Getting fired was “the biggest blessing of all” says Legalpreneur founder Andrea Sager

Andrea Sager is a lawyer, legal expert and serial entrepreneur. Currently, she is the CEO and Founder of Legalpreneur Inc, a company that combines legaltech with fintech for small businesses and small firm attorneys. Leaglpreneur provides business owners all-access to an attorney at every stage of business through its Legalpreneur Membership. Additionally, they offer a number of educational and DIY products to help business owners legally protect their business. 

Andrea started her career in “BigLaw” in October 2017 but quickly shifted gears into entrepreneurship after getting fired from the firm she worked for at the time. For many, something like this would be a huge setback, but Andrea turned it into a positive and made the best of the situation. 

Being fired became “the biggest blessing of all” because it helped her start her own law firm when she was too scared to do it on her own. This was the first step in Andrea completely reshaping her career and life. 

She started her firm Andrea Sager Law PLLC in April 2018 and quickly grew her business to hit 7 figures by her second full year of business. 

Then, in 2019 Andrea launched the Legalpreneur Membership. After working in BigLaw she realized she wanted to help small businesses legally protect their businesses and thrive. As an entrepreneur herself, she knew first-hand how helpful it can be to have legal expertise when starting a new venture.  

Being fired was “the biggest blessing of all” because it pushed her to start her own business. (Photo courtesy of Andrea Sager.)

“When I was in BigLaw, I saw how small businesses got the short end of the stick,” says Andrea. “They needed help, but there wasn’t anyone serving them. Since my time in BigLaw, it has been my goal to bridge the gap between business owners and affordable legal services.”

In late 2020, Andrea realized how much potential the membership had and decided to go all-in with the Legalpreneur brand. She is now in the process of shutting down her law firm in order to solely focus on Legalpreneur. 

In addition to her membership services, Andrea also hosts the Legalpreneur podcast where every Tuesday, and some Thursdays, Andrea offers key insights and expertise explaining the legal necessities for small business owners. 

Andrea Sager

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“My biggest strength: finding motivation in the toughest of situations”

Throughout her journey as an entrepreneur, Andrea has not let challenges or roadblocks hinder her path toward success. She has not been afraid to take big leaps to change her life for the better. 

I didn’t grow up with money or even examples of a business mindset. It was something I learned.” (Photo courtesy of Andrea Sager)

After being fired and starting her own business, Andrea decided it was time for another big transition in her life. 

“In September 2020, I decided to transition out of my marriage. After 7 years being married and 2 kids, it impacted me a lot more than I thought it would. My business took a toll, and I was no longer motivated to grow my law firm. Luckily, that turned into motivation for going all-in with Legalpreneur,” she says. 

While making these big changes, Andrea leaned on one of her biggest strengths: finding motivation in the toughest of situations. 

“My parents are retired postal workers, so I didn’t grow up with money or even examples of a business mindset. It was something I learned.” 

And today her journey is far from over! Andrea continues to learn, break through barriers, and help others along their own journeys as entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

She tells aspiring Latina and minority women entrepreneurs to never let ‘no’ stop you. 

“We have many subconscious hurdles to overcome from ourselves and others. Quitting doesn’t help the next generation, and now my mission is to overcome as many barriers as possible to make things easier for the next generation, my daughter included.”

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