Retreat, live and learn at Blue Osa: How a yoga retreat & spa in Costa Rica is pivoting

Charge ahead with confidence that this too shall pass and the world awaits you. This is our outlook in the midst of the pandemic as we rescheduled Renovad global retreats to 2021 and continue to collaborate with our destination partners, such as Blue Osa Yoga Retreat & Spa in Costa Rica. 

Blue Osa Yoga Retreat & Spa (Photo courtesy Yogi Aaron)

Rewriting the path forward

Yogi Aaron, co-founder and lead of Yoga Teacher Training programs at Blue Osa (Photo courtesy Yogi Aaron)

Blue Osa Yoga Retreat & Spa is a special place that embodies awareness and transformation. It holds stillness for a weary traveler and soul. As Yogi Aaron, co-founder and lead of Yoga Teacher Training programs at Blue Osa, shared with us: “Especially at this time, we need to turn inward and be at peace within ourselves. Take this time to cultivate faith in yourself, your spirit guide or god, to walk on the path you are meant to be on. Ask the important questions of your life. In some ways, we are being given the chance to have a do over. How are you going to rewrite the path forward?”

It has been really hard as Blue Osa has been closed since March 14, and cash flow stopped abruptly. The region has been hit hard as 8 percent of Costa Rica’s GDP comes from tourism. Yogi Aaron believes the impact on the economy is much higher as they are not including the trickledown factor of the tourism income.

“We have budgeted a small amount of money to support as many staff as we can. We can help a little, but I fear it will not be enough,” says Yogi Aaron. “I suffer when I go into the future, and this moment has made me so aware of staying present. When I am present, I am happy and content. When I go into the future, I suffer. Badly.” 

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How Blue Osa is staying present for a better future

As he gathers his strength and focuses on being patient and present, Yogi Aaron sees the economic turmoil as a real blessing – a loss of at least a million dollars kind of blessing. Blue Osa is evaluating everything: Who do we want to be moving forward? What kind of guests do we want to invite here? What kind of people do we want to work with? What quality of life do we want to have? 

Yoga Retreat

Be present to WIN (Photo courtesy Yogi Aaron)

Blue Osa Yoga Retreat & Spa is using social media to stay in touch and continue to build its community. They are offering classes, tarot card readings, meditation practices and more. And they have launched an online Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour Certification and a Residential Life-Transforming Program. Yes, you can now live in Costa Rica at Blue Osa. While this is not an option for all, Renovad welcomes you to retreat in Costa Rica June 19-26, 2021

Don’t miss your opportunity to participate in Renovad’s retreat in Costa Rica June 19-26, 2021. (Photo courtesy Yogi Aaron)

In life, change is a certain constant. Turn inward to be in peace with yourself and the world. Cultivate faith in yourself and your spiritual guide to stay on your unique life path. Count your blessings. Be present to WIN. 

Guest Contributor: Pilar Avila is the founder and host of interDUCTUS & Renovad. She is a passionate human striving for higher self-awareness, health, happiness, living free, eradicating judgment and lifting every living being with compassion.