TeleNurse-Network is an initiative of women-minority-owned business

TeleNurse Network a Latina initiative in clinical and specialty healthcare

Marisela Cigliuti, Founder TeleNurse Network

Marisela Cigliuti, Founder TeleNurse Network

Hello, my name is Marisela Cigliuti. I reached out to to participate in the 2015 Best Business Award.

While still working in the nursing field, I developed TeleNurse Network, a digital health IT company focused on health and wellness. Our goal is to connect patients to virtual health services that are ‘high quality’ and ‘low-cost’, reducing barriers to care.

As one of the first virtual nursing clinics, at TeleNurse Network we are determined to provide a solution that will improve outcomes for a variety of conditions including oncology, diabetes, COPD, renal failures, and others that support evidence-based Telehealth services. By integrating an innovative system based on a multi-disciplinary approach, federal programs can leverage the full potential for a Health IT ecosystem, positively engaging patients while managing chronic and persistent disease states.

Recognizing a deficit in specialty providers, I decided to create TeleNurse Network to blend my healthcare and clinical nursing experience and address the key challenges in today’s healthcare environment. My clinical experience includes Stroke/Neurology, Endoscopy, Perioperative Medicine, Quality Management and over 15 years in top hospitals including Hackensack University Medical Center Health System, Mount Sinai Health System, and Hospital for Special Surgery.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management and B.S. in Nursing from St. Peter’s University and I’m certified in Quality Surgical Outcomes and Perioperative Care.

Our healthcare services straight from your home

We offer a range of specialty healthcare services including initial evaluations, re-assessments, chronic care management, mental health assessments, medication compliance, and crisis resolution. Reduce hospital re-admissions with more continuous and collaborative monitoring, getting the patient on the right treatment faster, while reducing costs, mitigating excessive services & resource expense.

TeleNurse Network, a telemedicine initiative e of a Latina entrepreneur

TeleNurse Network, a telemedicine initiative of a Latina entrepreneur

TeleNurse Network works with health plans, community centers, hospitals, and surgical centers to manage members in a variety of health challenges. We supply services to patients who face barriers to specialty care providers. Our services help patients get the care they need to achieve and maintain control of their chronic conditions.

We also work with businesses, as TeleNurse Network provides access to efficient and cost-effective healthcare and wellness services to small business employees.

TeleNurse Network allows patients to talk to health providers and wellness educators from home or anywhere they need care. Our experienced professionals can answer clinical questions, make recommendations, and even prescribe basic medications if necessary. We provide on-demand quality healthcare that is convenient and affordable.

Patients can also register for our Wellness Education and Support Groups. These services are designed to restore acutely illness and manage persons with chronic conditions. We help them regain and maintain maximum health and independent functioning.

Sharing my experience as a small business owner

As a minority woman-business owner, I experienced multiple obstacles and struggles in starting my business from discrimination (not only for being Hispanic but as a woman entrepreneur), lack of funding, and minimal support from various incubator companies throughout the state. I overcame these obstacles with perseverance and tenacity in my work. As a patient advocate, I saw the need to “bring nursing care back to the home” and this is the reason why I took a risk and overcame all those barriers.

TeleNurse-Network is an initiative of women-minority-owned business

TeleNurse-Network is an initiative of Latina entrepreneur Marisela Cigliuti and a minority-woman-owned business.

My strengths as a Latina nurse entrepreneur are critical thinking, analytical skills and medical knowledge. With over 15 years of combined clinical and administrative background, I apply all this knowledge to my business and patient care.

I have come across multiple people who have expressed an interested in TeleNurse Network and one day (at two different events) two people came up to me and said “I wish I had this service for my family”. This resonated with me and is one of the main reasons why I am determined to make this company successful.

To those Latinas thinking of starting their own business, I would encourage them to do at least six months of research on the business model, competitors, and business collaborations before starting their business. It is a “lonely” world for Latina entrepreneurs and if you don’t have partnerships before starting your business, you will delay your success.

We have built collaborative relationships domestically and internationally with organizations such as: Millennia Foundation, Women Observatory for eHealth, Connecting Nurses, Connecting Midwives, Adelphi University, Caldwell University, and many more to advance our vision.

My passion for nursing has always been a central driver in my life. I look forward to advancing the nursing profession with the use of technology to help improve the care we deliver to patients while decreasing healthcare costs.

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