Idania Woof Woof outside with dogs

Woof Woof Wouse barking loud at the #HispanicBusinessExpo2015

Idania with Bono on the Woof Woof Wouse Floor

Idania with Bono on the Woof Woof Wouse Floor


My total idol and sexiest Latino on earth –my take! – Marc Anthony –yes, I have a heart! – has been popular for saying “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Idania Escudero took this approach back in 2007 when she decided that caring for dogs and other pets was her call. The result? Woof Woof Wouse, a full-service dog hotel located in Cliffside Park, New Jersey.

“Our company offers day care, overnight and extended stay services for dogs of all breeds and sizes. This is not a typical kennel service because taking care of dogs is what we truly love to do,” said Idania to LIBizus.

With the dog care services they offer, Idania and Dayron Rendon, her Woof Woof partner, assure pet owners their dogs will never have to go into a kennel again.

Idania with Blu at Woof Woof

Idania with Blu at Woof Woof

“What sets us apart from other similar services is that we understand the stress that pets goes thru every time they need to stay in a new place. We minimize that stress by providing our dogs with a home environment. Pets are not kept in cages or restrained from roaming around. We offer lots of love in a big home with a backyard to play in. Because your pooch needs all our attention and care, we have limited capacity so planning your reservation with time is highly encouraged,” Idania said.

Idania, a veterinarian assistant and Dayron, a pet behavioral specialist, offer the most complete array of services for owners who are concerned about the well-being of their beloved creatures.

“Once a pet owner contact us for some type of stay –day care, overnight or extended–, we ‘meet and greet’ the pet to see the type of chemistry she or he has with Idania and I. We receive them in Woof Woof Wouse four-story home and large backyard where they can acclimate and become familiar with other pets,” Dayron explained.

In addition to a cage-free stay, Woof Woof Wouse offers veterinarian services in case the pet needs either emergency care or is on some sort of long term treatment; behavioral rehabilitation for those with separation anxiety or other sort of stressful behavior, and reinforcement of socialization habits among other dogs.

Idania Woof Woof outside with dogs

Idania at Woof Woof Wouse backyard with dogs

“Because this is a home environment, we do not have cameras for owners to monitor their loved ones but we do have an open house policy. We encourage them or any of their friends or relatives to visit their dogs at any time of day to see how they are doing and how we care for them. We also text owners pictures of their pet activities during the day so we have a close connections with all our clients,” Dayron continued.

Born in Jovellanos, Matanza, Cuba, Idania came with her parents to the USA in 1968 barely after she had blown her first candle.  She lived in Miami for 12 years but ended coming back to New Jersey to care for her aging parents. At that time, she realized she needed to combine her love for pets and a business idea that would allow her to stay at home.

Daryon holding Duke at Woof Woof

Dayron holding Duke at Woof Woof

Dayron is also of Cuban descend from Corralillo, Villa Clara, but he made it to the USA in 2004 through the visa lottery. His love for animals of all sorts made him the appropriate partner for Idania’s pet idea and Woof Woof Wouse was born.

“This year, we were lucky to meet Luis O De la Hoz, from the Hispanic Business Expo, and decided to participate in the event at the Pines Manor in Edison, NJ. We are proud of our venture and believe we need to show that Hispanos are innovative and proactive at creating businesses. This is a home business that allows us to enjoy what we love most doing and making a living,” Idania said.

The partners are already planning to franchise their business venture, and in the process of completing all legalities. The unique franchise will promote a different approach in many ways such as cage free, restrained free, chemical-free environment for maximum dog safety and happiness.

“We would like to attract a network of clients and their friends and family that not only trust us with their pets but also trust us in business,” Dayron said. “Please stop at our table at the Feria de Negocios Hispanos de Central New Jersey to inquiry about your pet’s stay and we will be happy to include you in our Woof Woof Wouse family,” Idania concluded.


Lina Llona, MCRCC President introduces the first panel

American Conference on Diversity at Women's Leadership Summit

Elizabeth Williams-Riley, President and CEO American Conference on Diversity

Elizabeth Williams-Riley, President and CEO American Conference on Diversity

Are you ready for what’s next?

Over a hundred women responded to this call from the Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce (MCRCC) during their 2014 Women’s Leadership Summit in Somerset NJ. Highlight of the event was the presence of Elizabeth Williams-Riley, President and CEO for the American Conference on Diversity as a keynote speaker.

Elizabeth was recently distinguished as one of 2013 Women Worth Watching and featured in national publications such as Diversity Journal and Diversity Best Practices.

“Our organization is rooted in the New York’s National Conference of Christians and Jews founded in 1927. New Jersey, one of the most diverse states in the country, started its initiative under the name of American Conference of Diversity in 1948 to promote respect and inclusion among our communities,” Elizabeth told in an exclusive interview.

Through experimental learning, dialogue, activity seminars, role-playing and other all-encompassing techniques, the organization offers conflict management and preventive diversity education and awareness in school-based programs and workplace training sessions.

“We do not respond to incidents,” Elizabeth explains, “but we create an environment for the understanding of differences and opportunities for growth building positive messages in early childhood and among our youth. We also extend our activity to the workplace through community partnerships with main stakeholders such as government and industry leaders with whom we build action plans,” she shared.

Elizabeth invited the audience to visit the American Conference on Diversity and become involved with their pursuits as a volunteer, a strategic partner or requesting some of their services.

The Women’s Leadership Summit also included a panel of young leadership speakers: Abby Kohut, better known by her site “Absolutely Abby” selected as one of “Top 100 Websites for your Career” by Forbes Magazine in 2013; Taryn Lamb, President of Organized Havens LLC, a company she founded in 2006 to help people get organized and improve their lives; and Maybelle Jadotte, Business Community Manager for Port Authority of NY/NJ Office of Emergency Management (OEM).

Roundtable breakup sessions also featured 10 facilitators with topics that offered the audience a wide range of choices, from social media to wealth management. The event was crowned by the 2014 Health and Wellness Expo which featured a dozen expositors and offered health screenings and information to the attendees.

Lina Llona, MCRCC President, cited U.S. Labor Department statistics in her introduction. “Women account for at least 50 percent of all workers within the financial, education, health services, leisure and hospitality sectors,” she said. “As women continue to play a more dominant role in our economy and the economic recovery, it’s important to look at how and what our policy makers can do to ensure equal access and opportunity.”

Click on pictures to see some of the 2014 Women’s Leadership Summit moments and get ready to participate next year!

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