Popular English ESL YouTuber launches innovative new language learning app 

From the popular ESL YouTuber, Maximiliano Lobos comes an innovative new language learning app that harnesses pronunciation recognition technology to help students get results and reach their language learning goals. 

The life-changing gift of language learning 

ESL teacher, Maximiliano Lobos

Maximiliano Lobos, YouTuber, ESL instructor, and creator of 123 Inglés. (Photo via curso123ingles)

Popular among the Hispanic community on YouTube, Maximiliano Lobos is an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher who has been teaching English for free on his channel for 13 years. 

He began his channel “undostresingles”  in 2008 at the age of 22 as a simple, amateur experiment. However, over the years this side project gradually grew and gained a space among Hispanics in the United States, who seek a free and quick way to improve their English. Now, his channel has over 550,000 subscribers and has broadcasted more than 80 million lessons. 

For many, Maximiliano’s free lessons have been a life-changing gift. Under his videos, one can find hundreds of testimonials in the comments from grateful viewers who have been able to learn English as a second language thanks to Maximiliano’s lessons. One such testimonial is that of Wilder Andrade, a former Colombian military man who managed to reach the United States with a contract in hand to work for a security company, all thanks to his good level of English-speaking. 

Wilder writes: “Maximiliano’s classes on YouTube literally changed my life, and I can say that I owe it mainly to him.” 

Making dreams come true through collaboration 

After years of teaching on his channel, Maximiliano is now expanding his “classroom” with his first mobile application. He says this new app will be a “total innovation” as it incorporates various advanced functions such as pronunciation recognition technology to better help students reach their goals. 

language learning app,

123 Inglés, the innovative new language learning app by ESL YouTuber, Maximiliano Lobos.

“It is a dream come true to launch this application after all these years,” he says. “During this time of pandemic I took advantage of it to make the app.” 

The app came about through an unexpected collaboration. Maximiliano tells that one day, while at his house, a former YouTube student who turned out to be a programmer called him and offered to develop the app. “He said, ‘Teacher, let’s make an app; you put your classes, and I program the app.’ So we became partners,” relates this YouTuber. And the rest is history. 

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Now, the app is ready to launch with 90 video classes where grammar is taught, as well as vocabulary, practice and pronunciation. There are also a variety of fun activities and exercises such as crossword puzzles, complete the sentence exercises, order the sentence, discover pairs, true and false, and exercises with voice recognition technology that tell students if their pronunciation is correct.

The app delivers the first 10 classes at no cost. It’s called “123 Inglés” and it’s available for download on the App Store and Play Store by clicking here.