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Latina entrepreneur creates the key to LuMesh lip gloss radiance (video)

LuMesh lip gloss has ended the times when women had to struggle to keep their lip gloss in place and attractive. A notable brand owned by beautiful Lu Camarena Meshulam, LuMesh lip gloss  is  a permanent solution to regular and bothersome touchups stopping the anxiety to never know if you look like a celebrity at all times!

LuMesh lip gloss

No one can deny that one of the most fascinating features on women are those lustrous lips painted with different sultry colors. For quite some time, there has been a sizzling revolution in the make-up industry. Lu Meshulam is one of these trailblazers in this industry who has continuously provided women with the required weaponry in LuMesh lip gloss and mascara products ensuring that their lips and eyes retain a dazzling shine and gorgeous look throughout the day.

Meet the Founder


Lu Camarena Meshulam, CEO and founder LuMesh

Lu Meshulam has always had a life-long passion for creating and enhancing the natural beauty of others. This talented make-up artist has always been fascinated by cosmetics ever since her childhood, when her mother’s makeup routine enhanced her natural beauty, even after having a hectic day at work.

She is a driven entrepreneur and an inspired make-up artist who is working with top celebrities such as Gladys Knight, Nicky Hilton, and Dylan Lauren. Being of Mexican background, she was exposed to the challenge of achieving shades for different skin tones. Lu Meshulam developed successfully a knack for crafting products that suits virtually every skin tone that allowed her to work with clients of different ethnic backgrounds and ancestries. Lu Mesh site is bilingual in English and Spanish.

About LuMesh lip gloss

Tech-savvy LuMesh lip gloss is made with plant-sourced vitamin-rich ingredients that help minimize any sign of aging on your lips. It is also enriched with vitamin E (an antioxidant) which has a mild non-irritating plumper. This hydrating lipgloss goes on smoothly, moisturizes and softens while you wear it. LuMesh lipgloss has a handy mirror on the side of the tube, the handy mirror is an additional perk that enables you to touch up your make-up.

Another LuMesh product most women are obsessed with is the trending dusty rose hue called Sadie that is exclusive to Birchbox. The lip gloss comes in 10 different attractive shades for different skin tones, some of which include Vanessa (a classic red) and Kalie (a mocha-tinged nude).

LuMesh product lineLuMesh lip gloss

LuMesh products currently consist of a line of lip gloss, lipsticks and a mascara.  Some of the shades of LuMesh lip gloss include ‘Kalie’ (a soft peachy nude), ‘Trischa’ (a light pinky nude with a hint of peach), and ‘Min’ (a bluish toned bright pink). LuMesh lip glosses have a shimmer, and a sponge tipped applicator.

Most of these shades can be worn by women with different skin tones. LuMesh lip gloss has a creamy consistency and last longer than an average lip gloss, they are flavor and fragrance free which enhances the feel of your natural lips.

LuMesh products’s quality has made most people antsy about new products expected to be released soon.

Launching at major stores in the East Coast

This past August, LuMesh launched at 60 ShopRite stores throughout the US East Coast.

LuMesh lipsticks“After eight years of knocking on doors and thinking outside the box, I was able to position myself and my products at a major brand name store that has embraced the line. I’m proud to say that not only I’m the first Latina who has totally created, developed and owned a make up line but also the first to launch at a major store next to brands like Maybelline, Cover Girl, Revlon and others,” Lu told

Lu believes that ShopRite is a natural alliance for her luxury brand as it is known to carry quality products. “I care about the consumer, and I have not compromised the quality of my line just to  be carried by a store that offers quality products at a reasonable price. They took my line as their exclusive line and I will personally promote it, as I speak for my brand,” she explained.

She does not sell herself as a celebrity make up artist although she has worked with many of them. “These products were created for people like myself. I started out with Latinas at heart because we are not getting what we need. I realized that we have all skin colors and shades and wanted to unite them under one unique line of products,” she said.

“I need your support; I created this line with the Latina woman in mind so I can guarantee that you are going to like it,” she concluded.

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