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10 best Holiday gifts to support Latina entrepreneurs in 2017

Still looking for the best Holiday gifts? Here are some ideas that not only will be a great gift but also will help a Latina entrepreneur achieve her dreams!

At, we are all about promoting Latina entrepreneurs and Latina small businesses. We also support the work of numerous Latina leaders in the country so here is a list of the best Holiday gifts you can choose to make a great impression and yet support a Latina working woman.

  1. Donate $50 to our campaign and receive a beautiful Tote Bag

Looking for a gift that will make a difference?

We donated $2000 to Puerto Rico and Mexico Disaster Relief funds through the Hispanic Federation. Now we need YOUR help to continue supporting our labor of love.

For three years now, we have been promoting Latina small businesses with five employees or less COMPLETELY FREE! Only a small $50 donation will help us continue helping Latina entrepreneurs and Latina small businesses achieve their dreams.

Donate $50 and you will receive our thanks with a very practical Tote Bag that will proudly announce, “I support a Latina entrepreneur.”


  1. Today’s Inspired Latina™
best Holiday gifts

Yai Vargas, Founder Latinistas and Minue Yoshida, business and public speaking coach


Today’s Inspired Latina™ is a book series of inspiration and hope, a poignant collection of personal stories that will activate your passion.  These are success stories that need to be told, to motivate our community for generations to come. By overcoming language barriers, self-doubts and other obstacles in their way, these strong Latinas are a great example of how inspiration and perseverance can lead you to happiness and success in business and life. It’s a positive, empowering read for anyone sitting on a dream and thinking it can’t come true. Today’s Inspired Latina™ shows that it can!





Hanging Secrets intimate apparel organizer closet

Hanging Secrets intimate apparel organizer

3. Hanging Secrets

Frances Prado is the winner of several national contests and a Home Shopping Network regular with her extraordinary bras and underwear organizer “Hanging Secrets.”

Frances is a proud daughter of Mexican immigrants who found her passion of being a Latina entrepreneur later in life and is devoting part of her profits to cancer research. ‘

This practical and useful product comes in two versions so you have choices, the regular size that fits perfectly in your closet, and the traveler size to take all your intimates in a perfect condition no matter where or how long you are traveling. Get them both!



  1. Tu Mejor Edad – Para tener una vida extraordinaria

The inspiring story of the founder and editor-in-chief of, a community of women in their thirties, forties, fifties and beyond who want to live their lives without barriers and enjoy every minute of it. Lorraine C Ladish is a prolific author, blogger, writer and social media maven that has created a dynamic community of women around the world.

your best age lorraine ladish


  1. Lux Beauty Club Hair Extensions

From Human Wavy Tape-In Hair Extensions to Clip-Ins, and from Synthetic Clip-In Hair Extensions to Synthetic Straight Flip-In Hair Extensions, there is something for everyone who would like to have astonishing hair. Lux Beaty Club is now offering 10% discount if you get in before the end of year!

hair extensions Lux Beauty Club


  1. Red Shoe Movement

Buy any of the products featured on the Red Show Movement site and you will be on your way to a fantastic journey of empowerment and networking. From books to webinars to charms and more, the Red Shoe Movement is a powerful opportunity to make your career dreams a reality in corporate and in business.

Red Shoe Movement Signature Event

Showing support for #RedShoeTuesday Red Shoe Movement event


gourmet popcorn Carmen Milagros Torres




  1. The Popcornerie

Why do people love popcorn? Carmen Milagros Torres grasped the childhood tastes and smells of our childhood to remind everyone that popcorn is a commodity no matter our age. Tampa Bay’s The Porcornerie takes your order by phone or online so don’t wait to visit their site!



  1. LuMesh Lip Gloss

The only lip gloss you will ever need! It takes care of your winter lips and hydrate the thirsty summer kisses! LuMesh lip gloss is a permanent solution to regular and bothersome touchups and in a great variety of shades that interact with every skin tone. Buy it as a gift or for yourself!

LuMesh lip gloss


Chef Amalia's first book received nine national and regional awards.

