2020 Census rumors

Fighting 2020 Census rumors: Test your knowledge quiz

Fighting 2020 Census rumors is the best way to be prepared to be counted.  You can test your knowledge here and then check your answers. The more you know, the better prepared you will be to answer the Census questions. It is important that everybody gets counted!

2020 Census rumors

Credit National Census Bureau

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The results are critically important because this once-a-decade census data helps businesses, researchers, and communities make decisions. The data can help inform where your community needs a new fire department, more funding for school lunches, or new roads.

Did you know?

Nevada was the fastest-growing state between 2000 and 2010. In that same time, the overall population of the United States grew 9.7 percent, jumping from 281,421,906 to 308,745,538.

​Of course, the census tells us much more than just the population of our country, your state, and your community. The census produces a wide range of statistics about the makeup of those populations, from ages and races to how many people own their home.

​In 2010, for example, we learned that women made up 50.8 percent of the population. We also learned that the male population grew at a slightly faster rate (9.9 percent) than the female population (9.5 percent) in the decade between 2000 and 2010.

Setting the record straight
  1. Are non-citizens counted in the census?

YES                  NO


  1. Do children need to be counted?

YES                  NO


  1. Can my answers be shared with law enforcement or used against me?

YES                  NO


  1. Can I only take the census online?

YES                  NO


  1. Does the 2020 Census impact me?

YES                  NO


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Home Affairs Hoax about the 2020 Census

2020 Census rumors are circulating that individuals posing as workers for the Department of Home Affairs are going door-to-door to check IDs for the 2020 Census.

Reporting a 2020 Census Rumor

Have you seen or heard something about the 2020 Census that is confusing? Let the Census Bureau know by contacting Then be sure to spread the word to make sure everyone has the right information about the 2020 Census.