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5 Simple steps to more energy, less stress and a healthier lifestyle

Elizabeth Santiago CeleBritAy CEO , skincare and health coach

Elizabeth Santiago CeleBritAy CEO, skincare and health coach

Welcome to our new Health and Skin Coach Elizabeth “Liz” Santiago!

Elizabeth is a Holistic Health & Skin coach emphasizing on healthier digestive system. She studied Ayurvedic and Holistic nutrition with Dr. Naina Marbali at Ayurvedic Beauty School and has nominal background in the field of Western medicine.

Elizabeth holds degrees in Chemistry, Biology and Herbology. She has helped hundreds of people achieve healthier life styles and is passionate about educating her clients on how proper nutrition can help them improve their skin. Liz is head skin care chemist & CEO of CeleBritAy New York, an award-winning skincare company specializing in organic, sustainable products.

As part of her introduction as a, Liz will provide a 30-minute free consult to the three first persons to comment on this article! Please leave your name and email address so she can contact you.



  • Do you feel sluggish and wished you had more energy?
  • Would you love to learn how to eat better without sacrificing what you love to eat?
  • Do you wish you could relieve the toxic and uncomfortable feeling of constipation?
  • Do want to achieve smooth and radiant skin inside and out?

As busy parents, spouses and entrepreneurs, it is important to give it your all. But how can you do that if you are constantly tired, overwhelmed and unfocused? It all starts with one simple, doable change at a time and a can-do attitude. Once you do this, your journey of a healthier lifestyle no matter how busy you are can begin.

Here are three simple but very effective steps toward more energy, less stress, and a healthier lifestyle for you and your family

1. Sleep woman sleeping on bed and wake up with alarm clock

The average American gets 4-6 hours of sleep per day. But did you know anything less than 8hrs of uninterrupted sleep per day for adults can lead to organ failure, fatigue, depression, Alzheimer, eating disorders, mood swings, headaches, low libido, and so much more! But how can you add more sleep in the day with your busy schedule? Follow below to start.

2. Morning

Nine (9) minutes of “Morning Self- Care” steps for busy lives: This will not only help you relax and eventually increase your sleep hours but also set positive intentions and live longer:

  1. 1 minute Morning Ritual- Relax & breathe
  2. Before doing your morning cleansing ritual, sit up on your bed and relax. Close your eyes. Slowing take in a deep breath, hold for 4-6seconds then release even slower. Do this for one to two minutes every day. This will set you up with positive intentions for the day and creates self-care awareness.
  3. 5-8 minutes of Morning Ritual- Rapid or slow movements (consult your physician before doing): Ex: jumping jacks, up and down stairs, running in place, stretching, yoga or my favorite, Qigong. Here is a free 5 minutes Qigong you can do performed my friend and Sifu Carl Romain.
Sifu Karl Romain,

Sifu Karl Romain,

3. First meal

Whether your first meal is in the morning or in the afternoon, make sure to start your day with alkaline foods and drinks. In fact, your diet should include 70-80 percent of alkaline food and 30-20 percent of acidic foods.   If we do not help our body get the appropriate alkaline pH, the body will continue to pull these minerals and eventually weaken our immune system, create fatigue, depression, eating and sleep disorders, brain fog, leaky gut (the breaking of the intestine lining), and so much more.

Why is this important? It’s important because our body is at its optimum when our body pH is slightly more alkaline then acid. When we eat acidic foods (see chart below), our blood becomes more acidic. And when our blood is more acidic, our body will try to heal itself by pulling alkaline minerals (ex: magnesium, calcium, potassium) from other organs, bones, and teeth to name a few and release it into our bloodstream to create a alkaline bloodstream.  

freshly squeezed lemon juice in small bowl

  1. Alkaline drink: Lemon Water is a quick and easy alkaline-rich drink you can make in the morning:  Add half of an organic lemon to 8-12 oz of water. Save the other half for lunch. Make sure to wash and rinse your lemon very well. Soap and water works well. If you cannot purchase organic lemons, conventional is fine. TIP: Warm or hot water is best if you suffer from blotting or constipation. Wait at least 30 minutes before drinking or eating anything.
  2. Homemade Green Juice: If you have more time, a homemade green juice is also a great alternative:  In a blender, add the following: 6-8 oz of Almond or Coconut Milk, a handful of cleaned and chopped, Kale, spinach, lettuce, 2-3 oz of Avocado, Juice of half a lemon, and organic dates for taste (optional). Blend at low speed then jump to high speed. Blend to desire consistency and ENJOY!

4. Lunch/dinner

Use the left over lemon from the morning and make yourself lemon water. Drink it 30 minutes before your favorite lunch meal to help with digestion and coat your intestines with alkaline minerals.  You have a busy life so prepping your lunch at night may not be ideal. The best next thing is to make sure you order a full plate of veggies (a salad or sautéed greens) and eat that first. Wait about 5-10 minutes before eating your favorite lunch.

TIP: Chew, chew and chew! The more you chew your food, the more nutrients the body can salad in a plate

5. Night

The night is a replica to the morning. End the day with a self-care act like the easy and quick 9 Morning self-care steps given above PLUS 

  1. Do not bring your cell phones to bed. If they serve as your alarm clock, then do yourself a favor and buy an alarm clock.
  2. Train yourself not to look at your cell phone 45mins before going to bed.
  3. Do not watch TV at least 45 minutes before going to bed
  4. And make sure your bedroom is your tech-free paradise
  5. Oh!, and don’t forget to have sex with your partner So here you have it! Simple, right!