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lift-to-the-top10 Steps to Happy Networking with Latino Bicultural Audiences

  • Are you one to start sweating when confronting a room full of people?
  • Do you stay on the sidelines because you don’t know what to say or how to introduce yourself?
  • Do you hate networking, especially in bicultural settings?
  • Finally, do you want to get MORE out of your networking efforts?

I have put together a series of steps that will make your networking experience a success! With practice, you will find that these steps –and other tricks you might come up with on your own- will come to you naturally!

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Four Latinas in Business Inc. community members were selected in 2016 as semifinalists for the national Home Shopping Network (HSN) competition in partnership with Project American Dreams ( We are so proud for all their accomplishments!

inner circle testimonials, newsletter, free e-booksFrances Prado (CA), founder and inventor of the bras organizer Hanging Secrets; Hipatia Lopez (NJ), creator of the Empanada Fork; Victoria Flores (NY), co-founder at LUX Beauty Club; and Francesca Kennedy, founder of Ix Style, a fashion brand based on Guatemalan designs were selected among hundreds of Latino small businesses to participate at the national competition that aims at discovering, mentoring and fast-tracking product innovations created by Latino entrepreneurs on the shopping network HSN.


Carmen Milagro – founder Borbon Skincare

inner circle testimonials“Having the opportunity to tell my story and be featured in Latinas in Business Inc.has been an incredible experience on so many levels. First, the simple fact that the story of the birth of Borbon Skincare is out there in print is phenomenal, but the article also allows readers to know me as a real person, not simply a faceless company.
Second, it has allowed me to “see” my story unfold through the eyes of reader and that is invaluable tool for me. I am constantly evaluating and learning the way in which I speak and how it comes across to others. This helps me in presentations, interviews etc. I am constantly learning about myself. I believe having our story told on this platform has helped a great deal in driving traffic to our official Borbón Facebook page. Is it a mere coincidence that this happened after they ran the feature? I don’t know, you tell me! But in any case, thank you for ALL your support!  I’m so very happy to report we’ve now got over 7000 likes on our
official Facebook page.”    
Carmen Milagro Founder – Borbon Skincare

Frances Prado – founder and CEO Hanging Secrets

inner circle testimonialsIn June of 2015. I reached out to Susana G. Baumann regarding the opportunity of being spotlighted in Latinas in Business Inc. Susana was very kind and generous about supporting my request. She immediately emailed me the forms and information. She also reassured me, not to worry about the content layout; she would handle the storytelling portion of it.
This made it very easy for me to provide the content about my life, and my inventor and entrepreneur journey. My article was published on July 2016. When I started to read the article, it made me cry. I had to stop and take a few breaths before I was able to continue to read it. I could not believe how Susana was able to convert my content into an amazing story that gushed empathy. When I shared the article to my peers and family they all had the same reaction. Susana has a true gift in storytelling.
Frances Prado Founder, Inventor – Hanging Secrets