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Hanging Secrets Latina innovation for lingerie and intimate apparel

Frances Prado, innovator, creator of Hanging Secrets

Frances Prado, innovator, creator of Hanging Secrets

Hello, my name is Frances Prado and I am the CEO/Founder of Ageless Beautiful Clever Creations LLC, a lingerie organizer line.

I am a proud daughter of Mexican immigrants who came to the USA in 1963. Born in Bakersfield, CA, I have been happily married for 32 years and have two young adult children Leo, a disabled Navy veteran and Ashley, who is a graphic designer.

A few years ago, I was going through the empty nest syndrome and specifically remember asking myself “Frances, what are you going to do with all this extra time on your hands?” I said, “Girl you better start cleaning and organizing around you.”

I started in my bedroom; I opened the drawer and that was my Aha! moment. For years I have been stuffing my bras into overfilled drawers resulting in damaged pieces that needed to be replaced well before they should had been. I thought there had to be a better way!

I knew I could create a brassière organizer that would look nice, maximize space, protect and organize all intimate apparel. I took the idea to the drawing pad and started translating my vision onto paper.

After trial and error, I was finally able to come up with Hanging Secrets, the bra organizer that received a patent in March of 2015. I am honored to be included in the seven percent of women that have been issued patents in the USA.

The organizer neatly stores and protects underwear from damage in see-through molded plastic windows conformed to the shape of a bra, with corresponding pockets for matching panties to be inserted for storage by style and color.

Hanging Secrets intimate apparel organizer closet

Hanging Secrets intimate apparel organizer closet

Hanging Secrets can be hung inside the closet on a standard rod or from a closet door. It can store up to three bras per holder and four panties per pocket.

Being Dr Melinda Silva’s patient for more than two years, I had an immediate connection with her because she is such a compassionate doctor. Dr. Melinda Silva graduated from UCLA with a BS in Psychobiology and then received her medical degree from UC Davis School of Medicine. She is a Board Certified physician in Family Medicine and completed a Fellowship in Functional and Regenerative Medicine.

With Dr. Silva’s expertise and training, she strives to provide the best medical care with a focus on prevention and holistic health care. She teaches us women to be the best version of ourselves and to age with grace and strength.

In December of 2014, I brought Hanging Secrets idea to Dr. Melinda Silva for her opinion on the product. Knowing that Dr. Silva was the ideal person to judge this product –given her experience with cancer patients and as an entrepreneur– I knew she would be of great help.

Immediately, after reviewing the product, Dr. Silva joined my journey “dream.” I call her my Angel partner because she believed in me and my product. In January 2015, we formed Ageless Beautiful Clever Creations LLC.

Hanging Secrets is committed to providing proceeds from sales to help support breast cancer survivors. In addition, when the product launches in September, the first 12 recipients of Hanging Secrets will be breast cancer survivors.

Join Our POSSI to help fight against Breast Cancer:

Dr Melinda Silva, MD, Board Certified physician in Family Medicine and Functional and Regenerative Medicine Fellow.

Dr Melinda Silva, MD, Board Certified physician in Family Medicine and Functional and Regenerative Medicine Fellow.

  • Protect
  • Organize
  • Showcase
  • Store
  • Intimates

All of my strength comes from what my parents taught me. I follow their advice in both my personal life and business. My mother Maria Guadalupe was born on 12/12/1935. She was an entrepreneur in her own time. She would make and sell tamales throughout her life to make ends meet. She passed away at the age of 63 from cancer. Although she is not here, she sends me messages through the number 12. One day I told Dr Silva that the number 12 was very special to me because it was my mother’s birthday. To my surprise, Dr Silva then told me her daughter’s birthday was also on 12/12. I knew then that our partnership was a very special one.

During my journey, I have been very fortunate to have my family and friends supporting and helping me all these past years. To those thinking of starting their own business journey, I would say:

  • Prepare yourself for the journey.
  • Align yourself with the right resources.
  • Pack a ton of patience and never give up.

My motto is “Create your Dreams, Crave your Dreams, and Cultivate your Dreams.” My first hand sketch of the Hanging Secrets Bra Organizer was created in July of 2006. Do it !! Si se puede !!!

Please give me feedback about the product and how you think it could help you store and keep your most precious lingerie! If you’ like to pre-purchase the product, please leave me your information below. Thanks!

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Hanging secrets cover