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7 Staycation ideas every busy entrepreneur and career woman needs to try 

Everyone needs a little pampering and relaxation every once in a while. When you’re busy building a business or climbing up the career ladder, it’s easy to get caught up in your work and forget to treat yourself. But a little rest and relaxation is needed and necessary to prevent the dreaded burn out and keep you balanced and thriving. 

If you’re craving a little mini vacation but aren’t able to actually go somewhere, then these staycation ideas might just be what you need to help fulfill your R&R needs. 

Top 7 best staycation ideas 

1. Treat yourself to a spa day

What better way to treat yourself and relax than booking a spa day? Release all the tension you’ve been storing in your body with a soothing massage and indulge in a day of relaxation. Many spas offer packages with various activities so you can make your visit a full day experience. A spa day is the perfect staycation idea for any busy entrepreneurs and career women looking to unwind and get their minds off work. 

2. Go on a food tour

For the foodie women out there, a food tour is a fun and tasty staycation idea that will allow you to explore local flavors and savor some tasty food while supporting local small businesses. One part of a vacation many people love is the food. When on vacation, people are more indulgent and willing to try new and unusual cuisine. You can embrace this energy with a food tour around your town and savor some new dishes while enjoying a day out with friends or family. 

3. Explore your town or city through a tourist’s eyes 

As a resident of your town, you may think it’s not a very exciting place. You might be bored or jaded with your surroundings and crave a change of scenery. However, to visitors, your town is just as exciting as any new place. Embrace the tourists’ vision and look at your town with new eyes. Check out local attractions and explore areas of your town you’ve overlooked before. You never know what hidden gems you may discover, and you might just find you have a newfound appreciation for your town. 

4. Go camping

If you really need that change of scenery but don’t have the time to plan a getaway, camping is another great option for a quick vacation. Look into local campgrounds and enjoy a weekend in the great outdoors. The fresh air and change of pace will do wonders in recharging your batteries and banishing the stress away. 

5. Stay at a hotel or AirBnB

If camping isn’t your style, you can change things up by staying at a local hotel or renting an AirBnB. You can pamper yourself with room service or enjoy a change of setting in a different area of town. Sometimes all you need to snap out of a funk is to change up the views. 

6. Visit a park and go on a picnic 

Whether it’s a National , State, or local park, a day out in nature is sure to boost your mood. Go for a hike or simply sit back on a blanket and admire your surroundings while you indulge on a picnic of delicious foods. That quiet, serene atmosphere is also the perfect place for reflection and meditation. 

7. Discover local attractions like museums, galleries, educational centers, or historical sites

While you’re being a tourist in your town, don’t forget to check out the local cultural attractions such as museums, art galleries and more. As a resident you may have overlooked these places before, or maybe you’ve been to them but not as often as you’d like with your busy schedule. Give yourself the time to really indulge and embrace these cultural centers. The arts and humanities are often inspiring for many and may even spark inspiration in you for your next project or venture! 

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Whichever of these staycation ideas you choose to try, just remember to relax and enjoy your time doing something you love. You’ve worked hard and deserve that #MeTime!

5 Afro-Latina-owned self-care brands to support this Black History Month and beyond

This year’s Black History Month theme is “Black Health and Wellness” which explores the legacy of Black scholars, medical practitioners, birthworkers, midwives, naturopaths, herbalists and more. 

Through the 2022 theme, we are asked to consider the “activities, rituals, and initiatives that Black communities have done to be well.”This includes celebrating our Black-owned self-care and wellness brands

Today, we’ve gathered a list of our favorite Afro-Latina-owned businesses to shop and support this month and beyond! 

Check out these awesome Afro-Latina-owned businesses and treat yourself or your loved ones this Valentine’s Day with a little self-care and pampering.

