resilience in children during Covid-19

How MiLegasi’s founder deals with resilience in children during COVID-19

Over the past few months, Covid-19 has had a tremendous impact on everyone world-wide. It has disrupted our routines, sense of structure, and security. The pandemic has not only threatened our physical health but also our mental health as we all try to adapt to these changing and uncertain times. While we as adults are able to understand the situation, children are struggling during this time, which is why it is crucial that caregivers work to build emotional resilience in children during Covid-19. 

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resilience in children during Covid-19

Janny Perez and her daughter (Photo courtesy Janny Perez)

Janny Perez, founder of Mi Legasi, has been working to do just that with her young daughter. Family has always been at the center of Janny’s life from growing up in Miami surrounded by a rich cultural community to becoming a mother herself and starting her family-focused brand, she has always believed in the power of family. 

Her company is a brand that offers both clothing and multicultural tools to help parents raise bilingual children who appreciate their Latino heritage. Her work centers around building strong bonds between parents and children through a positive celebration of heritage and her belief in the power of family has only strengthened during the pandemic. 

Managing big emotions in children

Children have big emotions for such little people. These emotions are often difficult to handle, even in normal situations. During times of stress and trauma, it can become even harder for young children to regulate their own emotions and you may notice children acting out more and having tantrums. These responses are expressions of their own stress and anxiety.

resilience in children during Covid-19

Janny Perez and her daughter (Photo courtesy Janny Perez)

Many parents, like Janny, have been thrust into new and uncertain territory as they try to juggle quarantine, homeschooling, running a business and just trying to stay sane! They may feel uncertain themselves and may not know how to handle their own emotions, let alone their child’s emotions.

However, having a sensitive, responsive caregiver is essential to building resilience in children during Covid-19. Children depend on the adults in their lives to provide a sense of safety and security. They can easily pick up on stress, anxiety, and negative emotions and will model their behavior after others. Children learn to regulate their own emotions from these models, so it is especially important that parents and caregivers take the time to manage their own stress and emotions in positive ways for children to emulate their responses. 

Talking to your child about Covid-19

Adults should also be honest about the situation with their young children and maintain open communication by using age-appropriate information to talk about Covid-19 .

Janny and her husband, Percy, faced this difficulty with their own daughter. Recently turned 5-years old, their daughter was looking forward to her birthday party and to see her friends and family. However, due to the pandemic, the party had to be virtual. 

resilience in children during Covid-19

Janny, her husband and their daughter celebrating her birthday (Photo courtesy Janny Perez)

“It was especially hard to explain to her that no one besides mom and dad would be physically there,” says Janny. “As adults we are resilient, but kids are definitely going through a very hard time right now.” 

Many parents are having similar conversations with their children and while it may be difficult, having these open conversations, as Janny did with her daughter, will help children develop great resilience and understanding of the situation. 

Additionally, parents can follow the 3 R’s suggested by experts of reassurance, routine, and regulation to help build further resilience in children during Covid-19. 

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Resilience as a foundation for life

 By creating a safe, supportive environment and communicating with her young daughter about the situation, Janny is working to instill life-long resilience in her daughter.  This resilience will equip her with the tools to navigate these uncertain times and any future obstacles in life. The major lesson Janny and her family have learned during the pandemic is how to approach unexpected situations with a flexible and resilient mentality.

“This whole experience has taught us that in life you can only plan so much,” Janny says. “Sometimes life has its own plans and you have to be flexible and willing to adapt.” 

Though there have been some challenging and exhausting moments, Janny feels blessed to have her husband at home more and they have become a stronger, unified front for Mi Legasi. Additionally during this time they have helped serve their community by making affordable face masks which are available for sale on their site now. 

resilience in children during Covid-19

MiLegasi masks for adults and children (Photo courtesy Janny Perez)

“I believe that if we can go through this now, we can face any challenge or adversity in the future,” she says. “When you’re surrounded by people that lift you, anything and everything is possible.” 

And while each day may bring new challenges and difficulties, Janny and her family are taking it one day at a time…”one cafecito at a time.”

Latino traditions

Janny Perez Mi Legasi keeps Latino traditions alive for moms and kids

Latina entrepreneur Janny Perez is the creator of Mi Legasi, a bilingual subscription box and shop that brings the vibrant Latino culture to moms who want their children to learn and cherish their Latino traditions. 

Janny Perez Mi Legasi at the 2017 Latina SmallBiz Expo in Newark NJ keeping Latino traditions alive.

