Designer Samantha Telfair, thrives with her collection at NYFW

Samantha Telfair to present collection set to defy expectations during New York Fashion Week hosted by Fashion Designers of Latin America

Puerto Rican, Bronx born and raised, Samantha Telfair has earned the reputation as an energetic, exciting and strong leader in the fashion industry with over 10 years of experience.

theMERGER is Sam’s luxury contemporary brand. With it, she merges Uptown and Downtown NYC energy into chic ready-to-wear pieces. Her collection will come to life during the Fashion Designers of Latin America showcase during New York Fashion Week LIVE on September 8, 2021at 8 pm at Lavan 541 NYC.

Samantha Telfair

Samantha Telfair, founder of theMERGER. (Image via LatinxNewswire)

Her collection, theMERGER. State of Mind, is “inspired by the good times, the bad times, and the times we feel ourselves falling face first into this thing called life.” Through it, Sam details the not-so smooth voyage she’s faced. Her designs weave together to tell the story of where she is and where she comes from, creating a collection of empowerment which can only be described as a New York State of Mind.

“theMERGER. State of Mind collection embodies the energy of my hometown. It personifies the dual nature of the city; romantic but gritty, high-fashion with a city-slicker edge,” says Sam.

“This featured collection is more than designs down a runway,” she continues, “It’s my homecoming parade! It’s my tribute to the city that raised and shaped me. I’ve come a long way from my days on the 6, Just like the song DeJa Vu: If it wasn’t for the Bronx…”

theMERGER We’re O U T S I D E 🗽

Right from the beginning, Sam was high-profile. Early in her career she began as a wardrobe stylist dressing celebrities for red carpet appearances, editorial photo shoots, media appearances and music videos before making the shift from stylist to designer. However, it was her former husband, an NBA player who was convicted of gun possession, that had dragged her name through the media. Still, Sam did not let this define her and she continued to push through with her career, establishing herself as a major designer with pieces being worn by Ciara (Self Magazine), Josephine Skriver (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit), Julia Michaels and Angela Simmons. This soon led Sam and theMERGER to global recognition, and a front row seat at the FDLA show at NYFW.

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The Fall schedule for SS/2022 FDLA shows will take place during NYFW at its new location, Lavan541, an iconic, exceptional and luxury event venue, located in the heart of Chelsea at 541 W 25th St, New York, NY 10001. 

NYFW, New York Fashion Week, FDLA

FDLA New York Fashion Week agenda. (Photo courtesy of FDLA)

The fashion festivities will kick off with a virtual press conference taking place on Tuesday September 7th at 6:00 pm followed by an up-close in-person showcase featuring the best of Latin-American Fashion Designers, including Sam representing Puerto Rico and FDLA honorary president Agatha Ruiz de La Prada and special guest Custo Barcelona.

For ticket/show information: 


Rosita Hurtado

Rosita Hurtado shares how she transformed a childhood passion into a successful design export

Rosita Hurtado is a fashion designer and entrepreneur who’s known for creating the fashion brand Rosita Hurtado and Rosita Hurtado Bridal. She is also the founder of Rosita Hurtado Menswear, Ixoye, Rosita Hurtado Shoes, and the perfume La Rose by Rosita Hurtado.

An accomplished designer with a career spanning 37 years, her work has been featured across the globe at events such as New York Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, and Los Angeles Fashion Week, and more and worn by stars such as  Eva Longoria, Lucia Mendez, Lupita Ferrer, Gloria Trevi, and Ximena Duque. 

As a Latina designer and part of Fashion Designers of Latin America (FDLA), Rosita’s work draws inspiration from her cultural roots and heritage, blending Latin American tradition with modern fashion. 

Rosita Hurtado

Fashion designer and entrepreneur, Rosita Hurtado. (Photo courtesy Rosita Hurtado)

From homemade fashion shows to professional runways

For as long as she can remember, Rosita has lived in the world of fashion and design. Born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, her early years were filled with fabric and sewing as she watched her seamstress aunts work at their shops. Her mother was also a natural designer, creating homemade clothes for Rosita. With these teachers in her life, Rosita grew up watching and learning the craft of sewing and design that would eventually become her life’s passion. 

“At seven years old I was making garments for my friends and putting on fashion shows on the patio at my home,” Rosita recounted. 

This passion for fashion and design that began in childhood has since taken her around the world. At the age of 18, Rosita had the opportunity to travel to Brazil where she studied design at Yocanda Atelier in Porto Alegre Brazil. Later, she continued her studies in Paris, France at the Dominique school, before moving to London, England to study industrial pattern making. Finally, Rosita completed her education at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida, USA.

