Why reaching “herd immunity” transcends the end of a pandemic (in English and Spanish)

A message from the president and CEO of Latinas in Business (See below for Spanish version). 

As the optimist that I am, I keep remembering the Spanish saying, “Hope is the last thing you lose.” At worst, we can only hope for the best in the new year, the upcoming 2022. Will this be the year we achieve “herd immunity”?

Still, “ending a year” or “starting a new year” is an illusion; time is a continuum that does not stop or change, with the rhythm of the seasons and the variations of nature. We could count the seasons as a full year, why not? After all, the seasons are the beginning of something real in Nature, and we would celebrate our birthdays every three months by living much longer, maybe even longer than Methuselah!

A calendar year is a social construct that follows the movement of the sun or the moon or other events in nature, which different cultures establish as “the norm” to celebrate or commemorate certain religious or historical events. A calendar is a way of giving society and individuals a structure to avoid chaos and anarchy, a succession of numbers – days – and names – months – that makes sense for a particular lifestyle. The Chinese calendar differs from the Gregorian calendar or the Jewish calendar, to name a few.

In the 2022 Chinese calendar, the new year begins on February 1st. (Image:

And yet, here we are, planning to celebrate the end of a terrible, mind-changing, exhilarating second year of a global pandemic that has challenged society to the brink of utter insanity, blatant stupidity, or sharp enlightenment.

Utter insanity was the reaction of those who are essentially “social animals”, individuals who need physical and personal contact with others of their kind. The confinement meant to them an imposed prison that prevented them from enjoying the daily donut gossiping, the gym cronies, or the dining out limelight. 


The pandemic showed how some individuals would rather prioritize an illusory sense of “freedom” over the lives of more than 5 million human beings. (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

Blatant stupidity crowned the heads of those who refused to care for themselves and others, displaying the utmost disdain for a sense of civility or solidarity in pursuit of a political bias. Vaccines or masks are too much of a restriction for these people who prioritize a selfish and illusory sense of “freedom” or self-preservation beliefs to the contamination of a vaccine that saves lives over the lives of more than 5 million human beings, many of which died unnecessarily. And I quote the global death toll because blatant stupidity is not an exclusive “American” quality.


(Photo credit: Screenshot  from Washington Post on December 18, 2021)

But then some were able to focus on themselves and their families and think about their lives. Many realized that they wanted something more than a mere existence, which did not necessarily mean more material things. Others understood that their working conditions had been unacceptable because there are options to having to travel miserable distances or work inhumane hours in an office far from the people and activities they love the most.

A large group of people took the opportunity to improve their lives by spending less, saving more, and choosing to follow their passion, perhaps leaving an unacceptable culture in the workplace to make better decisions for themselves or to open their businesses. Others decided to move, in search of a more relatable life experience out of state, out of cities, or out of ghettos.

The pandemic also affected life and business relationships. Many broke up with toxic partners or ended frayed relationships. Isolation was a challenge when we had to face ourselves and others who are part of our lives without the usual distractions. The pandemic demanded the ingenuity of many to find a new love; for others, it meant business innovation to respond to new challenges.

The pandemic caused many to make career changes, choosing to follow their passion and leaving unacceptable workplace environments for better choices. (Photo credit: Unsplash)

If the Internet changed the way we have lived, worked, and loved since the 1990s, the pandemic forced us to look at what has become of us with those changes. Have we improved our humanity, our sense of self and community, or are we dragging resentment and darkness into the abyss of isolation?

Despite the rapid development of vaccines around the world and simple precautions to control the disease, lives continue to be lost and people continue to get sick. The pandemic has entered a phase of “phases”, a roller coaster in which seasons, celebrations, and travel play an important role in a hyper-connected world.


“Phases” of the pandemic continue, with new variants posing a threat. (Photo credit: Screenshot  from Washington Post on December 18, 2021)

The goal to end this nightmare that has changed our lives seems to be achieving herd immunity when a large part of the world community becomes immune to disease through infection or vaccination. The contagion decreases, it becomes unlikely. Thus, the entire community is protected.

As with herd immunity, humanity will still have to choose between “getting infected” or “getting vaccinated” to reach a point of balance. Utter insanity and blatant stupidity will likely spread even further before the personal suffering becomes unbearable.


Vaccinations and herd immunity will be crucial in finding balance and eliminating the threat of the COVID-19 virus. (Photo credit:

Hopefully, sharp enlightenment will spread to more people who will rise with wisdom and insight into the world we want to become, not the one we have become. 

