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Joanna Renteria profile pic

Joanna Renteria, Social Media Specialist, Brand Strategist and Influencer

Joanna Renteria is a first generation Mexican-American born and raised in California with a passion for journalism and the Latino community. Welcome to!

Elizabeth Santiago CeleBritAy CEO , skincare and health coach

Welcome to our new Health and Skincare coach Elizabeth “Liz” Santiago!

Elizabeth is a Holistic Health & Skin coach emphasizing on healthier digestive system. She has helped hundreds of people achieve healthier life styles and

Aquiles Larrea profile

Aquiles Larrea Jr. wealth management coach and contributor

We welcome our new contributor Aquiles Larrea Jr. AIF®, who operates as the personal CFO for successful Latino and Latina executives and entrepreneurs from his own independent firm

Aixa Lopez-Santiago

Welcome Aixa Lopez, our new contributor to LIBizus!

Aixa G. Lopez-Santiago is a dynamic professional woman who is trained in a non-traditional profession for Latinas, Engineering.

Daniel Ortiz, Latino Entrepreneurship Coach

Don Daniel Ortiz new LIBizus Latino Entrepreneurship Coach (video)

I am extremely pleased to introduce our new Latino Entrepreneurship Coach Daniel Ortiz, better known as “Don Daniel,”

Jennifer Castaneda, LIBizus Hypnocoach for Empowered Women

Jennifer Castaneda coaching LIBizus for romance in the workplace

Jennifer Castaneda, R.N., B.S.N., is our brand new relationship coach. She will be contributing to our Life and Work section,

Delfin Carbonell

Women in business better qualified than men?

Welcome to our new LIBizus contributor Delfin Carbonell Basset! By Delfin Carbonell Basset I find it hard to believe that during my lifetime the world population has more than doubled. Over seven billion human beings now populate the earth and are fast growing. Luckily there is plenty of room for more newcomers before we hit […]

Jesse Torres radio host KCAA: Money Talk with Jesse Torres

Do not procrastinate but activate for success in 2015 (video)

A new word is lingering in the business arena as the number one tip for success. Care to guess what is it? We all have delayed projects over thinking them, over doing research or just simply waiting for “a sign” to take it on. I am happy to announce that I uncovered number one success […]