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5 Awe-inspiring hotels and resorts in Latin America to visit on your next adventure! 

Summer is just around the corner, we’re dreaming of our next trip. From stunning adventure resorts to gorgeous relaxing hotels, Latin America is full of awe-inspiring destinations that will make the perfect backdrop to your family photos and memories. 

Today we’ve gathered a list of five hotels and resorts in Latin America you need to visit on your next adventure! With activities like zip lining, canoeing spa treatments, sunrise yoga, and more, there’s something for everyone! 

5 Must-visit hotels and resorts in Latin America 

The Vines Resort & Spa (Mendoza, Argentina)

This laid-back luxury resort is located at the base of the majestic Andes Mountains in Mendoza, Argentina. The resort blends rustic elegance with modern comfort with their spacious private Villas, luxurious Spa, world-class service, and breathtaking views of the Andes at every turn. For wine-lovers, their vineyards give you the opportunity to harvest grapes or make your own custom wine, working side-by-side with a world-renowned consultant winemaker. At The Vines Resort & Spa there is something for everyone—from countryside horseback rides, yoga classes, fly fishing excursions on the Rio Mendoza, stargazing from your private deck, winemaking, and more! 

For more information visit 

The Retreat Costa Rica (Alajuela Province, Costa Rica)

Founded by celebrity chef, best-selling author, and health and wellness life-coach, Diana Stobo,  with the goal to create a transformational wellness center, The Retreat Costa Rica has since become a distinctively Costa Rican experience of “Heaven on Earth” — a resort and spa where guests experience a harmony of nature, nutrition, and wellness nestled among the lush vegetation of the rainforest. Here you will experience the healing energies of this holistic healing oasis that will nourish and renew your mind, body, and soul. 

With activities such as spiritual retreats, Ayurveda yoga, and gastronomic innovations, The Retreat Costa Rica is mindfully designed to strengthen, nourish, and renew you — carrying you from wherever you are – to wherever you wish to be! 

Fore more information visit

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Sirenian Bay Resort & Villas (Palencia, Belize)

Sirenian Bay is an intimate, boutique, luxury resort nestled on the golden sands of the Placencia Peninsula in Belize. Featuring all-inclusive bungalows and family-style villas, you’ll find Caribbean hospitality and laid-back luxury as you embark on your excursions and adventures. From zip lining, river tubing, and beholding a beautiful Belizean waterfall to visiting El Castillo, one of the largest Maya temples in Belize, or simply relaxing by the resort pool and unwinding at The Siren’s Spa for body treatments and massages, Sirenian Bay Resort has it all. 

For more information visit

Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa (San Pedro de Atacama, Chile)


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Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa is the perfect escape, transporting you to a world of clear night skies, high altitude lagoons and moon-like valleys. High in the northern desert of Chile, the Tierra Atacama lodge encapsulates exquisite design, authentic experiences and an intimate, home-away-from-home atmosphere. 

The hotel was designed by some of Chile’s most renowned architects, with regional sensibilities, eco-friendly design and boutique comforts. At this destination, you will enjoy views of the Atacama desert & Licancabur Volcano, sand dunes, hot springs, canyons and geysers and more. Captivate your mind and indulge in adventure with activities such as yoga and meditation, horseback riding, volcano hiking, and stargazing in the Atacama Desert! 

For more information visit 

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Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel, Puerto Ayora, Ecuador 

This award-winning hotel located in Puerto Ayora, Ecuador is an enriching, relaxing, and rejuvenating land and sea experience. The beachfront base provides private yacht excursions allowing you to create your own adventures and discover the wildlife of the surrounding Galapagos Islands that inspired Charles Darwin. Embark on wildlife tours, snorkeling, kayaking, massages, open air dining, and more! For those interested in learning more about the archipelago, the scientific center is just 15 minutes away. Early risers can also enjoy wading into the beach’s calm waters and spot yellow warblers darting among the mangroves. This scenic destination is a must-visit for all wildlife and nature lovers for sure! 

For more information visit 

We hope some of these gorgeous hotels and resorts in Latin America caught your eye and will inspire your next big trip this summer! 

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Latina travel influencer

6 Must-follow Latina travel influencers to inspire your 2022 summer travels

Whether you are looking for your next adventure or simply wishing to live vicariously through some awesome photographs, these Latina travel influencers will be sure to captivate your imagination. With summer just around the corner, these travel bloggers are sure to spark some ideas and inspire your next big trip. 

From digital nomads and solo travelers to lifestyle bloggers and content creators, we’ve gathered a few Latinas who are sharing their travels via vibrant photos and storytelling. Follow them on a journey across the world one photograph at a time! 

