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Likes are important but engagement is where it’s at

Joanna Renteria, Social Media Specialist, Brand Strategist and Influencer, Follow Joanna at

Joanna Renteria, Social Media Specialist, Brand Strategist and Influencer. Follow Joanna at

Welcome our new Social Media Specialist and Influencer Joanna Renteria!

Learn more about Joanna.


Likes, likes, likes… it seems as if likes are the main focus of brands aiming at increasing their online presence. More likes, not enough likes, let’s buy some likes.

While “likes” are important, building a social media presence isn’t all about the likes.

Let me explain.

Yes, “likes” equal engagement, but they’re also a very lazy way of engaging. On Instagram, it has become so easy to double-tap on an image and hand over someone a like or a follow, but how much time does it take someone to actually comment, tag or share a post or picture from your news feed? Taking that time to do so means SOMETHING, it means that followers are intrigued and connected to your brand.


It was about two years ago, I was sitting at a conference, listening to start-up CEOs talk about their sites and apps, the idea behind them, and it was then that I first heard and understood community in terms of web and social media.

“Web and social media is all about building communities. You want to create a space where others can connect, share, and identify with.”

I then understood why Facebook was such a success and why I was spending so much time on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest daily.

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So while I was working in newsrooms, specializing in building social media accounts for them, I then understood why these brands weren’t as successful and why they wouldn’t be as successful until they changed their way of thinking, their way of working.

Hear me out.

For many, many years, media worked one way… we had producers and then we had consumers. Journalists, TV, newspapers, radio… they would work on producing content for their audiences (everyone else), their consumers. In order to get your information, you would tune in on a certain time and just listen or watch. You read your morning paper, and while you probably had something to say about what was being shared, there wasn’t much you could do.

Now back to 2015. We have social media networks, communities, where one can tweet at pretty much anyone with an account instantly. We have the freedom to create a blog, share any article, produce viral content. Content is no longer being produced or consumed one way but many.

While major media outlets may have a big following on social media, their level of engagement (RT, SHARES, COMMENTS) doesn’t always reflect their following. Why? It’s a one way street: Lack of interaction.

See, it isn’t about buying likes or getting tons of likes/followers overnight. It’s about BUILDING a community.

Bloggers, my obsession with bloggers… fashion bloggers mostly. Why? Because they’re KILLING IT. K-I-L-L-I-N-G IT!

Bloggers, more like influencers. Individuals now have their own communities on IG, Facebook, Pinterest, or their own personal sites. They’ve managed to create spaces where others can learn about trends, destinations, airlines, shoes, clothes, gyms, food. They produce and share content; they ask their followers for suggestions and sometimes even create videos/entries upon requests.

Community Casual People Communication Team Friendship ConceptTop bloggers are consistent, available, and welcoming… and present on more than one social media network (but not all, don’t get too excited now).

So yes, likes are important… but engagement is more. Building a community should be your goal, and in order to do so you must be willing to spend time on paying attention to your audience.

Listen and engage.


See the original post at Joanna’s blog here.

Joanna Renteria profile pic

Joanna Renteria, Social Media Specialist, Brand Strategist and Influencer

Joanna Renteria profile pic

Joanna Renteria, Social Media Specialist, Brand Strategist, Influencer

Joanna Renteria is a first generation Mexican-American born and raised in California. With a passion for journalism and the Latino community, she initiated her career in broadcast journalism, gaining experience as a story-teller and content creator at Univision San Francisco, C7 in Jalisco, México and MundoFOX in Los Angeles.

In 2014, Joanna received her M.A. in Mass Communication from the California State University of Northridge where she focused her research and thesis on the transition of television outlets and audiences to digital.

With a personal blog ( aiming a peak of nearly 900,000 visits one day, Joanna quickly realized the importance of connecting with the new generation not only digitally but socially. 

Upon completion of her graduate studies, she has worked as a social media consultant and strategist for brands, helping them build relationships with their audiences in the most prominent social media platforms that benefit their products. A hopeless writer, she also freelances from time to time, blogs occasionally, and tweets daily. 


Twitter: @Joanna_Renteria






Susana G Baumann, Editor-in-Chief LIBizus wins Tecla Award at Hispanicize 2015 wins TECLA Awards Best Business Blog at Hispanicize 2015

Susana Baumann at Tecla Awards Hispanicize 2015

Susana Baumann at Tecla Awards Hispanicize 2015

It was nerve racking, it was exciting, and it was intoxicating!  A newbie at the Hispanicize event –my first time participating–, the TECLA Awards at Hispanicize 2015 turned out to be such a combination of emotions!

The venue, the Marriot Marquis at Biscayne Boulevard in Miami 19th floor was gorgeous: pool, outside setting for the welcoming reception; inside, the living-room style setting with white armchairs and a central stage. Manny “the man at Hispanicize” Ruiz gave the intro words in his own casual style to around 300 people who attended the awards reception.

Meeting new friends we have been following on Twitter was such a treat: Melanie GonzaLez @mendezgonzales, Lynn Ponder @Ponderful, Lissa Monet Morales @xoxoLizza, Jeannette Kaplun @JeannetteKaplun, and so many others we admire and follow!

Susana G Baumann @LIBizus and Claudia Krusch @ckrusch at Hispanicize 2015

Susana G Baumann @LIBizus and Claudia Krusch @ckrusch at Hispanicize 2015

Best Business or Finance Blog was one of the last to come up during the first part of the night. We were competing with Cuponeando and Think Multicultural. My kudos to both of them for the great job they do!

Although I wanted to win –of course, you work all year and live for these moments– I did not think being such a young platform we would have a chance– but when they mentioned LatinasIn as the winner, a feeling of fulfillment and completion took over me.

At only six months of launching LIBizus, we have over 5000 followers on our site and that is the most rewarding feeling: there is a niche looking for what we offer. Now, being recognized by our colleagues is even more exciting, the welcome to the Hispanicize family and the world of Latino social media. That is more than we could expect!

Hispanicize 2015 Tecla Awards at Marriot Marquis in Miami

Hispanicize 2015 Tecla Awards at Marriott Marquis in Miami

I have met many bloggers I admire; many of them have been in the social media trend for a long time. I have a lot to learn from these amazing Latinas, and meeting them allows me to now reach out and invite them to be a part of OUR LIBizus. After all, this is what we are, this is what we do: we tell the stories of amazing Latinas in business making history.

A special thanks to the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (SHCCNJ) for always supporting LIBizus and for the great work they are doing at reaching out in social media. Gracias Prez Carlos Medina, my friend and mentor Luis O De la Hoz and all the team at SHCCNJ. I’m proud to represent you everywhere I go!

Susana G Baumann with Tecla Award 2015 for Best Business Blog

Susana G Baumann with Tecla Award 2015 for Best Business Blog