Chef Amalia’s first book received nine national and regional awards.



  1. Amalia’s Guatemalan Kitchen – Gourmet Cuisine with a Cultural Flair

Internationally known as a socially responsible innovative entrepreneur, chef and philanthropist, Amalia Moreno-Damgaard has dedicated a great part of her life to becoming a healthy gourmet chef, author and speaker and has received numerous awards and international recognitions. A great gift for those with Guatemalan cuisine nostalgia or just those who love to try new recipes!



  1. Empanada Fork
Hipatia Lopez with Empanada Fork, best Holiday gifts

Hipatia Lopez with her invention Empanada Fork



We could not end our 2017 Holiday Gifts list without our Empanada Fork, the creation of inventor Hipatia Lopez who was last year winner of Project American Dreams at the Home Shopping Network. Hipatia is one of very few Latina entrepreneurs in the USA with a patented invention. She has dedicated her life to promote Latino culture and encourage other Latinas to create and innovate.


So make your selections and support our work of love by helping any of these Latina entrepreneurs by finding your best Holiday gift!

your best age lorraine ladish

Lorraine Ladish addresses fear of aging in Your Best Age

Do you feel you are at your best age? Are you afraid of telling how old you are? Are you scared of the physical changes that come with the aging process? Do you think it is too late to achieve your dreams?

With these challenging questions, Lorraine C. Ladish, autor and founder of starts her new book “Tu Mejor Edad – Para tener una vida extraordinaria” (Your Best Age -How to Have an Extraordinary Life). Lorraine, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Viva Fifty, is a bilingual author of 18 books, writer, editor, speaker and social media maven.


Lorraine C. Ladish at Hispana Leadership Institute your best age

Lorraine C. Ladish at Hispana Leadership Institute Conference in Dallas, TX

“Women in their thirties want to know what they need to do in order to stay healthy, be in good shape and feel vibrant when they reach their fifties,” Lorraine affirms in the book’s prologue. “When I turned 50 a few years ago, I got a lot of congratulations from my community but also, some comments that didn’t sit so well such as ‘you look great for your age’ or ‘don’t you worry, fifties are the new forties’. I thought them over and found those comments didn’t reflect my reality,” she explains.

Lorraine believes whatever age we are in, that is the best age to live our lives. Her new book covers different aspects of life at thirty, forty, fifty and beyond. The purpose of the book, the author says, is to feel empowered, informed and full of life after you are done with it.

You may be interested:  Lorraine C Ladish new book REACH!, a story of triumph over hard circumstances

“Nobody teaches us how to evolve as we get older and how to enjoy the process of aging. Women should face each decade with enthusiasm instead of fear. I want every woman to know it is possible to feel young and vital regardless of the year you were born in, without thinking the best is behind us,” she affirms.

Your best age started with

your best age

Tu Mejor Edad,  Lorraine C Ladish’s new book (Spanish version)

A bilingual community that celebrates being 50+,  Viva Fifty! empowers middle age women to enjoy life and realize their dreams, showing that age is not a barrier to anything they want to accomplish.

“Viva Fifty is the realization of my dream to build a bilingual and multicultural community that celebrates life and the joy that midlife can entail. My hope is that we can inspire and empower one another to thrive in health and happiness. To that end I invite writers, bloggers and readers alike to share their stories and ideas on how to live life to the fullest, because fifty is not the new thirty. Fifty is the new fifty. And life at fifty is grand!,” says Ladish in the introduction to her site.

With weekly articles and posts on subjects and issues that matter to her target audience, Ladish continues to bring to her readership important news, ideas and personal stories that inspire and educate.

Most importantly, she says, “I promise we’ll do our best to make you feel at home and help you enrich your life, and to give YOU a voice.”

Ladish was previously Editor-in-Chief of, the award-winning online hub for Latina moms. She has contributed to People en Español, La Palma of The Palm Beach Post, NBC Latino, Babycenter and Redbook, and was the managing editor of VOXXI Mujer, an online news site for English-speaking Hispanics. She lives in Sarasota, FL with her quirky blended family.

new book REACH!

