Morocco 2019

Morocco 2019 Renovad’s Thanksgiving experiential retreat and a robust 2020 program

Morocco 2019 Thanksgiving Retreat– Renovad, the Latinas in Business Inc. strategic partner for international Holistic Retreats, is announcing there are only 6 spots left for their Morocco 2019 Thanksgiving Retreat -November 27 to December 2019.

I must share my personal experience in our last trip to Morocco, a country where we experienced the four seasons in 24 hours -from dust snow in the evening to freezing cold at night to Chergui wind in the morning to over 82 degrees in the afternoon! You won’t regret this fantastic adventure!

Enjoy the enchanting hosting of the Berbers!

Take advantage of a $200 OFF if you register BEFORE OCTOBER 30

Participate in this amazing trip that not only will show you a world of exotic culture but also the adventure of your lifetime!


Only 6 spots left for Thanksgiving in Morocco, Nov 27 – Dec 1, 2019


Ready for the Chergui wind!

I personally guarantee the professionalism and dedication of RENOVAD to your enjoyment! 

Morocco 2018

Watch me riding a camel!

The changes in temperature difference are impressive. I have never spent a colder night in my life, sleeping in a tent in the middle of the dessert, all clothes I had with me, gloves, hat and four -yes 2 double- thick blankets on top of me… and I was still freezing! However, the experience is unforgettable.

Morocco 2019 Renovad Experiential Retreat will have the mystery of the East with the cosmopolitan environment of the West!  NY Yankees fans are everywhere!


So RENOVAD is offering a $200 OFF to one winner in a DRAW during the Latina SmallBiz Expo and Pitch Competition among all attendees! Register now and participate in this amazing trip that not only will show you a world of exotic culture but also the adventure of your lifetime!


The next day, walking on the dunes with a t-shirt. AMAZING! See us up there? 

The next day, walking on the dunes with a t-shirt. AMAZING! See us up there?

A fantastic journey through the Atlas Mountains

This is a trip you cannot miss!!!


Only 6 spots left for Thanksgiving in Morocco 2019, Nov 27 – Dec 1, 2019




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Notes from Pilar Avila, Renovad’s CEO

As the autumn breezes in, Renovad’s summer will remain one to remember. From launch events in New York, New Jersey and Puerto Rico, to scouting in Costa Rica, Greece and Tuscany, and successfully hosting their maiden voyage to Italy co-hosted by Latinas In Business, it is one for the history books.


Renovad Summer to Remember

Italy 2019 – La Bella Vita


Renovad experiential retreats

Latinas in Business co-hosts Renovad experiential retreat in Rome

Renovad experiential retreat is coming up and we are just dying to be on the plane! It will take place in the  Eternal City -Rome- from August 27 to 31. We are proud to co-host this fantastic opportunity for women who want to get away from their stressful lives, take a breather and enjoy that female bonding that nurtures us and makes us stronger.

Renovad Experiential Retreats

The 2019 Summer Experiential Retreat will take place in Rome, Italy

It has been an eventful summer for all of us between family vacations and keeping up with our businesses. As we launched our Summer Tour, Renovad was welcomed cheerfully by our growing community of women in business and wellness in New York, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico.

We are now a few days away from our maiden voyage to Italy: Rome & Pompeii on August 27-31. We are grateful to launch with a SOLD OUT retreat to the Roman peninsula. Among us will be former presidential and governor appointees; wellness, media, tech entrepreneurs; foundation executives; mother, daughter, niece, sisters, cousins, collaborators & friends – all extraordinary souls.

Renovad experiential retreats

Latinas in Business co-hosting Renovad experiential retreat in Rome. Join us!

Italy’s capital is a sprawling cosmopolitan city with nearly 3,000 years of globally influential art, architecture and culture on display. You will be awestruck as you walk the Roman streets to find unidentified sites with multiple levels of underground construction silently telling stories spanning over 28 centuries.

We are staying at Hotel Isa, located in the historic centre of Rome between Piazza di Spagna, the Vatican and Piazza Navona. The main areas of interest can be easily reached walking or using public transport.

Renovad experiential retreats

Hotel Isa is the lodging for the 2019 Summer Renovad experiential retreats




You will step into the ancient ruins of the Forum and the Colosseum, the largest amphitheater ever built, evoking the power of the Roman Empire. You will be inspired at St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museum among Michelangelo’s masterpiece frescoes at the Sistine Chapel.

The 2019 Summer Renovad Experiential Retreat participants will be lodging at Hotel Isa -a centrally located boutique hotel.

You will be mesmerized by Pompeii, once a thriving and sophisticated Roman city, which rose from the ashes after being buried for sixteen centuries by the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. And you will be nourished physically, mentally and spiritually with a daily Pilates practice at the studio of Sabina Formichella, one of the founders of the movement in Rome.

Brindisi per la bella vita!

2019 Fall Renovad Experiential Retreat in Morocco

However, the adventure doesn’t stop there! There are a few spots left for our Thanksgiving retreat in Morocco. As with all of our retreats, we will experience Morocco through the eyes of women. We will explore the ancient city of Marrakech, which has been standing since the 12th century.

Renovad experiential retreat

As we travel through the Atlas Mountains, we will visit Education For All, a boarding school for girls recently visited by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And we will be nourished physically, mentally and spiritually with a daily yoga practice and the endless beauty of the land, people and culture of Morocco.


As we continue scouting and curating extraordinary experiences for 2020 in Greece, Costa Rica, Tuscany, Spain, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, we invite you to follow us through social media and confirm your spot for an upcoming retreat. And remember – place yourself on top of the priority list so you continue to rise for you and others in full force.

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Blessings and success always,


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