Latina Chef-preneur Uchi Davidzon explores international sauces flavors

Luciana “Uchi” Davidzon is a Latina Chef-preneur with a background in marketing and culinary arts. In 2017 she founded Umikah— a line of food products created for people who live on the go or are too busy to cook or bake from scratch.


New international flavors for Umikah sauces

Umikah is a unique combination of artisanal and exotic sauces. Uchi, an Argentinean born, took this idea out of inspiration and passion for the complex flavors of the world. The recipe was developed a long time ago and, at the time, the sauces blew the mind of many away.

So then Uchi thought: “Why not share this incredible story with the rest of the planet (who is eager to try our sauces)?”  Currently the brand had added new sauces with its newest flavors being passion curd, Yuzu curd, dulce de leche and chocolate sauce.

Uchi, following the passion of culinary arts


Luciana “Uchi” Davidzon Latina Chef-preneur

Uchi began her career in the corporate world working for companies such as KPMG, Waterhouse Cooper and Dannon. She immigrated to America about fourteen years ago.

When she came to the U.S. she decided to “reinvent” herself and follow her true passion– culinary arts. Uchi began by taking some courses and finally going to culinary school in New York. From there she started a catering business and a blog which opened her to many opportunities as a freelance writer. She is even working on a book which she hopes to publish soon.

A woman of many talents, Uchi still searched for something more. “The idea of creating sauces came to me because I truly couldn’t stop hearing my inner entrepreneurial voice that was constantly asking me to do something combining my business and culinary backgrounds.” And then, Umikah was born.

Resilience and persistence, two entrepreneurial necessary skills

Uchi’s journey with Umikah is still new. Along the way she has faced some challenges, the biggest one being learning the processes of licensing and regulations. Patience was key for this process as she researched and read all the regulations and took all the necessary exams. “I have finally passed the obstacles,” she says. “Resilience and sticking to a plan is hard but really pays off at the end!”

This resilience is one of her strengths which has been instilled in her from a young age. “I was raised in Argentina. We are used to an economy that changes continuously and is not so steady,” she says. “That experience made me more flexible and taught me how to react to unpredictable events.”

One such event that Uchi recounts when crisis struck at her catering business. She was pregnant at the time and working 12-14 hours a day. “I had a huge belly (36 weeks!)…I truly couldn’t move with much coordination.” Uchi hurried as best she could with her tasks that day as they prepared for a big event.

Then, at the last hour just before the event, disaster hit. “I was in a hurry while trying to do too many things at once,” Luciana explains, “and a multi-layer cake fell over my belly. To this day I don’t know how I was able to put that cake back together in under five minutes!”

It’s truly an amazing accomplishment and a testament to her skills and resilient attitude. Her words of advice for the unexpected and business in general is “be prepared, don’t get desperate during difficult times, and get all the help and advice you can” especially from family, mentors, and professional experts. And of course, “Follow your passion!”