Fashion Designers of Latin America return to Miami for Art Basel Week fashion showcase 

Today, the Fashion Designers of Latin America (FDLA) returns to Miami after over a year and a half for the 4th Annual Latin American Art & Photography Exhibition & Fashion Showcase: ARTE & MODA. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the FDLA has produced innovative virtual runway shows for events such as New York Fashion Week. This past  September the Fashion Designers of Latin America returned to NYC for live in person shows, and now they are back in Miami for their annual fashion and art showcase. 

The formal attire event, produced by FDLA founder Albania Rosario, is part of the Miami Art Basel Week, and will be held today, Thursday December 2nd and Friday December 3rd, 2021 at the spectacular Rosita Hurtado Atelier located between the Miami Design District & Wynwood Art District. 

FDLA | Miami 4th edition will kick off with their signature Black-tie red-carpet cocktail reception starting at 7:00 PM. Following an exquisite art exhibition and photo display by various talented Latin American Artists. 

The event will close with an artistic fashion showcase by selected FDLA Designers as follows: 

FDLA Designers December 2nd

  1. Rochi Kahn (Peru)
  2. FDLA, Rosita Hurtado, Fashion Designers of Latin America

    Fashion designer, Rosita Hurtado. Read her story, here. (Photo source:

    Paris Rodriguez (Colombia)

  3. Nothing 2 Wear Concept (New York)
  4. Rosita Hurtado (Bolivia)

FDLA Designers December 3rd

  1. Indira & Isidro (Mexico)
  2. Yas Gonzalez & Asiel Babastro (Cuba)
  3. Idol Jose (Venezuela)
  4. Mich Roman (Dominican Republic)
  5. Willfredo Gerardo (Mexico)


  1. Arte Latam (Various Artists)
  2. BabastroxYas (Cuba)
  3. By Ayala (Indigenous Artists)
  4. Chance Watt (LA)
  5. Enrrique Cabrera (Mexico)
  6. Leonardo Contreras (Mexico)
  7. Marta Alexandrovna (Miami)

Doors Open at 7:00PM | Cocktail Reception & Red Carpet &Art Exhibition 7-9 PM | Fashion Showcase 9-10 PM. Formal attire is required | all attendees must be 21 & over to attend. SEE HERE for tickets.

All guests must adhere to COVID-19 guidelines. Please read FDLA’s COVID-19 protocol here.

Art Basel 2021: Argentinian artist Lucia Maman explores feminine themes

Lucía Maman, an internationally successful plastic artist lives in Miami and stands out on the local scene. Each person who passes by her studio, located in the Allapattah district, is struck by her large extraordinary paintings.

Lucía inherited her passion for art from her father, gallery owner Daniel Maman. Today, based in Miami, she paints and explores the art business, and hopes to have a success in sales at the upcoming Art Week – known as Art Basel

Miami Beach Art Basel begins this Thursday, December 2nd, where Lucía’s 3 to 5 meter high paintings will be on display, welcoming both collectors and the general public curious to meet the young woman who has attracted public attention with her unique artwork. 

Her work is characterized by its expressive power. Her paintings often revolve around bioethical discussions that deepen the human question. Who are we and where are we going? What will become of our humanity in a world with increasingly tangible tendencies towards the amalgamation of the biological and the engineering of synthetic modification?

These are some of the questions that appear in her work and that she tries to answer with her figurative compositions. Critics and experts in the field of art have considered and described her excellent body of work as one that challenges the viewer in a visceral way. Her work impacts and excites. Lucía agrees and shares that one of the most recurrent comments when it comes to receiving visits in her workshop usually lies in the strength and intensity of her artistic proposal.

Lucía Maman

Her paintings often revolve around bioethical discussions that deepen the human question. Who are we and where are we going? (Photo courtesy Lucía Manan)

“I am interested in genetics, biotechnology, the place of the anomalous or the different in our society, the question of otherness. I inquire about current events such as radical discoveries that affect the genetic engineering industry, for example CRISPR, or advances in fertility and assisted reproduction technologies, or the manifestation of transhumanist ideals,” says Lucia. 

Since the inception of her work, distinguished critics and prestigious artists have predicted a path of success and they have not been wrong. Her paintings show a mastery and exceptional talent in the handling of color and matter.

In the four years since arriving in Miami, Lucía has become vital in the local art scene and a must see when visiting the Allapattah district. There, just a few blocks from her studio, are also key cultural spaces of the city of the sun such as the Rubell Museum and Espacio 23, a cultural center that exhibits the private collection of the collector and businessman Jorge Pérez, among others.

Lucía began painting in the studio of Juan Doffo, a prominent Argentine plastic artist. There, her love for artistic practice became evident. After passing through a course and at the end of her secondary studies, Lucía decided to start painting full time, assuming a commitment to art that has been going on for more than a decade. Today her work is in important private collections in Latin America, Europe and the United States and has been exhibited in prominent spaces in the artistic sphere. 

Lucía Maman

See Lucía’s 3 to 5 meter high paintings on display at the upcoming Miami Art Week. Her stunning pieces have captured the attention of critics and collectors alike. (Photo courtesy Lucía Maman)

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Currently her work can be seen in her studio or in the exhibition spaces of the Maman Fine Art Gallery. For the Miami Art Week, the gallery will organize private events where you can see some of her works.

“I am ready to receive in Miami people who, due to the pandemic, have not been able to visit me before, and above all I hope to be able to share with them that wonderful experience of reconnecting artists with collectors and enthusiasts in general,” concludes Lucía.

The 2021 Miami Beach Art Basel will run from Thursday December 2nd to Saturday December 4th. For more information visit