Lorraine C Ladish new book REACH!, a story of triumph over hard circumstances

Lorraine C Ladish profile 2

Lorraine is the Founder and CEO of


Lorraine C Ladish is the prolific bilingual author of 17 books, writer, editor, speaker and social media maven. She recently launched her new book REACH!, an story of triumph over hard circumstances that inspires women going through difficult times.

In her own words, “Lorraine found herself separated from her husband, unemployed, broke and in debt with two young daughters in tow. Just days from being homeless, she was forced to sell her family heirlooms to pay the rent and had to apply for welfare and accept charity from friends and acquaintances.”

Sign up now to our weekly newsletter and you will receive a free Kindle copy of REACH!, from successful author Lorraine C Ladish!


Inspiring women by sharing her own story in her new book REACH!

In her new book REACH!, Lorraine tells her story in harrowing detail, and how, at the age of fifty and with a $500 investment, she launched Viva Fifty!, an online magazine that celebrates bicultural women 50+, which became profitable within a year and is now her whole source of income.

Told in a friendly, conversational tone, her new book REACH! is a journey shared with those going through a difficult time in their lives and are in need of inspiration, as well as for anyone starting a digital business.

An accomplished business woman, fabulous mother and advanced yoga practitioner

Lorraine is the Founder and CEO of Viva Fifty! a bilingual community that inspires women of a certain age and celebrates the ups and downs that go hand and hand with aging gracefully.

new book REACH!

Lorraine C Ladish advanced yoga practitioner

Lorraine and I met for the first time at Hispanicize 2015, after a period in which we had developed an e-friendship. She kindly accepted to be a Madrina in our Editorial Board and has contributed to our pages and supported social media channels.

She is now writing for NBCNews, Huffpost, AARP, Babycenter and She is a advanced yoga practitioner and lives in beautiful Sarasota, FL with “my quirky blended family” she says. You can keep in touch with her on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


An exclusive interview with Lorraine C Ladish

  1. Tell us about you and how did you come to discover writing was your passion and also your path to success.

I was born into a family of writers, so I thought it was normal to write for fun. My father wanted me to be a Marine Biologist because he believed that there was no money in writing. But I became a writer anyway and I wouldn´t change it for anything else. Success is what you say it is, and for me it´s being able to make a full-time living doing what I love. That is inspiring women through my books, blog posts, and social media. In that sense, I am successful. My path to success was always riddled with challenges, from financial strife to personal obstacles such as divorce and its aftermath. But if I have one quality, that is grit. Nobody can ever honestly say about me that I don´t try to find solutions to life´s problems. We all encounter obstacles, it´s how we handle them that makes the difference. So far I´ve published 17 books with traditional publishers and REACH! is my first self-published book. It will soon be available in Spanish as ¡EMPRENDE! It is the story of how I lost it all the year of the recession in the U.S. and how I rebuilt my career and took it from print writer and journalist to the online world.

  1. You have become a social media influencer in the Latino and women’s markets. When did you realize social media was the way to go about in your business?

When I started writing for six years ago and I noticed that the page views of my website would go up when I

new book REACH!

Lorraine with daughters Chloe (L) and Alexia (R)

tweeted posts. I then read everything I could about social media, and created my own systems to make it work for me while serving an audience. Now many of the opportunities I get writing and creating online content are because of my social media reach and engagement. I am on almost every relevant social media platform that exists today. I´m not as active on all of them and I spend more time on the ones I love the most, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Oh, and Periscope! I just love the way social media can connect us with likeminded people who often live far away from us and whom we´d never meet otherwise.

  1. Every successful person has people in their lives that have been influential or played a mentorship role. Who are those people in yours?

So many, it would be hard to say. From my father I learned work ethics and persistence, from my grandfather, to be a free thinker. From my husband who is also a writer, grit. And from many female digital entrepreneurs, I learned to harness my strong points and ask for help when I need it. There are women who are busier than I am if that is even possible, who are always there to answer a question or look over a contract or to just listen to my latest good news. The best part is that I know that there are other women for whom I play that role too. Mentors come and go, but they change us forever.

