Crowdfunding Master Salvador Briggman at 2019 Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch in NJ

Salvador Briggman is a blogger and entrepreneur, working to help people raise money and expand their businesses through crowdfunding avenues.

Through his various platforms such as his successful blog, CrowdCrux, his YouTube channel, podcast, books, and educational websites, Salvador has been able to teach creators and fellow entrepreneurs how to launch effective crowdfunding campaigns and attain success with their business ventures.

Salvador Briggman, Crowdfunding Master, published author, and influencer, will be presenting an exclusive workshop at 2019 Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch in Jersey City on June 13

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Salvador Briggman, Crowdfunding Master, published author, and influencer


Taking a big leap

Salvador began his own entrepreneurial journey in 2012 while working on a logistic regression as part of a mini-eco thesis for his undergraduate degree. This project studied the different categories on the popular crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. His findings discovered that there was a remarkable difference in the launch strategies behind a creative project–such as film, theater, or dance–versus a physical product–such as games or technology. Salvador began sharing his findings from this project on his blog, CrowdCrux, and soon they caught on and his audience began to grow.

In 2014, Salvador was able to go full-time with his blog while also growing several other assets such as his sites and

Passionate about crowdfunding, online businesses, and entrepreneurship, Salvador moved to New York City to continue his dream of expanding his business. In a YouTube video he shares the story of his first apartment in NYC and what life was like during that first year. While walking the same street he used to live on, Salvador reflects back on how he first came to NYC with only enough money to pay one month’s rent for a sublet in Harlem.

“I remember how my girlfriend at the time bought me a cake for my birthday. I was careful and make that cake last the entire week, because I couldn’t afford much food,” says Salvador. “I was living on the edge, but I was working hard and passionate about my dream.”

Now, a few years later, he is living in a great section of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and has recently moderated a crowdfunding panel in Harlem on the very same block he used to live.

“It just goes to show that with time, persistence, and hard work you can change your circumstances.”

Helping others achieve their crowdfunding goals

Salvador Briggman will give an exclusive workshop on Crowdfunding at 2019 Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch

Salvador has always been eager to achieve success because he wants to help improve the lives of others around the world. By pursuing his passion in online businesses and crowdfunding, Salvador has been able to build various tools for other entrepreneurs to utilize in to grow their own ventures.

“I want to help them achieve their goals as well,” says Salvador. “If I help enough people achieve their goals, then I will achieve mine.”

When asked about his biggest struggle he has faced so far, he did not mention his hard times in NYC or other obstacles with achieving success. Instead his biggest struggle was there were so many hopeful entrepreneurs failing with their crowdfunding campaigns and he did not know how to best help them at the time. This need to help others achieve their own dreams is what leads Salvador to further pursue his study of crowdfunding campaigns and online businesses.

Through his study he realized that often times failure was due to lack of good preparation and a thorough pre-launch before the crowdfunding campaign. Many crowdfunding creators are not marketing experts and so they often do not have the necessary tools or skill sets create successful campaigns. Salvador however has worked hard to provide those tools and guidance. Through high quality educational material and helping creators one-on-one, Salvador has been able to help improve success rates for entrepreneurs in their crowdfunding campaigns.

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How to achieve success according to Salvador Briggman

Learn from the best and work with Salvador Briggman to achieve your funding goals!

Sharing some insights he has learned throughout the years, Salvador gives his own definition of success. “First you have to educate yourself. You have to learn from success stories and also failures. Become the sponge and seek out as much information as you can.”

Living by this advice, Salvador is always learning new skill sets such as video editing, podcasting, social media marketing, and more. This willingness to always continue learning and evolving oneself is crucial to success as adaptability is an important skill in the ever-evolving world of business.

Additionally, Salvador advises that to make the most out of your venture you must have a product or service that has demand and meets a need in the market. Once this is achieved then the real work toward marketing and selling that product or service can begin.

Salvador Briggman, Crowdfunding Master, published author, and influencer, will be presenting an exclusive workshop at 2019 Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch in Jersey City on June 13

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Lastly, Salvador says, “You have to be willing to be a creator or business owner and not a consumer.”

It’s hard to pull out of the consumer mindset. We’re all consumers and it’s much easier to be a consumer than a producer. To be a producer you have to think like one. “Be willing to invest in your business, cultivate talent, and always be focused on the experience you can deliver to your customers,” Salvador says.