Designs by Rosita Hurtado. (Photo source: IxoyeUSA)

Following her desire to create, Rosita went on to launch various professional clothing lines. Her collections have appeared internationally alongside accomplished designers such as Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Donna Karan, Tommy Hillfiiger, Alexandre Mac Queen. As a seasoned designer with a career spanning nearly four decades, her work as appeared at Paris Pret a porte, Fashion Week of the Americas, Texvecal in Santiago de Chile, Puerto Rico Fashion Week, Ecua moda, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Bolivia Fashion Parade, New York Fashion Week and more. 

However, like most entrepreneurs who have found success, the road was not always easy. In her long career, Rosita has faced her share of challenges and obstacles but she has always persevered with a positive attitude overcoming anything in her way. As a young designer, she went from small business owner to successfully expanding to become a top business in Bolivia. Then she moved to the USA to start anew. Starting from zero in a new country where she knew nobody was an incredible challenge but also a crucial learning experience for the entrepreneur. She put in the work, began networking and promoting herself, doing interviews, anything she could to advance her business. Rosita’s love and passion for design fueled her with the perseverance to overcome her obstacles. 

Rosita Hurtado

Rosita shares her advice on overcoming career obstacles. (Photo courtesy Rosita Hurtado)

The lesson she learned, and that she hopes others will carry with them, is this: Know that nothing in life is easy, everything comes with sacrifice, but if you have a focus and drive and put in the work, you will get through anything and accomplish your goals. 

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Weaving stories of Latin American culture into garments 

One goal that guides Rosita’s work, is showcasing the beauty of Latin America through her garments. Rosita’s designs often blend vibrant colors and fabrics to create pieces that tell a story. Her collection, Viva México, is one example of this, blending urban casual with Latin American culture. The line was inspired by some of Mexico’s most important figures and monuments, bringing culture, history, and tradition together in stunning garments. 

“It is an urban casual collection with a cultural purpose,” said Rosita describing the collection IxoyeUSA. “Inspired by four icons of Mexican history: Frida Kahlo, Maria Felix, Cantinflas and Juan Gabriel, and also in the architecture of Mexico.” 

The collection, which includes tops, skirts, accessories, and more, was first presented during Bolivian Fashion Week in the Dominican Republic and is now available throughout various shops in Acapulco, Cancun and Playa del Carmen, as well as online through IxoyeUSA.


Viva Mexico, Angel de la Independencia skirt. (Photo source: IxoyeUSA)

“I created the Ixoye line, a casual urban fashion with cultural purpose which is being recognized worldwide for its originality, to show the world through the clothing Latin American culture,” said Rosita on

Her recent 2021 collection, featured at New York Fashion Week, is another symbolic collection. Named “Arcoíris” –Rainbow in Spanish– the collection is the perfect symbol for the year following a global pandemic. Focusing on vibrant and sparkling garments featuring the main colors of the rainbow, Rosita described the collection as representing “hope and renewal.” 

As a seasoned designer, Rosita shares her advice with other young and aspiring women looking to venture into the vibrant world of fashion or longing to start their own venture. 

The first step, she says, is knowing what you want. From a young age she knew she wanted to work with fabric and design like her aunts and mother. Find what’s calling out to you. Then, get an education in that field. Learn everything you can. Get practical hands-on experience as well. This is so important, especially in an industry such as fashion where there are so many avenues to pursue from designing to merchandising and event planning. Finally, follow your passion and love what you do. 

Fashion Designers of Latin America Returns to New York Fashion Week LIVE Shows

Fashion Designers of Latin America return to LIVE Shows at New York Fashion Week on September 2021. 

FDLA, New York Fashion Week,

Fashion Designers of Latin America return to LIVE shows in September at New York Fashion Week. (Photo courtesy of FDLA)

Fashion Designers of Latin America (FDLA) has announced the official schedule and participating fashion designers for the upcoming FDLA season during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for its LIVE shows in September. The Fall schedule for SS/2022 FDLA shows will take place during NYFW at its new location, Lavan541, an iconic, exceptional and luxury event venue, located in the heart of Chelsea at 541 W 25th St, New York, NY 10001. The event is produced in adherence to New York State Health Guidelines.

FDLA honorary president, Agatha Ruiz de La Prada. (Photo courtesy of FDLA)

The fashion festivities will kick off with a virtual press conference taking place on Tuesday September 7th at 6:00 pm followed by an up-close in-person showcase featuring the best of Latin-American Fashion Designers with FDLA honorary president Agatha Ruiz de La Prada and special guest Custo Barcelona


Fashion Designers of Latin America founder, Albania Rosario. (Photo courtesy of FDLA)

With current progress in the pace of vaccinations and the reopening of New York City, FDLA anticipates the week to feature a return to traditional in-person runway shows and a continuation of digital shows produced in adherence to New York State Health Guidelines. FDLA will require all participating staff, designers, models and all guests to be fully vaccinated.