  1. If you could change one thing you have done in your life, what would that be?

    Lorraine C Ladish new book REACH!

    Lorraine C Ladish’s new book REACH!

I would go back and give one of the editors who considered my first book 24 years ago the time they requested to read the manuscript. I was 29 and filled with angst. I wanted the book to be published so badly that I accepted an offer before knowing what all the other publishers considering it had to say. When they told me they wanted to publish it I had already signed with someone else. I will never know whether I made the right decision. But I learned from it and never made that mistake again! I am much more patient now.

Less than a month ago, I decided it was time to launch a new project. I turned my static website into a site with a blog. It’s been my business-card author site for over 24 years. It was time to give it some content!
I had not been so excited since I launched my publication two years ago — or since I published my new book REACH! from single mom on welfare to digital entrepreneur.




Blogging for money Define your Product

Blogging for money: Find your product and who you are in social media

Blogging for money Define your Product

You have been blogging for 2-3 years now and you are starting to feel the itch: Is this ever going to happen for me? Are you the top social media influencer you want to be? Is your phone ringing off the hook –yeah, outdated expression – because brands want you to represent them? In the end, are you making the money that helps to build the life you dreamt for yourself –and those you care about?

If any of your answers to these questions is NO, then you can start reading. We spoke about having an approach to build a business with your blogging ability instead of just blogging as a hobby or a way to express your passion.

Are you blogging for money or as a hobby? Let us know how we can help!

You can read:  Your blog a hobby or a business: Action plan to blogging for money


Let’s be clear: The first ingredient to be successful in social media is to have and show the passion

Influencers vs brand ambassadors - Courtesy of Zuberance and Convince & Convert

Influencers vs brand ambassadors – Courtesy of Zuberance and Convince & Convert

for the “thing” you do. I started for one main reason: to leave my legacy as a Latina business owner to thousands of Latinas who are just at the gate, or struggling with their businesses, and help them avoid the obstacles, barriers and problems I encountered during my 25 years of being in the USA.

When I talk to someone just starting their business, or someone who is thinking of a business idea, so many suggestions come to mind that then –and only then- I realize I have come a long way.

It is not necessary that your passion make you money; however, if you want your passion to become your full-time activity and, unless you have won the lottery or belong to a wealthy family –yeah, I didn’t think so–, then you would like to have that income that rewards your passion coming in steadily. After all, we live in a society that leverages success with economic value. It is up to you to define what that equation means to you… but that is another story.

For now, let’s keep the focus on the topic today: defining who you are by defining your product.

If you are writing a blog, your first idea of product is your writing, right?

Well, let think a little: a product is, by definition, a tangible or intangible “thing” manufactured or refined for sale, meaning, someone has a need you are fulfilling with that “product.” So here are your options:

  1. What do you write about?

Writing about your morning, your dog, or the way rain is making you feel can be your passion but… yes, there’s always a but: if you want to make money out of it, then you need to “refine” the product. Maybe your “thing” is to write fiction –a novel, an essay, poetry or any other intangible that fulfills the intellectual or artistic pulse of your audience. Your task it then not only to become the best at what you do but also find someone who believes your product will make them money, and become your publisher. And voila, now you are a fiction writer and you defined your product.

  1. Is your knowledge your product?

You have been writing about a bunch of topics: lifestyle, fashion, education, Latino culture, makeup, a little here, a little there, bringing in followers, maybe local people who know you or your writing, but you are really aiming at having brands contact and hire you to represent them or speak on their behalf. However, is your writing really catering to someone’s need? The only way to find your niche is to become an expert at certain products you love and write about.
Stick to your point but… yes, again… with a strategy. Your expertise is your passion and your passion becomes your expertise. Is it makeup? Then aim at the products you really, really like! That eye shadow, or this moisturizer. Concentrate on a line of products, become a true expert and tell it like it is –followers or fans do not want to be lied to, they prefer the truth as the rest of us, mortals. Even brands like to hear about things they want to improve –if said in a friendly, expertly way.