Mi Legasi strives to empower families and connect children with their Latino traditions and culture. Each box comes with a variety of items such as bilingual Spanish books, toys, games, craft projects, and family activities along with special gifts for mamá such as beauty, home, office, or accessory items.

The idea for Mi Legasi came after Janny had her daughter, Victoria, in 2015. “I felt the need to ensure that she understood where she came from and what it meant for her to be Latina,” Janny explains. “I wanted her to experience the music, foods, language, culture and stories that were passed down to me.”

In May of 2017 Mi Legasi was officially created as a way to empower moms and families to connect with Latino traditions and culture, focus on quality family time, and create their own legacy.

Mi Legacy keeps  Latino traditions alive

Latino traditions

Janny Perez’s daughter Victoria was the inspiration for her company Mi Legasi

Mi Legasi is Janny’s legacy, which she dedicates as tribute to her immigrant parents and to her daughter Victoria as a reminder that anything can be accomplished through hard work and dedication.

Janny credits her father for much of her spirit and dedication. “He is my hero,” she says. The youngest of many siblings, her father grew up poor on a coffee farm in Colombia. “He had dreams of flying and seeing the world. Without any formal education and lots of hard work, sweat, and determination, my father accomplished this.” It is this dedication and example that has influenced Janny to strive for her own dreams.

Janny Perez as  Latina entrepreneur

Latino traditions

Bilingual books included in the subscription box

As a Latina entrepreneur, she believes her biggest strengths to be her tenacity, creativity, and generosity.

“Tenacity is not just going after your dream, but taking action to get there,” Janny explains. “It’s waking up early or working late while the rest of the world sleeps. It’s the ability to face rejection with optimism because you know something bigger will come.”

Her creativity helps her in many aspects of her business, from design and product creation to photography and social media posts. Lastly, her generosity allows her to use her business platform to help others from sending Latina moms suffering due to illness a Mi Legasi kindness package to donating to impoverished children in Latin America.

She believes the key to facing all obstacles and challenges is to be headstrong and disciplined. “If you let fear drive you, you won’t go far.” She has three key mottos to staying strong. First is to trust in your faith, whatever that may be– “God, the universe or your gut. It’s that spark inside you that keeps you pushing forward.” Second is to be flexible and open to change. And last is to have patience. All things take time.

Never be afraid to speak up

Latino traditions

The box also includes products for mom.

To Latinas looking to dive into their own business ventures or achieve success in their careers Janny says, “Never be afraid to speak up and don’t settle just because it’s the status quo….As Latinas we are afraid. Our culture has at times limited our beliefs that we can. We are the lowest paid of minorities. We need to break the cycle.”

Overall, Janny advises to stay determined and know the realities of starting a business. “Know that you will likely lose money, work day and night, make lots of sacrifices, worry, and that the road is curved and unpredictable but what you learn and the connections you make are far greater than you’d expect. Know that you can and you will, just one day at a time!”

On her struggles as a business owner Janny says, “Being a ‘mompreneur’ has been quite challenging. It’s not a regular 9 to 5 job so you don’t really have days off, but it’s flexible.”

Janny believes in the importance of creating one’s own legacy and following one’s dreams no matter the obstacles. All things are possible with hard work, patience, and tenacity. Her business came from her motherhood and so Janny hopes that Mi Legasi can help and inspire other Latina moms to create their own legacies with their children.  


Latino traditions


Latina small business owners

Be a Star for One Night! Two Latina small business owners sign up for Pitch your Business Competition

Two contestants first to sign up for the Pitch your Business Competition! Following their dream of Being a Star for One Night, two Latina small business owners are the first contestants registered for the Latina SmallBiz Expo in Newark NJ on November 9, 2017 from 4:00pm to 9:00pm. The event is co-hosted by the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Enterprise Development Center and Media Sponsor Univision 41.

Latina small business owners

(L) Janny Perez, founder Mi LegaSi and (R) Elizabeth Liz Santiago, founder and CEO Celebritay (photos courtesy of participants)

Be a Star for One Night at the Pitch your Business Competition!

“The enthusiasm is building up quickly as we are still two months away from the event and Latina small business owners are already registering for the competition. We are running a promotion offering a free ad on our Expo Journal if they register for the Pitch your Business Competition before August 31,” said Susana G Baumann, Editor in Chief,

In its third year, the Pitch your Business Competition is an opportunity for Latinas business owners at all stages of their businesses –startups, established, micro-businesses or larger small businesses- to “pitch” their product and their story in front of a qualified group of Media Jurors who will then select a winner, second and third place.

