Happy Thanksgiving table We Gather Together

Giving thanks and moving forward into 2018

Yeap, this time of year again for giving thanks! Since when being thankful is an annual event escapes to me but after reading this very funny list RON HART: Thoughts on Thanksgiving and the year, I’m encouraged to write my own random list of Thanksgiving giving thanks thoughts. It goes like this.

Happy Thanksgiving table We Gather Together giving thanks

This year I am grateful for…

  1. My health
  2. My family
  3. The people in my life who help me be a better person –although I growl at them sometimes…
  4. The people in my life who support my vision and my efforts –and those are many!
  5. Having the ability to isolate myself and my work from the shenanigan going on in the world
  6. Hard working Latinas building community around the country every day
  7. Having shelter, food, and a little extra to help those who do not have it
  8. For my new friends –filling the void for the ones who left this year, who will always be missed

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I wish I could be grateful for…

  1. Women supporting other women more often
  2. A world where everybody would really care for one another and not just PC/BS talking –where color is not a divider, privilege is not an entitlement and money is not a purpose
  3. Things going great in our country
  4. Less women coming out on sexual harassment charges –which would mean more men zipping up their pants
  5. Less guns –no guns in fact even better- a world where the profit of some is not exchanged by the lives of many
  6. No wars – a world in which war is not a business that gives some nations the privilege to dominate others and interfere in their decisions
  7. Universal healthcare –a world in which my life is not being decided by profits
  8. Environmental protection –a world that we can keep and pass on to future generations

Giving thanks an every day task

I am stopping at that in an effort to make even my giving thanks lists. In truth, no matter what happens around our world, the best way to make it a better place for all of us is to do the next right thing every day of the year, and being grateful around the clock.

After all, my grandmother used to say, “Be grateful and eat all your food because people are starving in China.” Never made any sense how me getting fat would help Chinese people but hey, it seems it did because China has become a hell of a country!