How care for her community lead Yolanda Evgeniou to launch a successful business

Yolanda Evgeniou is the owner of Paraprofessional Health Careers, and provides curriculum, course materials, and is the instructor for non-credit programs for individuals striving to enter Allied Health fields. For over 20 years she has worked as an educator in her community, helping individuals achieve their career goals and dreams. 

Paraprofessional Health, educator

Yolanda Evgeniou, Paraprofessional Health educator and author. (Photo courtesy Yolanda Evgeniou)

How care for her community lead to launching a successful business

Yolanda began her business in 1999 when she saw that there was a need for affordable education and training in the Paraprofessional Health field. 

“I decided to start certificate programs because many people that I had come to meet could not afford college and were struggling to pay bills or even provide food for their families,” says Yolanda. “I knew that training them in ‘Medical Tech’ programs would lead them to employment and certification costs less money and provides a greater return on investment!” 

Born in Newark, New Jersey to a humble family, Yolanda knew what it was like to struggle. She worked not one, not two, but three jobs just to start her business. She did not have the advantages of money starting out, but she worked hard to make her dreams a reality because she wanted to help others.

On her career journey, Yolanda has faced many obstacles as well. From humble beginnings and struggling to access capital to facing racism and discrimination. Many companies also stole her ideas, profiting off her, and this was a very painful experience. But through it all, Yolanda never gave up. Her intentions and desire to help others were always selfless and rooted in her deep love and care for her community. 

Yolanda has a big heart. As an educator and community member she understands the struggles people face and always strives to help wherever she can.  

Owner of Paraprofessional Health Careers, Yolanda provides curriculum, course materials, and on-site training for certificate programs. (Photo courtesy Yolanda Evgeniou)

“I truly care about the community,” she says. “Many times I would train students for free and help place them in doctor’s offices or hospitals. I am simply a humble lady that understands struggles in communities.” 

Now, after over 20 years, Yolanda’s curriculum has helped countless individuals start their careers in the Paraprofessional Health field. The curriculum awards certificates in the areas of: Medical Assistant, Patient Care Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, and Medical Administration. 

Paraprofessional Health Careers also provides on-site training and job placement and is partnered with the American Medical Certification Association (AMCA).

“Believe you have the right to become anything!”

In addition to her work as a healthcare professional and educator, Yolanda also writes children’s books in her spare time. She enjoys telling fun, educational stories with a spark of magic! 

Her first book, Gavin and The Moon, explores the topic of Cultural Diversity for children. As someone who has faced racism and discrimination, Yolanda knows just how painful it can be. The story teaches children universal acceptance of each other’s race, religion, and cultures by showing how the Moon’s peaceful glow shines the same to all of us across the world. To the Moon we are all equal. 

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This lesson is one that Yolanda carries with her everyday.  

Yolanda’s latest book, Liam Takes Grandma to Space.

She believes reading to children about different cultures, races, and even gender identities can open their minds and hearts, teaching them to be kind, accepting, and empathetic people. 

Yolanda’s latest book, Liam Takes Grandma to Space, follows the exciting adventure of Liam and his grandma as they float across space and discover the eight planets that orbit around the sun. This educational story teaches children about the wonders of outer-space in a fun, colorful tale.

In all her endeavors, Yolanda strives to educate and guide young minds on their journeys through life, whether that be career training for future healthcare professionals or guiding young children across the globe and through the stars with imaginative stories. As a true educator, her goal is to help her students achieve their dreams and guide them toward their goals. 

“My favorite quote by Martin Luther King Jr. is: Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education,” she says. “Believe that you have the right to become anything or anyone! And do not allow racism to stop you from becoming successful. Do not allow it to destroy your inner soul and peace of mind!”