6 Must-follow Latina travel influencers


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Follow Amanda | @ptpassages / @amanda.grace

Amanda Grace is a licensed physical therapist, a passionate traveler, and an adventurous foodie. Born in New York and raised in Georgia, she currently lives in Southern California.

She shares her adventures on her travel blog, PT Passages, and her Instagram of the same name. 

“For me, the word passage not only represents my blog posts but also my journey through my physical therapy profession, travels, and things that just made my life easier. My blog consists of a personal collection of travel, physical therapy, and other life experiences,” Amanda shares on her blog. 

Follow Ashley | @thevirtualpassport

Ashley is a Texas native, part-time world traveler based in NYC. Her passion for travel and photography stems from her sense of curiosity. She longs to discover the similarities that unite all the varying cultures around the world and discover the differences that make each unique. 

“I took my first solo trip at the age of 18 and have been hooked ever since! Since then I have traveled to over 70 countries, with close to half of these as a solo female traveler. My hope is to inspire other women of color to get out there and explore – whether that’s in their own city or around the world!” says Ashley. 

Follow Rosa and Samantha Rose | @rosaalexc 

Rosa and Samantha Rose are a mother-daughter duo embarking on the journey of life by visiting one city at a time. They share their travel tips and insights on their blog and Instagram page, where their 12k+ followers globetrot along with them one picture at a time. 

“For both of us, happiness consists of the simple things in life such as traveling. Whether it’s hopping on a plane to a far away destination or jumping in the car for a quick getaway; the journey is just as fun as the destination. Traveling allows us to escape from our everyday routine and let’s us create new memories along the way.” 

Check out an endless selection of audiobooks.

Perfect for long flights to your next destination!

Follow Cynthia | @cyncynti

Cynthia was born in Mexico and currently lives in Shanghai. She is a freelance graphic designer and photographer sharing her journey as she explores new places in Shanghai and around the world. 

“My travel addiction started when I was so young and I wanted to explore new places and meet people from foreign cultures. I was always dreaming about different landscapes and ways to see the world. My love for photography started a couple of years later when I joined an art collective. Since then my two passions merged and now I have the chance to share them with you,” she writes on her blog. 

Follow O Christine | @ochristine 

Olivia Christine, or “O”, is a writer, photographer, multimedia content creator, and the outdoor and wellness travel expert behind. Her blog,  O. Christine inspires people to prioritize travel and wellness, invest in experiences, and connect with the outdoors.

“As a Bronx-born Afro Latina with lupus and a former overworked career, I know what it feels like to burn out and wish for an escape,” she writes. “What it feels like to be unsure of how to start anew — especially as a Black woman. But I found joy and whole-body wellness in travel and am here to arm you with information and motivation to do the same.”

Her blog’s mission is to remind each person that you can create a life we love despite your circumstances and to inspire you to connect with the outdoors and explore, whether that be overseas or in your own backyard. 

Follow Flor | @flopereira 

Flor Pereira is a 28 year old Argentinian traveler, lifestyle blogger, and content creator sharing her tips and tricks, from fashion and beauty to travel and photography. She has traveled to destinations around the world including South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand and is currently based in NYC. 

Her blog, Penny Lane Blog, was originally created as a personal diary in 2010, where she wrote short texts and uploaded images that inspired me. Since then it has become one of the most visited Argentinian fashion and lifestyle blogs. 

Today Flor continues to share her adventures on Penny Lane Blog and her Instagram page to more than 115k followers! 

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We hope these Latina travel influencers will inspire your next big adventure or at least fuel those wanderlust dreams!

*This article contains affiliated links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. 

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These digital nomads now live “location independent” in diverse cities and you can too!

Professors Rachael A. Woldoff, West Virginia University and Robert Litchfield, Washington & Jefferson College share the stories of digital nomads who embarked on “location independent” lives and how remote workers can follow. 

If one thing is clear about remote work, it’s this: Many people prefer it and don’t want their bosses to take it away.

When the pandemic forced office employees into lockdown and cut them off from spending in-person time with their colleagues, they almost immediately realized that they favor remote work over their traditional office routines and norms.

As remote workers of all ages contemplate their futures – many Americans are asking hard questions about whether they wish to return to their old lives, and what they’re willing to sacrifice or endure in the years to come.

Even before the pandemic, there were people asking whether office life jibed with their aspirations.

We spent years studying “digital nomads” – workers who had left behind their homes, cities and most of their possessions to embark on what they call “location independent” lives. Our research taught us several important lessons about the conditions that push workers away from offices and major metropolitan areas, pulling them toward new lifestyles.