I don’t know if 2022 will be the year we achieve herd immunity as the Omicron threat looms over us. Rather, it will definitely be the year for those who have crossed the troubled waters of change and are ready to continue to do something with themselves, their lives, and their work choices. 

Those who keep their minds alert and keenly enlightened will enter the “brave new world” in which we don’t have much choice: together we achieve a collective human consciousness or we become extinct as a species.

As time continues to progress inexorably, let’s celebrate new beginnings and longings for 2022! After all, it is our only hope.

Thanks to our Executive Board, our members, supporters, and sponsors for believing in our mission!  

Un abrazo,
Susana G Baumann

Happy Holidays from Latinas in Business CEO and President, Susana G. Baumann. (Photo courtesy: Susana G Baumann)

En Español: Por qué alcanzar la “inmunidad colectiva” trasciende el final de una pandemia

Un mensaje de la presidenta y CEO de Latinas in Business

Como buena optimista que soy, sigo recordando el dicho, “La esperanza es lo último que se pierde”. En el peor de los casos, solo podemos esperar lo mejor en el nuevo año, el próximo 2022. ¿Será este el año en el que logremos la “inmunidad colectiva”?

Sin embargo, “terminar un año” o “comenzar un nuevo año” es una ilusión; el tiempo es un continuo que no se detiene ni cambia, con el ritmo de las estaciones y las variaciones de la naturaleza. Podríamos contar las estaciones como un año completo, ¿por qué no? Después de todo, las estaciones son el comienzo de algo real en la Naturaleza, y celebraríamos nuestros cumpleaños cada tres meses viviendo mucho más tiempo, ¡tal vez incluso más que Matusalén!

Un año calendario es un constructo social que sigue el movimiento del sol o la luna u otros eventos en la naturaleza, y que diferentes culturas establecen como “la norma” para celebrar o conmemorar ciertos eventos religiosos o históricos. Un calendario es una forma de darle a la sociedad y a los individuos una estructura para evitar el caos y la anarquía, una sucesión de números -días- y nombres -meses- que tiene sentido para un estilo de vida particular. El calendario chino difiere del calendario gregoriano o del calendario judío, por nombrar algunos.

En el calendario chino 2022, el año nuevo comienza el 1 de febrero. (Imagen:

Y aún así, aquí estamos, planeando celebrar el final de un segundo año terrible, enloquecedor, transformativo de una pandemia global que ha desafiado a la sociedad al borde de la locura total, la estupidez flagrante o la iluminación aguda.

La locura total fue la reacción de quienes son esencialmente “animales sociales”, individuos que necesitan el contacto físico y personal con otros de su especie. El encierro les significó una prisión impuesta que les impedía disfrutar de los chismes diarios de la oficina, los compinches del gimnasio o estar en el centro social de atención. 


La pandemia mostró cómo algunas personas prefieren priorizar un sentido ilusorio de “libertad” sobre la vida de más de 5 millones de seres humanos. (Photo credit:

La estupidez flagrante coronó la cabeza de aquellos que se negaron a cuidarse a sí mismos y a los demás, mostrando el mayor desdén por un sentido de civilidad o solidaridad en pos de un sesgo político. Las vacunas o máscaras son demasiada restricción para estas personas que priorizan un sentido egoísta e ilusorio de “libertad” o creencias de auto-preservación a la contaminación de una vacuna que salva vidas –por sobre la vida de más de 5 millones de seres humanos, muchos de los cuales murieron innecesariamente. Y cito el número global de muertes porque la estupidez flagrante no es una cualidad “estadounidense” exclusivamente. 

(Photo credit: Screenshot  from Washington Post on December 18, 2021)

Pero luego, algunos pudieron concentrarse en sí mismos y en sus familias y pensar en sus vidas. Muchos se dieron cuenta de que querían algo más que una mera existencia, lo que no necesariamente significaba más cosas materiales. Otros entendieron que sus condiciones de trabajo habían sido inaceptables porque hay opciones a tener que viajar distancias miserables y trabajar horarios inhumanos en una oficina lejos de las personas y actividades que más aman.

Un gran grupo de personas aprovechó la oportunidad para mejorar su vida gastando menos, ahorrando más y eligiendo seguir su pasión, tal vez dejando una cultura inaceptable en el lugar de trabajo para tomar mejores decisiones o para abrir sus negocios. Otros decidieron mudarse, en busca de una experiencia de vida con la cual se identificaban mejor fuera de su estado, de sus ciudades o de sus guetos.