In such a competitive world, leveraging ones skills and optimizing ones ability to finance their ventures is invaluable. Crowdfunding offers creators and entrepreneurs a great way to raise money for their projects, and by learning how to build successful campaigns one can guarantee their efforts will not go to waste.

Salvador’s extensive knowledge and research into crowdfunding and business building has been able to help hundreds of thousands of people across the globe and he hopes to continue achieving success by helping others achieve their own success.

Are you blogging for money or as a hobby? Let us know how we can help!

Your blog a hobby or a business: Action plan to blogging for money


Are you blogging for money or as a hobby? Let us know how we can help!

Are you blogging for money or as a hobby? Let us know how we can help!

Blogging has become an activity for thousands of Millennials and older people looking to make a buck or dreaming to quit their full-time job. However, talking to many bloggers at Hispanicize 2015, I learned that some are still running behind their dream, and even those with three or more year of blogging still have no real clue how to make some decent money. Moreover, those who have become entrepreneurs have done it hitting their heads to the wall many times.

I discovered blogging recently, when I launched (LIBizus). Although I don’t have a formal education in journalism, most of my background has been in writing for newsy and trade publications. Blogging brings a new freedom, especially if you are doing “your own thing.” Even if you are writing content directed to certain people, product or brand, the fact that you can talk freely about your preferences and feelings is, to say the least, liberating and enjoyable.

In blogging, there are no rules other that great writing and incredible, unique content that would pick up readers and fans’ attention and take them to action. You want those readers to become your fans and comment on your blog, share the information you provided or tell you how they feel and what they did in such same situation.

However, converting those fans and followers into leads and customers might require a little bit of additional ingredients. Some marketing and business experience makes the framework from where you might plan, develop and nail your strategy. Here are some actions steps that might help:

  1. Know your elevator pitch:

In business, you are asked to be able to define your vision, product or service in a phrase or two or your elevator pitch; in fact, the time it takes for a person to talk to a stranger in an elevator lift. When I’m asked, for instance, I can easily and simply say that “LIBizus advocates for the economic empowerment of Latinas in the workplace by bringing their stories to the forefront and offering them resources and information.” What is your one line that defines your blog? If you can’t put it in a simple sentence, maybe you are not clear about what your vision is.

The famous and former Latina Mom Bloggers, Piera, Cristy and Angela now have launched their enterprise into DiMe Media Group.

The famous and former Latina Mom Bloggers, Piera, Cristy and Angela now have launched their enterprise into DiMe Media Group.

  1. Define your product:

What is your product? I repeatedly asked several bloggers I talked to, and many could not pin it. They kept telling me about the content they were writing about or the animation they were planning to do but in reality, they had little idea of what their “product” was all about.

Let’s see: unique content is what everybody writes to promote their style, ideas, even share some information and news. Fashion bloggers talk about how much they love their cats despite the little creatures ruin their stockings while business bloggers remember the tough times when they faced difficult decisions in their personal lives that affected their business. The magic of blogging is that people are fascinated by the “stories,” the persona behind the blog, who you are and where you come from. You are building trust and relationships with your potential customers.

However, that is NOT your product; that is your journey, what brought you here, where you come from and why people should trust you. You have “been there,” “done that,” and succeeded, or learned your lesson and moved on. Those are the peripheries of the real “product”: sharing your expertise, your knowledge, those ideas that will help your customers thrive.

For instance, I read many social media blogs that talk generalities or particularities about using social media but I only buy from those who show me real strategies that improve my social media reach, or tools that facilitate my job. Products, tangible or intangible, must achieve the same goal: to solve my customer problem or fulfill their need. In business, we say that a good product will take the customer’s “pain” away. Think your product in those terms. What are you offering that is catering to some need in their life or business and will want to buy from you?

With Elianne Ramos, who defines herself as Hopelessly Undomestic | Globetrotter | Author | CEO @SpeakHispanic | Founder @BrderKidsRelief | The Universe's 1st & only GEEK GODDESS. Recently named Distinguished Women of the Year by Girl Scouts.

With Elianne Ramos, who defines herself as Hopelessly Undomestic, Globetrotter, Author, CEO @SpeakHispanic, Founder @BrderKidsRelief, and The Universe’s 1st and only GEEK GODDESS. Recently named Distinguished Women of the Year by Girl Scouts.

