Liliana Marzan Perez

Liliana Perez Latina entrepreneur exploring creativity in home décor

A booming home décor business is stemmed in the creativity of a Latina entrepreneur who applies her design knowledge as well as her financial savvy to improve people’s environments.

Liliana Marzan-Perez, home decor

Liliana Marzan-Perez, founder and designer

In this day and age it is easy to get caught up in our hectic lives and sideline our passions and dreams. We tell ourselves there is never enough time while we wait for the “perfect moment” to start something.

This was the case for Liliana Perez, a first generation Dominican-American, who finally began her decor business while working in the financial industry for 11 years. Liliana is the owner of Event Craft Studio, a seasonal wreath and home decor company.

When asked what finally pushed her to pursue her business, she said it was the need for a “creative outlet.” Liliana has a background in design, having earned degrees in Interior Design and Home Products from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

Previously in 2013, she began her journey as a side business Event Crafts Studio home decorowner by becoming a licensed wedding planner. However, Perez realized, “as much as I loved planning weddings, I did not want to work in that industry.” She terminated her wedding planning company in 2015.

Meanwhile, she indulged her creative cravings in her everyday life by decorating the spaces around her. This ultimately led to the launch of her present company, Event Craft Studio, after friends and family noticed her seasonal decorating skills.

“I decorated the team’s cubes in the office and I changed the theme [of] my Christmas décor on a yearly basis” Liliana described. The positive response to her decorations were overwhelming and her friends and family pushed her to start her own business.

She now designs seasonal wreaths for all occasions for people’s home decor during the holidays.

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Liliana commented, “It is such a great feeling to see someone’s home decorated with something I created.”  

In just a few short years her company has grown, along with her prospective client list. Liliana says her greatest challenge as a business owner is “Time! ….I have to meet my demands at work, as a mother, a wife and a business owner,” she explained.

home decor

Spring wreath creation Event Craft Studio

“Unfortunately, my business has taken the back seat too many times so I decided to do something for it every day.”

Liliana says her family has been her biggest strength and support to combat the pressures of time and juggling many tasks at once. From pushing her to pursue her dreams to helping out with her children, she feels “fortunate to have so much support.”

Although time will always be an intimidating force, Liliana’s advice for other Latinas who are aspiring to start their own businesses is to “Just go for it.”

“There will never be the ‘perfect moment’ and it is important to make time for one’s passions and dreams,” she shared. “It also helps to have a mentor. People love to help and there is more than enough business to go around for everyone.”