“Anyone attending our shows will be asked to show proof of vaccination as we encourage and support the broader industry to follow suit and protect the wellbeing of our fashion community this season during the shows. We look forward to a strong coming back this fashion season and to celebrate the best of Latin American fashion in both physical and digital presentations,” said Albania Rosario, Founder at FDLA. 

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Dayana Leon FDLA. (Photo courtesy of FDLA)

FDLA is showcasing emergent designers Dante Luxury Footwear Mexico, Dayana Leon Venezuela Giannina Azar Dominican Republic, Glenkora Comte Ecuador, Indira & Isidro Mexico, Idol Jose Venezuela, Jose Ventura Dominican Republic, Leti Faviani Chile, Paris Rodriguez Colombia, Rosita Hurtado Bolivia, Samantha Telfair Puerto Rico, Yirko Sivirich Peru, Yas Gonzalez Cuba. Visit FDLA Designers to learn more.

New York Fashion Week, Fashion Designers of Latin America

FDLA New York Fashion Week agenda. (Photo courtesy of FDLA)

FDLA, New York Fashion Week 2021

FDLA announces digital shows and lineup for NY Fashion Week 2021

Fashion Designers of Latin America Announces Participating Designers for the FDLA Digital Shows at New York Fashion Week February 2021. 

FDLA, New York Fashion Week 2021

fashiondesignersoflatinamerica FDLA DIGITAL SEGUNDA VERSIÓN DIGITAL 2021. Febrero 15-17, 2021. NYFW FW/2021.

FDLA goes digital once more for NY FW2021

Fashion Designers of Latin America will be going digital for the second time at New York Fashion Week as lock-down endures. This past September, FDLA launched their first all digital show, turning to new innovative forms of media to bring their fashion shows to audiences across the world. Despite the pandemic, the show went on! The FDLA Shows during Fashion Week will continue its runway showcase once again through the FDLA Digital Platform.

Content that will appear on FDLA Digital site and all the platforms associated with the event will range from digital storytelling documentaries to a stream of new collections and digital look-books. The diversity of the initiative will be related to what designers are able to produce during the world crisis of COVID-19, and will also continue to reflect the new strain of branding, marketing, and communication that has taken hold during the pandemic. 

FDLA, New York Fashion Week 2021

fashiondesignersoflatinamerica FDLA DIGITAL SEGUNDA VERSIÓN DIGITAL 2021 Febrero 15-17, 2021. NYFW FW/2021.

Instagram lives, social media posts, zoom conferences, and direct-to-consumer e-tail have only become more integral to fashion brands during this lockdown period, showing that direct engagement with customers and fans is more essential than ever.

The FDLA digital platform will also promote virtual showrooms, that will help connect brands with retailers, adding a business component to the week. 

“It is essential to look at the future and the opportunity to change, collaborate and innovate. Many of our businesses have always embraced FDLA as a platform for not just fashion but for its influence on society, identity, and culture,” said FDLA CEO and founder, Albania Rosario. “The current pandemic is leading us all to reflect more poignantly on the society we live in and how we want to live our lives and build businesses when we get through this. The other side of this crisis, we hope, will be about sustainability, creativity, and products that you value, respect, cherish.”

FDLA FW2021 Lineup

The 2021 New York Fashion Week lineup for FDLA Digital Shows Designers will feature special guests:

Agatha Ruiz de La Prada and Custo Barcelona from Spain, & international guest designer Dorin Negrau from Romania.

Designer Agatha Ruiz de La Prada on runway at past FDLA show. (Photo courtesy Albania Rosario)

FDLA Digital FW2021 Participating Designers: 

Gianina Azar from Dominican Republic, Benito Fernandez from Argentina, Keyther Estevez from Dominican Republic, Yirko Sivirich from Peru, Leti Faviani from Chile, Indira & Isidro (Jewelry Collection) from Mexico, Prince Julio Cesar, Idol Jose, Dayana Leon, Carlos Sierra from Venezuela.


 Are you in NYC? If you are, stop by & watch some of our best FDLA Digital moments in one of the largest screens of Time Square during NYFW | This Monday and Tuesday February 15 & 16 | Staring at 12 noon.

Giant Time Square Billboard Located at 44 Street & Broadway Avenue. Time Square New York City.

For more information and to watch live, visit