imposter syndrome

Feeling like a fraud? It’s the imposter syndrome talking

Do you often feel like a fraud? Are you convinced that you’re actually not as qualified or skilled as your co-workers and peers? Do you dismiss your achievements? If this sounds like you, then you might have the dreaded imposter syndrome. 
Latina leadership

Corporate executive Beth Marmolejos shares insights on being a Latina leader

How hard is it to become a Latina leader? Throughout her career, Beth Marmolejos has risen to leadership roles and achieved great success in her field.  Her story offers some insights and advice to other aspiring Latina leaders.  
tell Your Story

Capable women suffer the impostor Syndrome, are you one of them?

What is the Impostor Syndrome and why capable woman suffer from…
Ladies soccer

5 Actions of successful entrepreneurs you can practice

 These five actions are not new; however, they are a good…