ahora te toca a ti Latinas in business Latina entrepreneurs announces new campaign to promote Latina small businesses “¡Ahora te toca a tí!”

“¡Ahora te toca a tí!” campaign starting next week on our Facebook discussion group “We are”

ahora te toca a ti Latinas in business Latina entrepreneurs

We are announcing a great new campaign for Latinas in business and the workplace who would like to promote their businesses, career or professional achievements and be featured on our platform and social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+).  Be the first to participate and help others!

“¡Ahora te toca a tí!” is a new campaign on our Facebook discussion group “We are” –where anyone can become a member or post promotional announcements for their businesses or events.

It works like this:

Every week, we will hand-pick three Latinas in business or the workplace and encourage them to show their products, website, businesses or announcements by posting this paragraph on We are We will tag three Latinas to the announcement and share the announcement on their walls.


Latinas in business campaign

Ahora te toca a ti! campaign to promote Latinas in business and the workplace. Help others promote their businesses by tagging them on the page!

Once they have posted their own “stuff”, those selected Latinas will have the opportunity to pay it forward by inviting other three Latinas they know –friends, colleagues– or women they admire because of the work they do, and encourage them to do the same with the “¡Ahora te toca a tí!” paragraph.

Copy and paste the paragraph again and tag your selected Latinas, and share on their wall –to make sure they receive the invitation! Help them promote their businesses and/or achievements!

Just a few rules:

  1. They have to be Latinas –of Latino or Hispanic background.
  2. To get a free promotional feature on platform, you must invite three other Latinas to promote themselves (tagging, sharing, inviting to the page, etc.). Once they post their “stuff”, you get a FREE promotional feature on our platform

Again, they can be a Latina small business owner, Latina entrepreneur, Hispanic business woman, Hispanic professional or career woman, Latina blogger or social media guru in any industry, in corporate or non-profit industries, organizations, government or… you name it!

At, we believe that “la unión hace la fuerza” in every aspect of life: in business, the family, as a community or as a nation. Vamos, Latinas!