5 Afro-Latina-owned businesses to shop and support now! 

Luna Magic, Afro-Latina-owned business

lunamagicbeauty Luna Babes, Valentine’s Day is almost here! 🥰 Shop our limited-edition AMORCITO V-DAY BUNDLE ❤️

Luna Magic 

Sisters Mabel and Shaira Frias founded their makeup brand, Luna Magic, as a celebration of the rich culture found in the Caribbean and Latin America. Combining their passions for beauty and lifestyle, they created a vibrant brand that celebrates their mutual love for their multicultural heritage. 

Luna Magic’s mission is to introduce high-performance cosmetics, bold flavor, diversity, inclusivity and vibrancy to the beauty industry. 

“We’re inspired by the rich cultures and music of the Caribbean & Latin America, the hustle and bustle of NYC and glamour of Los Angeles.” 

Mabel Frías is a digital strategist with 12+ years of experience in executing digital merchandising strategies at fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands like Macy’s, Nordstrom and Savage x Fenty, lingerie by Rihanna.

Shaira Frías is an entrepreneur, professional makeup artist and former journalist. Her work has appeared in media outlets such as NY1, Fox News Latino, and Mundo Hispánico.

Reina Skincare, Afro-Latina-owned businesses

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Reina Skincare 

Reina Skincare is a luxury skincare brand founded by Afro-Latina, Adriana Isabel Robinson Rivera. With products made from all natural ingredients, Reina Skincare prioritizes quality. 

After suffering from acne for years, Adriana wanted to offer products that were natural, effective and represented a part of her that is deeply rooted within her. 

The term ‘Reina’ means Queen in Spanish and was chosen to represent the brand because because they wanted to establish that their products are fit for royalty. 

“For the image of this brand, we dove into the tropics, played with Kokum Butter and danced to the rhythm of Celia Cruz.” 

Offering a wide range of products from face washes and soaps to body butters, scrubs, serums and oils, Reina Skincare has everything you’ll need to pamper your skin and leave you feeling like royalty.

Vela Negra, Afro-Latina-owned businesses

thevelanegra Not sure what VELA NEGRA fragrance to gift this season (For yourself or a friend… no judgement 😉)? Try a sampler set!⠀

Vela Negra 

Vela Negra is a luxury candle brand founded by Aisha Cort. With candles inspired by her Afro-Caribbean heritage, Vela Negra is a celebration of multiculturalism

 “The fragrances and their namesakes remind me of my heritage and places like, Cuba and Puerto Rico, that I have been lucky enough to call home.”

Popular candles include “morena,” “azúcar,” and “wepa” and “coquí” —a “tribute to coquito.” 

All Vela Negra candles are made with black wax because of the belief that “black absorbs and dispels negative energies and provides new beginnings and clarity as when the light of the vela appears, the darkness is illuminated.” 

Each candle is individually hand-poured using 100% vegan coconut soy wax and ethically sourced wooden wicks, fragrance and dye to provide you with a luxurious and environmentally conscious, clean burn with the highest quality ingredients. 

Experience the power, comfort, and strength of Vela Negra today!

mixedupclothing All about Africa! Here are our latest masks!

Mixed Up Clothing

Sonia Smith-Kang is a multiracial female founder based in Los Angeles, California. Born in Puerto Rico to an African American father and Mexican mother, Sonia understands the ins and outs of multiracial life. She founded Mixed Up Clothing to bring cultural diversity to children’s clothing.

“In dressing my children, I noticed fashion didn’t reflect a rich, multicultural reality that I wanted to see in the world,” said Sonia. “I want children to see themselves in fashion, on the runway and in print. Everything we do comes from a place of celebration and showcasing heritage and culture.”

Sonia uses fashion as her vehicle to tell multicultural stories. Mixed Up Clothing sources fabrics and trims from all over the world, mixes and matches them, and then sews them into fun, everyday pieces that children are proud to wear. 

In addition to children’s clothing, they now also offer face masks for all ages with patterns that embrace multicultural roots, such as their Día De Los Muertos themed masks and their African Patterns collection.

labotica Just Launched. Flor de Selva and República. Available now.

