Ona Diaz-Santin Celebrity Stylist at 5 Hair Salon

Ona Diaz-Santin celebrity stylist talks hair for professional women (video)

Ona Diaz-Santin Celebrity Stylist at 5 Salon & Spa

Ona Diaz-Santin Celebrity Stylist at 5 Salon & Spa

By Ona Diaz -Santin

Being a hair professional for 20 years you get to understand that texture, density, porosity and elasticity are important words to put into consideration when cutting. Let’s not forget to mention face shapes are a “must know” when working with multiple beautiful faces a day.

In my opinion there is much beauty in simplicity and one of the hardest things to achieve. A great mentor of mine once shared that being creative meant knowing your basics inside and out. This holds truth in cutting!! Take a “bob” for instance, if executed correctly it is simple yet very creative.

There are a large number of women asking for cuts that are versatile and can provide a polished and fresh look when at work yet a fun and sassy alternative when at play!

Hair trends are all about ‘less is more mid length cuts’ with the interior shapes varying depending on the fab six words above. I am loving the direction is taking and to insure you love it as well, read my tips below!

Let’s talk two techniques that are trending right now

Ona Diaz-Santin 2015 Hair Styles

Ona Diaz-Santin doing 2015 Hair Styles

Layers: eliminates bulk from the hair

Great for thick unruly hair, wavy/curly hair


Graduation: creates weight in the hair

Great for fine lifeless hair, straight/wavy hair

These two techniques have been around forever and it’s all about reinventing…


Let’s talk dry styling your mid length cut: 

  •  Health of hair is everything so always use a thermal protectant when applying heat. I am a fan of creams versus spray-in ones.
  • Over directions when styling are your best friend.
  • Think up when on top of head and out when on the sides and back of head (away from the scalp)
  • Section of hair must be the same diameter as the two ceramic round brushes you are utilizing.
  • As you finish one section leave one brush in the hair to cool down as you work on the next section with the other brush.
  • Follow the same process throughout the entire head.
  • If your hair is soft and brushes slip out easily, use large butterfly clips.
  • Your head is round so sections should always be on a diagonal. Doing this eliminates visible lines and helps hair fall into place nicely.
  • Great for all hair textures.


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Wavy/curly styling:

  • I happen to love cream based products for this type of styling.
  • Section your hair from bottom and work your way to the top.
  • Be generous with the product.
  • Finger comb product into the hair and be thorough.
  • Once you’ve done this flip your head over finger comb away from scalp and use a towel to scrunch the product and hair together to set the curl in.
  • Flip back and shake curls into place.
  •  Once completely dried flip your head again and “clap” your hands with the hair in between. This will bounce your lovely locks.

Ona Diaz-Santin, Celebrity Stylist and Creative Director at 5 Salon & Spa in Fort Lee, NJ, is one of our LIBizus. Let Ona know what you think about her suggestions! If you like her tips, feel free to share this feature in social media.

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