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cPegine Echevarria, CEO Team Pegine Inc.

Pegine Echevarria, CEO Team Pegine Inc.

Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP is the only Latina inducted into the 58 Member Motivational Speaker Hall of Fame, and the only Latina in the Million Dollar Speakers Group. Her company, Pegine Team Inc., is #2 among the 50 fastest growing companies in North Florida. We thank her for her contribution to LIBizus with the book review of “Secrets of Six Figure Women” by Barbara Stanny.

By Pegine Echevarria, CSP, MSW

Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich” and author of many books on success read by almost all millionaires, shares “Wealth is something you build for yourself out of service to others, sparked and enhanced by your own positive, joyful inward drive.”

In her book, “Secrets of Six Figure Women,” Barbara Stanny brings a similar perspective and ties it to the lessons women learned growing up, our internal dialogue and how to shift our mindset to being worthy, wealthy and successful.

Barbara is the daughter of the late entrepreneur and philanthropist Richard A. Bloch, who co-founded H&R Block with his brother Henry in 1953. Her father didn’t discuss money with her or teach her about money. She married early on and her trust fund was managed by her husband. Sounds good right? Nope. He lost it all then left her leaving her with tax bills, fines and debt. Daddy didn’t come and save the day. It was hers to fix up. It took years and she did.

Barbara Stanny

Barbara Stanny

The lessons learned were hers to learn and then hers to share with all of us. I am grateful she did.

Her book “Secrets of Six Figure Women” is a must-read for all women. Through the book you are able to relate to the women and how they shifted their thinking and shifted their perspective about themselves and their worth.

A concept like “release and let go of perceptions about yourself and your worth” is one way Barbara shows how women have transformed their lives. Another is “take the leap, knowing you will be not only okay but are great.” “Take the leap” is harder to embrace, however, Barbara shows you how others have done it before you and gives you (alright gave me) the clarity that “of course I can do this. I’ve done tougher things before.”

“Emotion follows action” is another Barbara Stanny gem that goes counter to how women have been trained. Learning to take action, and then embracing the emotion of “HOLY COW I DID IT” leverages our ability to act and then, embrace our emotion – the emotion of success. Rather than embracing the emotion of fear first.

There are many gems that opened my eyes and transformed how I think of myself and my business. I went from four figure deals to closing seven-figure deals for my own company. As a Latina, I had to get out of my own way. I still do.

Barbara Stanny book

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The secrets she shares are:

  • Secret 1: Financial Success Is Possible In Almost Any Field And Lack Of Education Doesn’t Have To Hold You Back.
  • Secret 2: Working Hard Doesn’t Mean Working All The Time
  • Secret 3: Focus On Fulfilling Your Values Rather Than Financial Gain
  • Secret 4: Loving What You Do Is More Important Than What You Do
  • Secret 5: Feel The Fear. Have The Doubts Go For It Anyway
  • Secret 6: Think In Terms Of Trade-Offs, Not Sacrifices To Find A Workable Equilibriums
  • Secret 7: Sometimes You Have to Shrug it off and Have a Good Laugh
  • Secret 8: Appreciate Abundance

All the “secrets” titles sound like things you read before. However, the content is about increase, fiscal expansion and prosperity action that are currently being used by six and seven-figure women. I have learned how to use each of these steps to increase my life financially and leverage opportunities.

About Pegine

Pegine (Peg-een) Echevarria is CEO of Team Pegine, Inc., a think tank, training and consulting, event management firm specializing in leadership, team building, inclusion engagement and training.  Her company provides role players for leadership development for corporate and military training. Team Pegine serves diverse clients all over the world, including the military and federal government, Global 100 direct sales corporations as well as the Fortune 100 global corporations.

Organo Gold cup of coffee

Adriana Wilson the silver lining and health benefits of coffee


Adriana Wilson shows Organo Gold products

¡Hola! Soy Adriana Wilson and I wanted to share my story with all LIBizus!

In 2009, I was affected by the economic crisis. I lost my job, we did not have health insurance and we struggled to pay our mortgage. We applied for help but unfortunately, according to our income level, there was no financial assistance available. I found a night job and during the day I worked as a substitute teacher.

In 2012, I was able to get a job related to my profession. In this new job, I had some experience that made me rethink my whole perspective of life. One of my co-workers who sat next to me was going to retire soon but during a terrible winter storm that year, he fell and died.

He was always telling me about his plans for retirement, so his death affected me greatly. That day I realized that life is too short and I promised myself I was not going to wait until I turned 65 to retire. I will retire at 55 and have a different style of life where I can have time to spend with my family, and travel around the world without any health issues.

Then one day, someone offered me a box of coffee so I bought it to help her. Once I started drinking it, I noticed the good effects it had on my health. I researched the product. So when she called to ask how I liked it and how I felt, I told her about my increased energy and my digestion working better.cup of coffee

She then told me about a business opportunity behind this incredible product. I was curious about how the business worked. As I learned more about this opportunity, I realized this was it! This is what I was waiting for to accomplish my early retirement! I can have extra income to save for my retirement, the products are good for my health and I can help others to achieve their dreams by offering health, wealth, and balance through healthy products.

My goal is to share this great opportunity with those who are looking to have the financial freedom they want to do what they love and those looking for a different lifestyle. I also want to share the knowledge our great group of motivators are teaching us on a daily basis and have allowed me to grow personally. Now I know that God has given me the capacity and the wisdom to achieve whatever I want and that success lies on what I believe I am entitled to.

Organo Gold is a global network marketing company on a mission to spread the knowledge of Ganoderma to the entire world. The company’s vision is to help people improve their lives by reaching new levels of health, wealth, and balance through opportunity and products. In just five short years, this vision has inspired and helped millions around the world.

Benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum

Benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum

The products speaks for itself as Organo Gold has harnessed the properties of the Ganoderma Lucidum, known as the “King of Herbs” for its health properties, and infused it into a wide ranging line of coffees, teas, as well as nutritional supplements and personal care products.  The company, Organo Gold, was nominated in the Richmond’s Profiles of Excellence magazine for its excellent products and it stands as the sole North American firm to partner with the largest, certified organic Ganoderma plantation in the world.

In addition, Organo Gold has accepted the Napoleon Hill Gold Medal Award from Napoleon Hill Foundation. The award was presented to Bernardo Chua, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Shane Morand, Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor of Organo Gold, and Holton Buggs, Executive Vice President of International Sales. “Napoleon Hill understood that the most effective technique of motivation is based on example,” explained Dr. J.B. Hill, the grandson of Napoleon Hill. “Throughout its six year history, Organo Gold has continually demonstrated Napoleon Hill principles.”


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