Ted Rubin

Ted Rubin, social media guru, father of the concept Return on Relationships

Product reviewers can make a nice living by concentrating on a line of product or a series of related products. Cars, technology, shoes, knock-off purses, the devil is in the details: the more you know, the more you will become the sought-after expert in that particular type of product line. You have now become an “influencer,” as your opinion counts towards that knowledge people are looking for.
Build a relationship between the products you prefer and the brands that manufacture them, while building trust among your customers. Open yourself to questions and pledge to always tell the truth –even if that is not glamorous; become their best adviser/social media friend. As Ted Rubin says, success is now all about Return on Relationships (ROR).

  1. What is a brand you cannot live without?

You are a recent mom and you have discovered that only certain brand of products work for your baby’s sensitive skin; or your child has special needs and you want to tell the world about an organization that has helped you through these tough times. Any place you go, any person you talk to knows about your passion for that particular brand. You have now become a “brand ambassador” without even knowing it.
While influencers are people whose opinion count towards the knowledge or expertise they have about a certain product, service or line of products, brand ambassadors are those who engage customers and turn them into potential customers. Some people are both influencers and brand ambassadors, or go from one to the other, however, you can have influence over your target audience who follow you for your opinion but not necessarily buy the brands you suggest. Keep that in mind when you approach a brand.

Lorraine C. Ladish at Hispana Leadership Institute Conference in Dallas, TX

Lorraine C. Ladish, top Latina influencer, at Hispana Leadership Institute Conference in Dallas, TX

  1. Do you have tangible products to sell?
    What about selling your own product? Do you have a talent for the arts and crafts? Do you manufacture something of your invention? Or can turn some product you buy wholesale into a retail business?
    Many small businesses have started on E-Bay and many people just make a nice extra income by re-selling products on the side. Blogging about your product, your art, your interest can help you tremendously to turn those followers into buyers. Blog about the use and duration of the product, how you found the product and decided to manufacture or sell it. Tell stories about your family, friends or acquaintances and their experiences using the products. People not only like to know who you are but also get ideas on the products you build or sell that might help them make a decision about their own needs.
    We used to go to the store for shoes and have someone fit our shoes, tell us about the quality of the leather, have a nice, personal conversation about the shoes and how that color or this shape will go with this or that outfit. Have this same type of conversation with your customers online. In a world where everything tends to be impersonal, having a friend talking frankly about their needs and how to cater to them can go a long way.


Kathy Cano Murillo_summer_2009_crafty_chica1

Kathy Cano-Murillo,

Keep thinking how to define your product, the basic starting point to then delineate your elevator pitch, and the rest of your business. Tangible or intangible, knowledge or expertise, you product needs to take your potential customer’s pain away. Defining your product would also help you know your role in the social media world, and devise a strategy to get there. We’ll talk about writing your elevator pitch next time.

Let me know if this article was helpful! We will keep posting on the blogging for money topic, just let us know what your questions or concerns are!

With Christie and Piera from Latino Mom Bloggers

Hispanicize 2015 reaching new heights in Latino events (photo gallery)

Welcome to Miami

Finally I arrived at Newark airport on Saturday night at around 8pm, despite my fear of cancellations after the Northeast snow storm on Friday. It was over, now back to reality.

During the week I did not have a lot of opportunity to think about the event itself; you just live it, inhale it, and enjoy it as much as you can. Needless to say, now that it has come to an end, tiredness sinks in and voila, you start recalling.

First, kudos to the Hispanicize 2015 team for a very professionally run conference! Managing an event this large and this long, moving people, hosting celebrities, finding venues, and having a Latino event running on time and on schedule for a week? That is almost a Superhero achievement!

I guess you need a grandiose mind –in a good sense- to imagine and then make such an experience tangible for hundreds of people who only attend the event to be pampered and indulged. Every little detail was taking care of, from device chargers to great food and fantastic entertainment, every day, all week.

