Leverage your hands to make a good first impression

A good first impression could be our only chance to show that we have confidence. At work and in life, confidence matters just as much as competence. However, while both skills can be learned and cultivated,
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A plan for long-term change for your New Year’s resolution and the Picasso Rule motivation

The New Year is still fresh, and a huge majority of us already failed to stay committed to whatever it is that we set out to do full of zeal. But it does not need to be that way. You need a plan for long-term change.
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Traveler or passenger? The DNA test to engage employees at your workplace

To become “engaged travelers” at work, it is essential to introduce in our mindset the concept of cultural humility: the ability to maintain an interpersonal relation that is "other-oriented."
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Test your business focus by finding your invisible gorilla (videos)

It is always good and necessary to have clear business goals and, therefore, business focus is also necessary to reach those goals. However, when I am coaching
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The role of cross-cultural communications in a culture of change

What does Change mean to you? Were they positive? Did you live them with optimism? Have Change brought achievement and unexpected results to your career or business?
Rosa M Mollo, Intercultural Communications coach and Change Facilitator

Welcome Rosa M. Mollo, our new Intercultural Communications Coach!

Rosa M Mollo, Intercultural Communications coach and Change FacilitatorRosa M Mollo, Intercultural Communications Coach and Change Facilitator We are extremely pleased to announce that Rosa M. Mollo is our new Intercultural Communications Coach and Change Facilitator and will be contributing a monthly column to platform.