis learned the importance of economies of scale while developing games at Sony. A single AAA game could take as long as 18 months to develop, cost millions. A large customer market is needed generate a return on investment.

In California alone thousands of new kindergartners arrive on the scene each year, Luis discovered. Papermals Pre-K has Spanish and Mandarin versions to capitalize on the growing Latino market in the States and the large Mandarin-speaking population abroad.

Target growing niches to fuel market expansion and provide opportunities for innovation.

  1. Score a quick win. Luis and his small band of fellow developers needed a quick win to serve as proof of his concept and keep the troops motivated and engaged — and eating! Rather than trying to create an app with an evolving technology like virtual reality, Luis and his team focused on the iOs and Android platforms, creating their first app in three months in the hopes of soon generating revenue.

Identify strategic opportunities that can provide an immediate return on investment so as to support current operations and increase the likelihood of the company’s survival.

  1. Tap into influencers. Luis and his team develop apps for a market just out of diapers. This market does not carry a credit card or use mobile devices. So Luis cannot directly market his product to end users. Instead, he must find the individuals who can influence its purchase, such as teachers, school district administrators and parents.

One impressed teacher could recommend an app to dozens of parents. And impressed parents might engage in verbal and social-media-based word-of-mouth, prompting scores of purchases.

Beginning on Day 1, create genuine relationships with parties that can maintain influence or build relationships with the target market.


 About Jesse TorresJesse_Torres

Jesse Torres has spent nearly 20 years in leadership and executive management posts, including executive management roles at financial institutions. In 2013 the Independent Community Bankers of America named him a top community banker influencer on social media. He is a frequent speaker at financial services and leadership conferences and has written several books. He hosts an NBC News Radio show called Money Talk with Jesse Torres.
Follow @jstorres or contact