Starting with the venue, the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami, the place was not only large and comfortable enough but also serviced with excellence. (How did they perfectly cook those fillet mignons for at least 500 people, all served at the same time?)

Intercontinental Hotel rooftop

Intercontinental Hotel rooftop

Sound, lights, technology, all worked seamlessly every time. You expect something to go wrong and that would be perfectly OK in such a large event but al least in what I was able to see or hear –I couldn’t clone myself to be in every session or every show-, I did not hear major complaints. And if problems were encountered or mistakes were made, a casual observer like me was left totally unaware.

Sessions and panel discussions deserve a separate paragraph. Although most sessions were well attended, I found that content was uneven and there was no way to know ahead of time. Maybe making attendees aware that discussion would be generic or for newbie bloggers could help –but I’m not sure if such warning is possible.

Discussions around monetization and working with brands, for instance, were pretty generic and lacked specificity. For new bloggers who are just starting, I would have preferred a little more guidance. Yes, you could pick something here and there but guidance to devise a strategy on working with agencies or brands would have been really helpful. After all, attendees were paying a lot of money to acquire solid knowledge, so brands should really make an effort to openly discuss those strategies.

Looking for Latinas in business, I attended a few panels and I found some discussions really interesting, such as the Public Roundtable with the Nation’s Most Powerful Latina Journalists moderated by Mercedes Soler, News anchor, CNN en español. They spoke about their trajectory as women and as Latinas in media, and how they broke glass ceiling and became a media professional in their own right. A very inspiring session of some of my favorite media Latinas –Maria Elena Salinas, Co-anchor, Noticiero Univision, Shirley Vazquez, Latina magazine Executive Editor, Cynthia Hudson, Sr VP CNN en español, and the friendly Myriam Marquez, Ex Editor at El Nuevo Herald, with whom I shared lunch right before the panel. Kudos to these magnificent ladies who opened doors for all of the rest!

Hispanicize 2015 Latina Journalist panel 2

Hispanicize 2015 Latina Journalist panel

Another excellent panel was the Uncap Your Happiness (presented by Coca-Cola) with Sonja Lyubormisky, University of California, Maria Celeste, Telemundo, Nataly Arias, Colombian National Team, Alba Adamo, Group Director of Hispanic Markets at Coca-Cola, and the extraordinary Nelly Galan, from The Adelante Movement. They all brought an insight of what it means to be happy and how each person can become the true maker of their own happiness.

My favorite time of each day? Latinnovators awards was a special moment when the conference stopped to play tribute to the big ones, those who have made it through hard work and persistence. If there is a value our Latino community should never leave behind is the care for others. We are a caring community, and the words of wisdom from Don Francisco, Arturo Guzman or Ciurana talking about their total commitment with their careers and their communities was not only inspiring but bello, muy bello!

Regrets? So sorry I missed Lori Ruff @loriruff, the Chief Brand Evangelist for and LinkedIn Diva. I was really looking forward to meeting her!

Thanks for MacDonalds Cruise @MeEncanta

Thanks for MacDonalds Cruise @MeEncanta

A shout out to all my fabulous Latina Twitter friends who I finally met in person –they looked so familiar I swear it seemed I have known them forever: Elianne Ramos, the incredible and laureate @ergeekgoddess; Lynn Ponder, @ponderful –who won three, yes, three TECLA Awards–; Melanie La Bloguera, @melaniegonzalez; Elaine de Valle, @newschica, who won TECLA with Political Cortadito –and with whom we share some journalistic history–;  Cathy Cano-Murillo, @craftychica; Liza Monet Morales, @xoxoLiza; and Jeannette Kaplun, @jeannettekaplun.

The incredible Latina Mom Bloggers, @latinamombloggers, Piera Jolly, CEO and co-founder of Latina Mom Bloggers Network;  Cristy Clavijo-Kish and her twin daughters; and Angela Sustaita-Ruiz announced their new venture, DiMe Media Inc. to conduct customized digital campaigns and expand the relationship between bloggers and brands.