La pandemia hizo que muchos cambiaran su carrera, eligieron seguir su pasión y dejaron entornos laborales inaceptables para tomar mejores decisions. (Photo credit:

La pandemia también afectó las relaciones de vida y de negocios. Muchos rompieron con socios tóxicos o terminaron de arrastrar relaciones desgastadas. El aislamiento fue un desafío cuando tuvimos que enfrentarnos a nosotros mismos y a los demás que forman parte de nuestras vidas sin las distracciones habituales. La pandemia demandó el ingenio de muchos para encontrar un nuevo amor; para otros, significó innovación empresarial para responder a nuevos desafíos.

Si Internet cambió la forma en que hemos vivimos, trabajado y amado desde los años noventa, la pandemia nos obligó a mirar qué ha sido de nosotros con esos cambios. ¿Hemos mejorado nuestra humanidad, nuestro sentido del yo y la comunidad, o estamos arrastrando el resentimiento y la oscuridad al abismo del aislamiento?

A pesar del rápido desarrollo de las vacunas en todo el mundo y de las sencillas precauciones para controlar la enfermedad, se siguen perdiendo vidas y la gente se sigue enfermando. La pandemia ha entrado en una fase de “fases”, una montaña rusa en la que las estaciones, las celebraciones, y los viajes juegan un papel importante en un mundo hiper-conectado.

Continúan las “fases” de la pandemia, con nuevas variantes que suponen una amenaza. (Photo credit: Screenshot  from Washington Post on December 18, 2021)

El objetivo para poner fin a esta pesadilla que ha cambiado nuestras vidas parece ser lograr la inmunidad colectiva, cuando una gran parte de la comunidad mundial se vuelva inmune a la enfermedad a través de la infección o la vacunación. El contagio disminuye, se vuelve poco probable. Así, toda la comunidad queda protegida.

Al igual que en la inmunidad colectiva, la humanidad tendrá que seguir eligiendo entre “infectarse” o “vacunarse” para alcanzar un punto de equilibrio. La locura total y la estupidez flagrante probablemente se extenderán aún más antes de que el sufrimiento personal sea insoportable.


Las vacunas y la inmunidad colectiva serán cruciales para encontrar el equilibrio y eliminar la amenaza del virus COVID-19. (Photo credit:

Con suerte, la iluminación aguda se extenderá a más personas que se elevarán con sabiduría y mayor comprensión del mundo en el que queremos convertirnos, no en el que nos hemos convertido.

No sé si 2022 será el año en el que logremos la inmunidad colectiva, ya que la amenaza de Omicron se cierne sobre nosotros. Por el contrario, definitivamente será el año de aquellos que han cruzado las turbulentas aguas del cambio y están listos para continuar mejorándose a sí mismos, sus vidas y sus elecciones laborales.

Aquellos que mantengan su mente alerta y agudamente iluminada entrarán en el “valiente nuevo mundo” en el que no tenemos muchas opciones: juntos logramos una conciencia humana colectiva o nos extinguimos como especie. 

A pesar de que el tiempo sigue avanzando inexorablemente, ¡celebremos nuevos comienzos y anhelos para el 2022! 

Después de todo, es nuestra única esperanza. 

¡Gracias a nuestro Comité Ejecutivo, nuestros miembros, amigos, y patrocinadores por continuar apoyando nuestra misión!

Un abrazo,
Susana G Baumann

Feliz Año Nuevo de la directora ejecutiva y presidenta de Latinas in Business, Susana G. Baumann. (Photo courtesy: Susana G Baumann)


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Microsoft’s female founders competition awards $2M to Latina Tech-preneur

Latina tech-preneur Cecilia Flores, CMO and co-founder of IoT tech startup Webee, was recognized as the winner of the Female Founders Competition, winning $2M for her business. 

female founders competition

Cecilia Flores, CMO and Co-Founder at Webee (Photo courtesy Cecilia Flores)

Originally from Salta, Argentina but based in San Jose, California, Cecilia is a tech-preneur passionate about the social impact of disruptive technologies and innovation. An advocate for inclusion and equal opportunities for Women in Tech, she is an active mentor of Stanford Latino Entrepreneur, an active member of the Vital Voices Network since 2010, and a board member of We-Evolution, a non-profit that leads the women third revolution.

In 2013, Cecilia and her husband, Lucas Funes, co-founded Webee, a technology innovation company that develops IIoT (Industrial-Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions for industrial and commercial markets. 

Webee was selected as a winner in the US Enterprise software category of the Female Founders Competition for its ability to achieve sustainable industrialization through easy-to-deploy solutions to reduce the impact of manufacturing processes on the environment. 

Backing Female Founders 

Did you know that last year, companies founded solely by women received less than 2% of the total capital invested in venture-backed startups? 