“The only requirements are that these businesses have to be Latina owned –at least 50 percent if it is a partnership-,

Be a Star for One Night!

Be a Star for One Night!

have a product in hand, and not be a franchised or agent of a larger corporation –such as an agent of a larger makeup company or insurance company,” Baumann said. “We want to bring to the forefront the innovation and creativity of these beautiful Latinas who are creating products and services based on their customer base needs and their own personal stories,” she explained. “Cause related organizations founded and run by Latinas can also participate.”

This year, the winner will have the opportunity to grab a $1000 in Cash Prize, and be promoted on all major regional and local media participating at the event. In addition, they will have an opportunity to work with an event sponsor who will root for their candidate, offer her assistance and support, and continue to work with them after the event.

“In this way, we want to offer our sponsors the opportunity to become closer to these Latina business owners, know their stories, work with them and be invested in their success. In exchange, we ask the participants to become Ambassadors for that brand, and include it in all their activities –blogging, testimonials, speaking engagements or the like- for one year after the event,” Baumann explained.

The Pitch your Business Competition is a great opportunity for both sponsors and contestants working together that will open possibilities to know better the needs of Latina small business owners, adjust their products and services accordingly, and make their brand known as “Latina friendly.”

Table and Pitch $150 (Get your Table for Free when you receive 15 tickets to sell to your friends, family and clients). Bring your product to sell at the event for the pre-Holiday Season! 

Register here to become one of the lucky contestants to participate and be the Star for One Night!

Mi LegaSi, connecting to your roots

Janny Perez with her daughter Victoria in NYC Latina small business owners Pitch your Business Competition

Janny Perez with her daughter Victoria in NYC

First contestant to signup is Janny Perez, founder of Mi Legasi, a creative way of maintaining American Latinas stay connected to their roots and pass the Latino legacy into their children.

“Mi LegaSí™ is about helping moms with a monthly delivered box that connects them with their Latino culture, nurtures their child’s creativity and the language español, and helps them tell their family’s history and stories with activities that make it easy to create a family heirloom.  But we haven’t forgotten about the Mamá!  Because they are at the heart of their familia, every month they will get a feel good/feel proud treat. They deserve something just for them,” explained Janny to

Janny, a Colombian living in NYC, started her MiLegaSí business based on her own experience as a mom, and her purpose is to preserve and celebrate the Latino culture for our children and future generations while supporting Latino artists, small businesses, and Latino charities.

“Mamás will receive a box filled with 5-6 items that will help them connect with their cultura, create with their young child, and carry on their familia’s traditions.  Items will include items such as preschool bilingual or Spanish books, bilingual toys or games, craft projects, family activities to help moms document and tell their familia’s history, and feel good and feel proud items just for the Mamá,” Janny shared.

Celebritay taking care of your beauty in and out

Elizabeth "Liz" Santiago, founder and CEO Celebritay Latina small business owners Pitch your Business Competition

Elizabeth “Liz” Santiago, founder and CEO Celebritay

The second registered contestant is our own Contributor Elizabeth “Liz” Santiago, founder and CEO of Celebritay, a brand of all natural products. Elizabeth is a Holistic Health & Skincare coach emphasizing on healthier digestive system. She studied Ayurvedic and Holistic nutrition with Dr. Naina Marbali at Ayurvedic Beauty School and has nominal background in the field of Western medicine.

Established in 1998, CeleBritAy is an award-winning, eco-friendly skin care company specializing in hand-crafted raw and organic skincare products packaged in recyclable materials.

“As a Holistic health and skincare coach emphasizing on healthier lifestyle and the digestive system, I help people understand the connection between unhealthy habits, depression, and their skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea,” she explained to

“As busy parents, spouses and entrepreneurs, it is important to give it your all. But how can you do that if you are constantly tired, overwhelmed and unfocused? It all starts with one simple, doable change at a time and a can-do attitude. Once you do this, your journey of a healthier lifestyle no matter how busy you are can begin,” Elizabeth said.

Interested in signing up for this amazing Pitch your Business Competition?

Latina SmallBiz Expo and Pitch your Business Competition

Latina SmallBiz Expo and Pitch your Biz Competition

If you or someone you know is interested in signing up for this amazing competition happening on November 9 in Newark, New Jersey, please find information about this fab event on our Facebook page Latina SmallBiz Expo or register here to become one of the lucky contestants to participate and be the Star for One Night! For additional information, email or call 848 238 6090.

Table and Pitch $150 (you will receive 15 tickets to sell to your friends, family and clients). Bring your product to sell at the event for the pre-Holiday Season!

Best of luck to all participants!