In my view, Hispanicize has raised the bar for every Latino event from now on; I would even dare to say, for every event period. It has reached the levels of excellence that all of us should aspire to achieve in our every day activity. Many generations of Latinos have worked very hard to get here, and Hispanicize is another proof that Latinos  we deserve the place we have earned on the national stage.

Click on any picture to see the photo gallery!


Latinas to follow on Twitter 2015

15 Latinas to follow on Twitter in 2015

Latinas to follow on Twitter 2015

Latinas to follow on Twitter 2015

By Lorraine C. Ladish

Who’s trending on Twitter? Who should you follow? Here are a few of the fabulous Latinas I follow and the reasons why. Younger, older, English-dominant, Spanish-speaking or bilingual. Moms, single and childless, bloggers, entrepreneurs, foodies … There’s one of each. This is by no means in order of rank or an exhaustive list. But since it’s all about spreading the word of what our fierce Latinas are doing in the Twitterverse, here goes:

[Continue reading here ]



Lorraine-C-Ladish_portraitsmallLorraine C. Ladish is a bilingual author of 17 books, writer and editor, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Viva Fifty! Lorraine was most recently editor-in-chief of Mamiverse. She has contributed to People en Español, La Palma of The Palm Beach Post, NBC Latino, Babycenter and Redbook, among others. She was also managing editor of VOXXI Mujer, an online news site for English-speaking Hispanics. She is based in Sarasota, Florida, with her quirky blended family.

At we thank you for your support!

2015 HH

We are rapidly approaching the end of 2014, another amazing year of new dreams and a great realization: Our made it to you screen!

We never expected the support and the following was going to be as overwhelming as it is!

So we wanted to thank you, all our followers, our readers, the organizations that have become or will become our strategic partners, the Madrinas and Padrinos of our Editorial Advisory Board, and all who have done their part in helping this project take shape.

A special thank you to:

Luis O De la Hoz

Luis O De la Hoz

Pat Munoz

Pat Munoz

Patricia E. Munoz for her unconditional support and friendship. Without her, our photo galleries and videos would not be possible.

Luis O. De la Hoz, for his constant support, knowledge and advice, that helps us grow in every way possible.

Lorraine C. Ladish, for sharing her knowledge and becoming my mentor in social media.

Jesse Torres

Jesse Torres

Lorraine C Ladish

Lorraine C Ladish

Jesse Torres. our also unconditional contributor who tolerates my copyediting with so much grace.

 To the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey for their continuous support to our labor.

To all the chambers of commerce that have participated this year sharing their announcements with our readers.

To OUR LIBIZUS, for sharing their stories and their business information with our followers, and for sharing the joy in social media.

And to all of you who have supported this effort, this “penny project” that just continues to grow at a staggering rate. We are ready to hit 4000 followers before the end of the year. Watch out, 2015, here we come!

SusanaThank you, thank you, thank you!

Susana G Baumann


Thank You in different languages reached 3000 followers!

Thank You in different languagesThis morning, I woke up to the wonderful news! I’m thrilled that reached 3000 followers in just less than two months, in fact in just a month and a half! These goals were set for 3 to 6 months benchmarks, and we are now overwhelmed and ecstatic with the response from all of you, our beautiful Latinas in business!

Everything takes time to fall into the right place

I have been thinking and talking to other publications about starting a business section that would speak directly to Latino business owners for about two years. However, it was only when I participated at LATISM last year that the idea of directing the content to Latinas in business and the workplace took shape. Many Latina bloggers have found their niche in social media–from moms working from home to those building a career as social media influencer. Others are fighting their way up in corporate and professional settings. I have met so many Latinas that have impressed me with their skills, intelligence and business wisdom!

I was facing two uphill battles, though. I had no money to fund this project at a large scale and I was a “digital immigrant!”

As the publisher of the first Latino bilingual newspaper in New Jersey back in 2002-2004 that went busted –it was very exciting but very expensive!- I was decided to start a project that would grow organically without much investment. You know the saying, “gato que se quema con leche caliente, ve la vaca y llora.