Unfortunately, despite it being well documented that women-led companies deliver higher returns over time than those founded by men, female entrepreneurs continue to receive significantly less access to capital. This is what the Female Founders Competition hopes to change.

The competition, organized by M12, Microsoft’s venture fund, and partnership with Melinda Gates’ Pivotal Ventures and Mayfield invested USD $6 million in four winners. Two winners–one global and one US-based startup–were selected in each of the two categories: Deeptech and Software as a Service (SaaS). Webee was one of two winners in the SaaS category, receiving $2M for her business, while Deeptech winners each received $1M. 

female founders competition

Weebee video can be seen at

“We look for founders that are willing to go the extra mile and commit to tackle important challenges in the world,” says Tamara Steffens, GM t M12 Venture Capital. “We saw in Webee a combination of a technological vision with  strong purpose and the willingness to make it happen. The expertise of its founders and the proven track record make it possible to achieve the goal of sustainable industrialization.” 

How Webee’s IoT tech is revolutionizing agriculture

One of the key components recognized by the Female Founders Competition judges was Webee’s mission of sustainability. Webee has specifically been working within the Food, Beverage, and Agriculture industry to help reduce ineffecient processes that lead to food waste.

Webee Corporations has developed a unique, no coding visual approach to building complex IoT applications for the industrial and commercial markets. Their products enable customers to benefit from IoT technology without impacting operations and obtaining an immediate return on investment. 

For those who may not be as familiar with the world of tech, IoT refers to the Internet of Things. IoT technology is defined broadly as “objects that ‘talk’ to each other.” It is everything connected to the internet. It’s about networks, devices, and data working together in communication. From your phone to smart-refrigerators, home security systems, and automated light fixtures, these all operate as part of IoT. 

So what does this have to do with agriculture? And how is Webee working to help the Food, Beverage, and Agriculture industry? 

Well, IoT has become a crucial component in the current agricultural industry, helping to eliminate food waste. 

“One-third of all food produced in the world every year goes to waste, and 40% of that comes from inefficiencies during manufacturing processes,” says Cecilia. “IoT is a key enabler of the ‘Third Green Revolution’ to achieve efficient production and sustainability.” 

The original Green Revolution has Latino roots, originating in Mexico during the 1940s. This first revolution began as a means to develop new, disease resistant crops. Through the use of technology, scientist Norman Borlaug began conducting research in Mexico to produce a disease resistant variety of wheat that would also produce a high-yield of crop. This technology then spread across the globe in the 50s and 60s, revolutionizing food production by allowing a single plant to produce far more crops than ever before.

Now, IoT is spearheading a new Green Revolution by helping to combat food waste in the manufacturing process through what is being called “smart farming.” 

Like our smartphone and smart-houses, smart farming is utilizing technology to make farming more efficient. By using a system of sensors, farmers are provided with a mobile application that receives input and data from the sensors. These sensors can be used for a variety of functions such as crop monitoring, watering, cattle monitoring, and greenhouse automation. With IoT, smart sensors collect information on the soil, which help assess the quality of the soil and crops. Smart sprinklers are also set to water plants when soil reaches a certain level of dryness. This helps reduce wasting water and is cost friendly as well. 

These are just a few of the many ways IoT technology is helping to revolutionize the agriculture industry. 

“We work tirelessly to continue our deployment to reduce the impact of the inefficient manufacturing processes on the environment,” says Cecilia. “Our mission is to democratize the adoption of disruptive technologies to achieve sustainable industrialization.” 

With the USD $2M investment from the Female Founders Competition, Webee will be continuing the expansion in the Food, Beverage, and Agriculture industry and help reduce the impact of Food Loss on the environment. 

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Webee and COVID-19 

In addition to their work in the Food and Agriculture industries, Webee has also been involved in helping industries across the globe transition their manufacturing processes during Covid-19. 

Since the Covid-19 outbreak began, we have seen industries across the globe impacted by the virus. Supply chains were quickly shut down worldwide causing many companies to re-examine their supply chains and how they will ensure continuity in the event of the next crisis. 

Technology, such as Webee’s IoT and AI tools, will be a key ally in this transitional process. Automation and AI can help take over the redundant tasks in the supply chain of production, reducing human error and allowing employees to stay safe at home with their families without disrupting the supply chain. 

Cecilia Flores and Lucas Funes with their daughter, Lisa. (Photo courtesy Cecilia Flores)

We are only seeing the beginning of where IoT tech will go. But in order to ensure future innovation and development, it is important that more companies follow in the footsteps of the Female Founders Competition to create opportunities for women in tech and female founded companies to receive the necessary support and financial backing to continue producing innovative technologies.