Legions of people now have the chance to reinvent their relationship to their work in much the same way.

travel, rio de janeiro,

Digital nomads flock to new more afforable cities in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and more. (Mirante Dona Marta, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by @davicostalf on Unsplash.)

Big-city bait and switch

Most digital nomads started out excited to work in career-track jobs for prestigious employers. Moving to cities like New York and London, they wanted to spend their free time meeting new people, going to museums and trying out new restaurants.

But then came the burnout.

Although these cities certainly host institutions that can inspire creativity and cultivate new relationships, digital nomads rarely had time to take advantage of them. Instead, high cost of living, time constraints and work demands contributed to an oppressive culture of materialism and workaholism.

Pauline, 28, who worked in advertising helping large corporate clients to develop brand identities through music, likened city life for professionals in her peer group to a “hamster wheel.” (The names used in this article are pseudonyms, as required by research protocol.)

“The thing about New York is it’s kind of like the battle of the busiest,” she said. “It’s like, ‘Oh, you’re so busy? No, I’m so busy.’”

digital nomad, travel,

New freedoms and new opportunities await for digital nomads. (Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash.)

Most of the digital nomads we studied had been lured into what urbanist Richard Florida termed “creative class” jobs – positions in design, tech, marketing and entertainment. They assumed this work would prove fulfilling enough to offset what they sacrificed in terms of time spent on social and creative pursuits.

Yet these digital nomads told us that their jobs were far less interesting and creative than they had been led to expect. Worse, their employers continued to demand that they be “all in” for work – and accept the controlling aspects of office life without providing the development, mentorship or meaningful work they felt they had been promised. As they looked to the future, they saw only more of the same.

Ellie, 33, a former business journalist who is now a freelance writer and entrepreneur, told us: “A lot of people don’t have positive role models at work, so then it’s sort of like ‘Why am I climbing the ladder to try and get this job? This doesn’t seem like a good way to spend the next twenty years.’”

By their late 20s to early 30s, digital nomads were actively researching ways to leave their career-track jobs in top-tier global cities.

Looking for a fresh start

Although they left some of the world’s most glamorous cities, the digital nomads we studied were not homesteaders working from the wilderness; they needed access to the conveniences of contemporary life in order to be productive. Looking abroad, they quickly learned that places like Bali in Indonesia, and Chiang Mai in Thailand had the necessary infrastructure to support them at a fraction of the cost of their former lives.

With more and more companies now offering employees the choice to work remotely, there’s no reason to think digital nomads have to travel to southeast Asia – or even leave the United States – to transform their work lives.

remote work, digital nomad

Many have already migrated away from the most expensive areas to smaller cities and towns. (Photo by Samer Daboul on Pexels.)

During the pandemic, some people have already migrated away from the nation’s most expensive real estate markets to smaller cities and towns to be closer to nature or family. Many of these places still possess vibrant local cultures. As commutes to work disappear from daily life, such moves could leave remote workers with more available income and more free time.

[You’re smart and curious about the world. So are The Conversation’s authors and editors. You can get our highlights each weekend.]

The digital nomads we studied often used savings in time and money to try new things, like exploring side hustles. One recent study even found, somewhat paradoxically, that the sense of empowerment that came from embarking on a side hustle actually improved performance in workers’ primary jobs.

The future of work, while not entirely remote, will undoubtedly offer more remote options to many more workers. Although some business leaders are still reluctant to accept their employees’ desire to leave the office behind, local governments are embracing the trend, with several U.S. cities and states – along with countries around the world – developing plans to attract remote workers.

This migration, whether domestic or international, has the potential to enrich communities and cultivate more satisfying work lives.The Conversation

Rachael A. Woldoff, Professor of Sociology, West Virginia University and Robert Litchfield, Associate Professor of Business, Washington & Jefferson College

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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7 Staycation ideas every busy entrepreneur and career woman needs to try 

Everyone needs a little pampering and relaxation every once in a while. When you’re busy building a business or climbing up the career ladder, it’s easy to get caught up in your work and forget to treat yourself. But a little rest and relaxation is needed and necessary to prevent the dreaded burn out and keep you balanced and thriving. 

If you’re craving a little mini vacation but aren’t able to actually go somewhere, then these staycation ideas might just be what you need to help fulfill your R&R needs. 

Top 7 best staycation ideas 

1. Treat yourself to a spa day

What better way to treat yourself and relax than booking a spa day? Release all the tension you’ve been storing in your body with a soothing massage and indulge in a day of relaxation. Many spas offer packages with various activities so you can make your visit a full day experience. A spa day is the perfect staycation idea for any busy entrepreneurs and career women looking to unwind and get their minds off work. 

