Visionary social entrepreneur Jacqueline Camacho inspires Latinas to land on their dreams

Jacqueline Camacho, international speaker, author, and entrepreneur (Courtesy of JC)

Jacqueline Camacho is a visionary social entrepreneur that has created an enterprise of inspiration. Living by the motto: “Taking off is optional, landing on your dreams is mandatory” Jackie has soared high and achieved much in a short time. At only 36 years of age she has founded two award-winning companies, established two nonprofit organizations, published sixteen books, created over ten products, and held dozens of events around the world.

Landing on your dreams

Jackie’s drive is her passion for supporting the dreams of other women. Often referred to as a “dream catcher,” she uses her strategies as a speaker, author, and entrepreneur to support thousands of women to live a life of significance. 

Surviving cancer at age 21 and 23 sparked a sense of urgency in Jackie to serve others and make an impact.

“I learned how to live and how to transcend,” she says.  

Seizing the opportunity to live a full life and chase her dreams, Jackie created her first company–a full service marketing agency–in 2006 at the age of 23. In 2010, she then wrote and published her first book The Little Book of Business Secrets That Work! and by 2014 Jackie launched both her international publishing house, Fig Factor Media, and her first nonprofit, The Fig Factor Foundation

With the launch of her publishing house came the start of her book series, Today’s Inspired Latina. The award-winning anthology series shares the success stories of Latinas, inspiring hope and motivation “for anyone sitting on a dream and thinking it can’t come true.” As of 2019, the series is now the largest collection of Latina stories in a book in the world. 

Jackie launched the series along with her nonprofit as a way to inspire young Latinas toward “unleashing the amazing” in themselves and going after their dreams.

Jacqueline Camacho

Jacqueline Camacho, a life as a servant leader (Courtesy of JC)  

Jacqueline Camacho

Jacqueline Camacho achieved her dram of being a sports pilot (Courtesy of JC)

Living by her own motto, Jacqueline Camacho landed on a dream of her own: becoming a sports airplane pilot, which she achieved in 2018. As one of the few Latina sports pilots in the United States, she is about to embark on the historic air race that twenty women flyers participated in crossing the United States 91 years ago, including the famous Amelia Earhart.

Being a servant leader

Using her strategy-focused mind and vision to connect the dots and see what others cannot she has been able to build a successful brand for herself and use her talents to serve others. It is her life-long quest to be a servant leader and help people achieve their goals. 

“I have a heart for other peoples’ dreams,” says Jackie. “I am activated by their desire to manifest success in their lives.” 

Jacqueline Camacho

Jacqueline Camacho continues to achieve her purpose by helping other achieve theirs (Courtesy of JC)

Over the years she has shared her inspiration in four continents and aligned with some of the most powerful brands to elevate others. 

Jackie recalls one occasion where a successful entrepreneur reached out to her to help position her as an international speaker–this was her dream. After working together, in just six months they were able to create her brand and get her several media placements and over seven speaking engagements in five countries. 

It’s these moments, helping someone attain their dreams, that mean the most. “I live for those exponential moments,” says Jackie. 

Her advice to others who are looking to land on a dream is to believe in your vision, never quit, and impact the lives of others. 

“In the measure that you help others achieve their dreams, you will inevitably achieve yours.” 

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