La Boticá 

La Boticá Studios is a conceptual brand and niche fragrance house providing curated, luxury and sustainable products for the intentional self care ritual. 

Founded in 2018 by fine arts photographer, Dawn Marie West, Afro-Dominican & African American culture is the foundation of the concept brand.

Through La Boticá, Dawn brings the intersectionality of luxury perfumery and contemporary art into one lifestyle brand. La Boticá Studios has become a cult-following luxury fragrance and conceptual brand recognized in several international magazines such as Vogue, Architectural Digest, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, The Zoe Report and Byrdie.

This sustainable luxury fragrance house focuses on self-care, showing deep respect for the Earth with their ingredients, and minimalist design. Ingredients are sourced  from South America that give reverence to the earth.

Try one of these luxury fragrances and join in the curation of “modern rituals that promote sacred restoration for within and conscious reconnection to the earth.”

See something that caught your eye? Shop and support these amazing Afro-Latina-owned businesses today!

Yvette Bodden

Become an Awakened-Woman and your Best-Self with author Yvette Bodden

Yvette Bodden is the Founder and Author of Awakened-Woman, a digital platform designed to inspire and invigorate women. She is also the author of A Journey to Becoming the Best-Self. Her writing seeks to empower and encourage women searching for personal definitions of success to build strong communities through vulnerable and powerful storytelling. 

best self, awakened woman

From Yvette Boden’s website

Since its launch, Awakened Woman has amassed tens of thousands of followers, with a plethora of articles centered around celebrity profiles, relationships, love, abuse, motherhood, and Latino culture, infused with Yvette’s signature blend of pragmatism and compassion. 

Yvette symbolizes the strength of an empowered Latina woman and her passion for empowering others is endless. As a single mother based in New York City—a metropolis she credits for her open mind—, Yvette regularly channels her own growth experiences. She has contributed to outlets like SmartCoparent and that focus on personal crises.

Yvette is also a motivational speaker, channeling her own growth experiences to empower others. In 2021, she was named one of the “Bella Bosses We Admire” by Bella Magazine. 

Healing and becoming your best self post-divorce 

A Journey to Becoming the Best Self, divorce, marriage, post-divorce, Yvette Bodden

A Journey to Becoming the Best-Self by Yvette Bodden.

Yvette made her debut as an author in 2019 with her first book, A Journey to Becoming the Best-Self, published by Black Rose Writing. The book is described as “part memoir and part prescriptive fiction,” and was inspired by Yvette’s own post-divorce path from devastation to joy and received high praise from The U.S. Review of Books. 

“This is a book not just for women faced with divorce, but for anyone searching for meaning in their lives.” –Sublime Book Review

In A Journey to Becoming the Best-Self, Yvette weaves together her own personal narrative with practical advice to show other women how it is possible to find acceptance and joy after losing a marriage. 

“The word ‘divorce’ itself has a negative connotation, and rightly so. It can be one of the most painful life-changing events in anyone’s life. An emotionally crippling event for many women, initially it was nothing less than devastating for me. However, it has been the most significant growth experience in my life,” Yvette wrote. 

A Journey to Becoming the Best-Self is the story of how a woman comes out on the other side of pain much stronger and more beautiful.

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Her desire to share her own story and experiences in both her book and online platform is to show other women that they are not alone. 

“I did not set out to be an author. The intention for writing this book and creating the AW platform has been to help women feel less alone, and hopeless while empowered to go after the life envisioned. I believe sharing our stories creates connection, helps heal and learn the lessons,” shared Yvette in an Instagram post. 

Yvette Bodden, Awakened Woman

womanawakened: #tbt #ᴛʙᴛ #giselleextravaganza 2019 Book Launch Party was incredibly special. (via Instagram) 

“ is a community built to inspire, empower and encourage you to live your best life. Hopefully, it will plant a seed in others to find their greatness, too.” 

Yvette Bodden’s debut novel A Journey to Becoming the Best Self is available for purchase on Amazon