The other concern was the fact that I had very low technology skills. When I came to the US in 1990, my first job was in publishing –I was the editor of the Art Now Gallery Guide for Latin America. I had no computer skills at that time but I needed the job! I rapidly learned the publishing software and since then, I became fascinated with digital technology. So I decided “hacerle la lucha!”

Thanks to so many that are helping me out on this journeyLIBiz_poster

The first person to thank is Gina Linn Espinoza, from @uplatino and Get Wise Latinas, a wonderful lady from the West Coast who was the first person I talked to about this project. She said to me, “Just do it, everything else will fall in place!” She was so right!

To another wonderful lady, Marisa Trevino, Publisher @LatinaLista, who took the time to give me feedback about the site and sent words of encouragement to improve the project.

To Jesee Torres, who offered me his support and contributions, giving me freehand in using and editing his excellent articles, and for his constant following on social media.

To Lorraine C. Ladish, my social media goddess, who helps me and supports me daily with wise advice, contributions, contacts and much more!

To Patricia Munoz, my dream partner –too bad she is involved in other important projects at this time but who knows… some day…

A special thanks to Luis O. De la Hoz, who was the guy who invited me to @LATISM last year, and since then, he has given me back my eagerness and enthusiasm to start this project at 64 –yes, just turned on October 17th–, when many of my friends are thinking of retirement!

The list will go on and on, starting with the chambers open to work in media or strategic partnerships with –Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey, Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce of San Diego, Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce– and including all of those who are supporting in social media and following the site on a daily basis.

THANK YOU, GRACIAS in every language and in every way possible! We are on our way, VAMOS, LATINAS!

Holiday sales social media

Increase Holiday sales Tweet your small business away

Holiday sales social mediaThe Holiday season is fast approaching and small businesses are getting ready to make “their season.” However, with a harsh competition out there and the big stores advancing their offers sooner and sooner –many are already offering “Black Friday” bargains– small businesses might find themselves in a crunch. If you are still relying –and paying– for traditional advertising, like newspaper ads and fliers, or trusting that word-of-mouth will bring you the clients you need, perhaps this is the perfect time to try social media.

Stand out from the crowd!

Through social media free platforms, you can advertise, brand and build your local business, increase profits and hopefully start a promotional campaign that will help you stand out from the crowd and transform local customer into loyal clients.

Increase sales through social media

If you are not using social media, you’re missing out big time. Mobile and web technology allow you to network with new local customer who might be out there willing to purchase your products and services but do not have you in their scope of interest or, worse yet, they don’t even know you exist!

Utilizing these resources will allow your small business to communicate with local customers at no cost, while creating engaging relationships. You may reach people who live and work in your immediate area of influence by creating dynamic profiles, updating your social media accounts and interacting with them to create new relationships.

Do I know all of my followers or have I met with them? Most of the time, my best social media “friends” are people who share some of my interests, we have a common goal or we support each other’s effort to reach out to people who share the same interests.

When I participate in social media, not only I contribute content that I believe would be helpful to all my readers but I also support and “share” or “retweet” what other people is offering, sharing or selling.

Each channel has benefits, advantages and disadvantages. For instance, Twitter is an excellent channel to engage customers and get customer feedback. You can engage then with certain offerings and ask them to give you their opinion or value your business. Can’t beat this free marketing research/opinion focus groups!

By engaging with followers and making changes to your services or offerings, you show that you take their opinions seriously and value their comments.

Complaints can also be addressed immediately through social media. Be aware, though, that some people might use social media to complaint about your business just to take advantage of you. Do you due diligence and make sure their complaint is legitimate. Also, look at their social media profile and see if they are a “chronic” complainer. Handling frustrations might show other customers that you care, but consider taking some conversations offline, especially if you suspect they are illegitimate or might become contentious.

Whether you are a newbie or have tried using social media before with little results, don’t get discouraged! Learn the best strategies to engage local customers and convert them to loyal clients! Register today to learn from a pro! Click on the picture to register now!

Engage with social media Lorraine C Ladish

Engage with social media Lorraine C Ladish