Romance in the workplace and dangerous liaisons

Romance in the workplace? Your boss is friendly and supportive. He is a real gentleman, open to your questions, always ready to help or explain, generous with praise, and married. He invites you to discuss the project you both have been working in for the last few weeks over dinner after a late work night. Would you accept?

So you are in your 30s and single, and have a hard-working schedule; long days, long after work hours, little time to lunch –if any – or eating at your desk. Day after day, the routine repeats. Then one day, one of your co-workers stops by your desk and tells you they are meeting at the bar across the street for happy hour. Would you like to join them?

flirting in the office romance in the workplace

Let’s face it, people spend more and more time at work, connected to their office by phone, devices, email, social media, you name it. We are wired into our work life almost 24 hours a day. We relate to all sorts of people, co-workers, colleagues, supervisors, supervised, mentors, mentees, high executives, managers, entry-levels, vendors, clients. There is no larger variety of potential candidates right at your fingertips other than in the workplace.

You might like or not like some of the people you work for or with, but the truth is romance in the workplace happens because of the closeness, daily contact, shared activities and interests, and chemistry.

Not all workplace romances cause problems but companies are exposed to lawsuits for sexual harassment, damaged morale, loss of productivity and more if they do not handle these type of situations properly.

Employee looking at her boss relationships in the workplace5 Ways to avoid heartache in the workplace (Dating a co-worker)

We spend most part of our days at work and it isn’t uncommon to fall for someone who works side by side with you. Office romance happens more often than we think and it can have consequences. I will share the top 5 ways to navigate romance in the workplace so you don’t lose sleep or your job.


5 Ways to get along with a rude (overbearing) boss

We all have had them, bosses who micromanage, bosses who are ungrateful and focus on our weaknesses rather than our strengths.  There is a way out! You don’t have to pull your hair. I will share the 5 ways you can stop getting stressed by your rude boss and actually get on his or her good side.

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All work and NO play: Where to find a date when you are always at work, on the commute or exhausted at home

I will suggest great places and ways to find a date even if you are at work, on the commute or when you just feel like being home!

Is your strong personality intimidating your co-workers?

I will share the truth behind this myth. NO, men are not intimidated by strong independent women. They are intimidated by women who are closed off. Sometimes we mistake being strong with being closed up because being vulnerable is seen as a weakness. So it’s time to show women that this is an asset!

Are you tired of being a doormat at work?

Being nurturing and forgiving is in our blood and sometimes we end up being doormats in the workplace. It’s time to set up strong boundaries while still being able to give as much as we’d like. We don’t have to become frosty to get our needs met. There is a balance.

So hurry, contact me below and find the balance you always wanted in your relationships!