Latina leadership

International Women’s Day 4 Traits of effective Latina leadership

As a leading national platform that advocates for the economic empowerment of Latinas in business and the workplace, we represent the voice of the Latina working woman. Our entrepreneurs, career and professional Latinas deserve recognition for the value they bring to their businesses, their workplace, their families and their communities.

Under the slogan “Disrupt to Unleash the Latina Economic Power,” this year we aim at working in changing behaviors, developing those best talents and finding the qualities that make Latinas unique leaders. They need to discover and apply their best Latina leadership traits into their workplace activity.

We believe the only way to unleash the economic power Latinas deserve is to disrupt certain beliefs, behaviors and even industries. As one of the largest demographics groups impacting the consumer’s market, Latinas not only make money but also spend it! Now we need to find ways to redirect where that money goes in order to bring it home: yes, to expand our economic power and to make it work in our advantage!

Latina leadership

Why advocate for Latina leadership?

Latino women need support in exploring and developing leadership strategies that better adjust to their natural or acquired talents and skills. They have been trying to climb the leadership ladder by following male models, with skills and values that, in many cases, are contrary or even opposite to their very best female qualities. Latinas and other minority women have distinct natural or acquired talents that can help them reach their best potential:

  • Compassionate leaders: Latinas are compassionate leaders because they are used to take care of others –culturally and socially. They have been raised to take that role in families, communities and even in the workplace. Taking care of others imply understanding other people’s needs, considering their circumstances and feelings, and responding with solutions that are beneficial to all. Applying those acquired skills to a leadership role, Latinas might have better judgment in a critical situation, deeper understanding of people’s roles, and act with effective persuasion and greater influence while building loyalty among their teams.

  • Trust builders: Most Latinas –and women in general– have greater practice in and are more prone to being intelligent communicators. Some might excel at being effective conversationalists; others might be outstanding listeners or be ready to offer support to any difficult situation. In sum, they are open to a more direct communication and connect better with others. Sharpening their communication skills and developing their emotional intelligence awareness can increase this vital leadership skill and help them become champions at handling other people’s emotions and at earning their trust. They can also become excellent mentors and sponsors to the new generation of Latinas.
    Latina leadership
  • Consensus creators: As mothers, spouses and daughters, Latinas have been raised in an environment where they procure consensus and harmony of the nuclear group. Usually the ones who look for consent and concord, they learn to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the people who surround them, and help them meet their needs. This ability plays an important role at developing best negotiation skills, in which fairness, mutual benefit and maintaining a harmonic relationship are instrumental for a win-win outcome with employees and clients alike.

  • Holistic innovators: In their feminine roles, Latinas and other minority women are raised to work collaboratively in their families while making tough decisions, hence developing their skills in creative or domestic activities. These are the so-called traditional “feminine activities” such as art, cooking, parenting, home managing, caretaking, and the like. Men, on the other hand, are directed to “masculine activities” such as working out of the house, sports, mechanics and more. Even if the new generations are less demanded into traditional roles, these are still persistent as “male versus female” skills. Taking advantage of these acquired talents, women can excel at advancing a company’s vision while bringing together a holistic approach within a culture of purpose. In this context, the individual’s right to self-determination is as important as their participation in the common good, supporting each individual’s realization of their best potential.

    Latina leadership

In today’s competitive world, the biggest challenge companies and businesses face is to design a solid strategy for organizational well-being and balance that challenges the traditional view of employees as Human Resources into Human Assets. Adopting this new paradigm in the workplace translates in increased loyalty, creativity, innovation and productivity.

Latina leadership can play a vital role in bringing a more compassionate, trusting, consensual and holistically innovative type of leadership that will change the face of working America.

We will continue to provide quality content and engaging activities for Latinas and other minority women to find resources they need to accomplish their business or career goals. We invite you to be part of this extraordinary experience!