  1. Writing about brands or branding your writing

According to Entrepreneur, “your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from that of your competitors. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.”

Now, if you are writing about brands or branded products, why would people trust you if they don’t know who you are? How do you use those products and what are the “real” results? Are you telling the truth if brands are paying for content? You might be telling the truth but your customers don’t know that.

However, if you brand yourself, you deliver “your promise to your customer,” by showing them who you really are and what you really believe in, then you might be able to sell a particular branded product. Being consistent with your choices and with the products you write about is instrumental in building relationships. Also be truthful about your choices and your defeats. Praise the brand but also tell it like it is. People want to know the truth –or at least what they perceive as the truth.

Warning about brands: Many brands just give product away for bloggers to review. It cost them very little and they have a number of micro-bloggers talking to thousands of fans about them. If 100 micro-bloggers Tweet about a product to their 3K to 5K followers, that is a good amount of impressions but engagement might be tough. They are only looking for cheap exposure of their brand, and do not expect that they will go much further. In Spanish, we ask, “¿Qué es mejor, ser cabeza de ratón o cola de león?” (What is best, to be a mouse’s head or the lion’s tail?) meaning, you decide if you want to build your own brand or keep branding for someone else.

Two of most influential Latina bloggers in the USA, Kathy Cano-Murillo and Lorraine C. Ladish have made their passion into a full-time income activity.

Two of most influential Latina bloggers in the USA, Kathy Cano-Murillo and Lorraine C. Ladish have made their passion into a full-time income activity by branding their products or their convictions.

  1. Look at your competition and learn from them:

Millions of bloggers write every day about products, news, politics, business, the environment, parenting and more. Even professional bloggers write for brands without disclosing their names –sometimes called ghost writing. Content writing and content strategy companies are building their services based on assignments from large, medium and small corporations looking to access the world of social media. So there is competition for your blog out there, even if you are writing about insects surviving in the dessert.

In business, “positioning” your brand or your product means to find that unique edge or angle, that particular feature that makes your brand or product special and different from the competition. In order to find those characteristics, you need to study your competitors, yes, study, observe, and spy what they do, how they do it, and why they are being successful. Find the most popular blogs in your topic and look at their strategies, topics, etc. What are they doing different that you could incorporate to your blog?

Now, positioning is related to learning from others but applying your own judgment to your brand or product, which in the end will make your content unique. If your competition became popular talking about their private life and you don’t feel that type of disclosure is for you, then move to another competitor and see if they have a similar approach to yours.

For instance, I looked at many business sites and Latina blogs and found that not many considered working Latinas as a whole. They either talked about business matters –banking, access to capital, insurance, promotions, HR and more- or they addressed the celebrity/fashion/makeup/lifestyle topics. So when I designed LIBizus sections, I devoted some of them to topics of business interest and some to the way we like to look and behave in the workplace. After all, we still put make up on and style our hair when we go to work every day!

With Lizza Monet Morales, actor, journalist, producer, connector, fashionista, gadget girl, and one of the most successful bloggers I met in Miami.

With Lizza Monet Morales, actor, journalist, producer, connector, fashionista, gadget girl, and one of the most successful bloggers I met in Miami.

  1. Last but not least, have a business plan:

You are not going to like this but if you want your blog to make you money, then you need to treat your blog as a business. If you prefer to wake up and just think about what you feel writing about today, then it is not a business, it is a hobby, a way to express yourself.

A business plan for your blog does not have to be a traditional business plan, those that startups put together to get funding with a bank or lender. Well, at least not in the beginning until you decide to take it up a notch. To start, you just need an action plan, a guide to follow every week. Set your goals for the next week, and see what you need to do in order to get there.

An action plan can be a series of lists –Kathy Cano-Murillo @craftychica, the very popular Mexican-American blogger, works with to-do lists every time she wants to achieve her goals– or it can be a more comprehensive action plan that would guide you into several months of activity.

Stay tuned because we’ll be talking about building an action plan very soon! If you like this content, please comment below and let me know if this article reflects your situation, how long you have been blogging and your topic. Do not forget to include you blog URL and @Twitter handle so we can look at your particular situation and help in any way we can!