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Race to Start your Younique in Mexico with Tia Evans (free gift!)

Tia Evans, independent agent for Younique

Tia Evans, independent agent for Younique

Would you like to receive a magnificent free gift from Younique beauty products? Hola! My name is Tia Evans. I am a 34-year-old full-time mom, wife, and double business owner from Texas. I have worked in the oil and gas industry most of my career and exactly one year ago I was introduced to Younique Cosmetics by a good friend of mine.

For those who are unfamiliar with this name, Younique cosmetics is a two and a half-year old cosmetics direct sales company that has been pronounced as the fastest growing direct sales enterprise to date, selling over 15,000 sets of our famous 3D fiber lash mascara per day in over five countries. Soon to add one more, Mexico!

What I liked the most from this brand was the growing variety of natural based skin care and cosmetics products.  I bought several of the items, fell in love with them, and decided to start my own Younique Business journey.

Younique natural eyelashes effect

Younique natural eyelashes effect

However, not only I liked the products. Younique was offering me another opportunity, which I have not found in any of their competitors. Their mission is to “Uplift, Motivate, Validate and Empower” women all over the country; it has done just that for me. I have reached my fourth promotion in the company within a year’s time, which has made me consider this opportunity as my full-time stay-at-home income in the next year.Feature Tia Evans Younique2

It cost me $99 to join and when that beautiful, leather, Younique Embossed Makeup Case arrived at my door and I was ready to hit the road.  If you are thinking of looking for an opportunity that will help you grow not only financially but also develop your leadership skills, I encourage you to contact me and follow my many social media outlets to see what we are all about.

natural based skin care and cosmetic products A Younique opportunity for all US Latinas!

From now until May 5, you have the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing beauty company in the world, and launch your home business in Mexico, just one of many countries to come!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone involved in the Race to Start Program.  All of us women are leaders with Younique; you too can make a difference in your family income and furthermore, achieve self-growth. That’s what I’ve gain, since that Leather Case hit my doorstep.  I look forward to meeting and speaking to anyone who is interested in taking the Latina Younique Journey with me.

I will send a free Younique gift -an eye shadow pigment (valued at $12.50 each)- as seen on the cover picture to the first 15 Latinas who contact me on this site by signing below or on the Facebook page. Hurry, leave your name, email, phone and address on the contact form below before May 5th and I will send you your free gift right away!



Younique natual-based products

Younique natual-based products








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