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Being authentic helps Latina journalist and event producer Zayda Rivera face challenges

Zayda Rivera is a seasoned Latina journalist and public relations executive who began her company 3L Communique in 2015 after a successful 18-year career in newsrooms, TV studios, and public relations agencies. Creating her company was a way for Zayda to focus on what she was truly passionate about–being authentic, giving back to her community and inspiring the next generation to do the same.

3L Communique focuses on event production and partnerships for Latino, African American, and LGBT communities, combining all of Zayda’s expertise acquired in her past career in entertainment journalism and public relations.

The company began when Zayda noticed that she rarely saw women leading production behind-the-scenes—and even rarely were they Latinas. “I wanted to fill that void,” she explains. “Secondly, I wanted to take charge of my life and career.”

She began by utilizing her network of connections to produce major events– such as black tie galas, award ceremonies, summits, and conventions– for nonprofit organizations and corporations in 2016. From there she then went on to create inspiring public relations campaigns to raise awareness about social issues which disproportionately impact communities of color such as the rental housing crisis and preventable illnesses.

 Proving self-worth a main obstacle in a Latina journalist and entrepreneur career

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Zayda Rivera, founder and CEO, 3LCommunique at the 2018 Latina SmallBiz Expo

“I still find it difficult to be taken seriously by some,” she says. “I takes time to build a rapport with clients, especially when you’re on your own, a woman, trying to succeed in a male-dominated industry.”

Despite her qualifications and expertise it has still been a challenge to gain credibility in a world saturated with “overnight success stories,” self-described experts, and the multitude of “President and CEO” titles found on professional networking sites.

“It’s difficult to decipher the real from the fake,” Zayda explains. “It is likely that if I worked for a major public relations agency or well respected publication, people wouldn’t second guess my expertise. It’s why being authentic is so important to me. Authenticity goes a long way in a world of posers.”

Not only does Zayda value authenticity when it comes to clients, but it is also the foundation of her relationships with her colleagues in the workplace. As a strong team leader she believes in building people up and celebrating them while giving them direction on how best to grow.

“Creating a work environment out of fear does not work. I know first-hand that when people feel crappy about going to a thankless job, they are less productive,” says Zayda.

Instead she fosters an open environment where everyone’s work is valued and each person can learn from each other. Her career and her way of leading others has been inspiring to many.

Changing lives by inspiring others

She shares a story of how when she was first starting out with her company, she was approached by a young Latina woman at a holiday party for Hispanic journalists. This woman told Zayda how her career had inspired her to pursue her own dreams and goals. This revelation that her work as a Latina journalist could influence someone so much completely blew her away.

“It was hard for me to conceptualize how many people my work was reaching from behind my computer screen.”

latina journalist

Zayda Rivera is a seasoned Latina journalist with over 18-year experience in various media

During this time, Zayda was searching for someone to help her with her business. Ideally this person would be a woman and even more ideally, a Latina. That young woman who approached her at the party just so happened to be exactly the strong, intelligent, go-getter she was looking for. Since then they have worked together on various projects. Zayda describes that the best part of this partnership, however, has been seeing this young Latina excel in her own career and reach new heights through her experiences working with 3L Communique.

“I want to create hundreds and thousands and millions of stories just like this. Knowing that I’ve had something to do with the success and overall development of a younger woman of color, who isn’t afraid of challenges and hard work, is priceless to me.”

Inspiring other Latinas to go after their goals

Latina journalist

Zayda River, CEO 3LCommunique wins 2nd Place at 2018 Latinas in Business Pitch Competition

She says, “Being a Latina entrepreneur, who faces challenges daily, is my way of giving back, simply by showing others that anything is possible with determination and hard work.”

Despite the struggles, Zayda believes it is important to always keep moving forward, to get back up after one stumbles and leave behind footprints for others to one day follow. Additionally she believes one should always be a student of life and never stop learning.

“Not just within your craft, but also in learning all the tools you need to be a strong business owner,” she says. “Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Gain knowledge about what it takes to run a successful business. And keep moving forward.”


Abasto Magazine receives 12 Jose Marti awards at NAHP conference


Ivan Cruz receives one of the Jose Marti awards at NAHP conference

Congratulations to our colleagues at Abasto Magazine who have once again demonstrated their professionalism and dedication to their craft and the Hispanic market!

Abasto Magazine has become the media of choice for Hispanic Food entrepreneurs to advertise their products. From growers, distributors, manufactures, Abasto is the point where all members of the supply chain for Hispanic foods meet.

Now, it has also been recognized by their media peers. Abasto Magazine, the exclusive Hispanic Food Industry magazine nationwide, was presented with 12 José Martí awards for journalism, awarded by the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) at the 2015 Annual Convention held in Dallas, Texas.

Gus Calabro, Abasto Media's Director

Gus Calabro, Abasto Media’s Director

“This is the recognition of all the work Abasto Media has been doing for many years. Its goal is to continue delivering accurate and timely information to our readers regarding the Hispanic food and beverage industry in the United States,” said Gustavo Calabro, the publication’s director. “The awards received in the various categories reflect the overall excellence of the entire Abasto team, as well as its mission to stand out as one of the most significant publications in the United States.”

Abasto received five gold awards in the categories of Best Magazine Design, Best Website Design, Best Newsletter, Best ePublication and Best Business Article for “We Want Businesses to Keep Growing,” written by Iván Cruz. In addition, Abasto received three silver awards in the following categories: Best Magazine, Best Website and Best Design Spread.

Four bronze awards were given to the Hispanic food magazine in the categories of Best Business Section, Best Cover Design, Best Editorial Column (entitled “We’re Still Waiting,” by Iván Cruz) and, in the marketing category, Best Media Kit.

The NAHP, the most important Hispanic print and digital media conference in the United States, brought together more than one hundred publications, providing a forum for them to address the many challenges the industry faces today.

Abasto Magazine Nov/Dec 2015 issue

Abasto Magazine Nov/Dec 2015 issue

A business-to-business media and information company, Abasto Media provides key resources, knowledge, customers and audiences through its vast offerings to make business related to the food industry a success in today’s changing market.

“Abasto Media is the only B2B print and digital publication in the United States that focus solely on the unique needs of the Hispanic business owner. We are the bridge that connects manufacturers and producers with the Hispanic buyer,” their marketing statement reads.

The term “Abasto” –meaning “supply” in Spanish–, captures the essence of the magazine’s mission statement, which is to provide the best business information to Hispanic business owners. The US Hispanic Market accounted for 50 percent of the growth in the U.S. Food and Beverage Industry between 2005 and 2010. Abasto reaches owners and decision makers of companies who provide these goods and services.