2. Go on a food tour

For the foodie women out there, a food tour is a fun and tasty staycation idea that will allow you to explore local flavors and savor some tasty food while supporting local small businesses. One part of a vacation many people love is the food. When on vacation, people are more indulgent and willing to try new and unusual cuisine. You can embrace this energy with a food tour around your town and savor some new dishes while enjoying a day out with friends or family. 

3. Explore your town or city through a tourist’s eyes 

As a resident of your town, you may think it’s not a very exciting place. You might be bored or jaded with your surroundings and crave a change of scenery. However, to visitors, your town is just as exciting as any new place. Embrace the tourists’ vision and look at your town with new eyes. Check out local attractions and explore areas of your town you’ve overlooked before. You never know what hidden gems you may discover, and you might just find you have a newfound appreciation for your town. 

4. Go camping

If you really need that change of scenery but don’t have the time to plan a getaway, camping is another great option for a quick vacation. Look into local campgrounds and enjoy a weekend in the great outdoors. The fresh air and change of pace will do wonders in recharging your batteries and banishing the stress away. 

5. Stay at a hotel or AirBnB

If camping isn’t your style, you can change things up by staying at a local hotel or renting an AirBnB. You can pamper yourself with room service or enjoy a change of setting in a different area of town. Sometimes all you need to snap out of a funk is to change up the views. 

6. Visit a park and go on a picnic 

Whether it’s a National , State, or local park, a day out in nature is sure to boost your mood. Go for a hike or simply sit back on a blanket and admire your surroundings while you indulge on a picnic of delicious foods. That quiet, serene atmosphere is also the perfect place for reflection and meditation. 

7. Discover local attractions like museums, galleries, educational centers, or historical sites

While you’re being a tourist in your town, don’t forget to check out the local cultural attractions such as museums, art galleries and more. As a resident you may have overlooked these places before, or maybe you’ve been to them but not as often as you’d like with your busy schedule. Give yourself the time to really indulge and embrace these cultural centers. The arts and humanities are often inspiring for many and may even spark inspiration in you for your next project or venture! 

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Whichever of these staycation ideas you choose to try, just remember to relax and enjoy your time doing something you love. You’ve worked hard and deserve that #MeTime!

romantic getaway destinations in Latin America

7 Must-visit romantic getaway destinations in Latin America 

 Looking for a spontaneous Valentine’s Day trip? Thinking of romantic summer plans already? If you’re unsure of where to set your next getaway, we have a few suggestions for must-visit romantic getaway destinations in Latin America. 

The Sacred Valley, Peru

The Sacred Valley is a region in Peru’s Andean highlands. Along with the nearby town of Cusco and the ancient city of Machu Picchu, it formed the heart of the Inca Empire. Today, it’s a breathtaking destination for couples and families who love culture, history, and gorgeous views. 

From hiking tours, visiting ancient ruins and archaeological sites, water-rafting along the Urubamba River, llama treks, and more, this destination is perfect for the adventure-loving couple looking to immerse themselves in the culture of the area.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands are a must-visit romantic getaway destination for nature-loving couples. As most will know, the islands are where Charles Darwin did much of his research and observation while developing his theories on natural selection. The islands are famous for their unique indigenous wildlife and stunning views. 

Book a boat tour, snorkel and scuba dive with the island’s marine life, and enjoy the scenery and beaches. With more than 120 isolated islands, islets and rocks there is so much to explore! From the Galápagos’ famous dome-shaped tortoises to the Charles Darwin Research Station,  San Cristóbal Island’s sea lions, and hiking Isabela Island’s active and imposing Sierra Negra Volcano, nature-loving couples will surely fall in love with this destination.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


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Brazil’s most famous city is a must-visit for couples who love vibrant culture looking for a fun, bustling destination. Whether you’re looking to relax or go on an adventure, Rio De Janeiro has it all from beautiful beaches and legendary landmarks to art and culture and incredible cuisine. 

For a perfect day, start with a visit to the iconic Christ the Redeemer landmark—one of the Seven Wonders of the World—located in Tijuca National Park for stunning picture-perfect views. Then, take a stroll through the Jardim Botânico, a botanical paradise with more than 6,000 indigenous and exotic species of flora. Dating back to the 1800s, the garden hosts everything from orchids to jasmine-mango heliconias. Finally, end the night with an evening in the Lapa neighborhood, soaking up the vibrant nightlife, restaurants, and bars and dance the night away. 

Tulum, Mexico


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Another must-visit romantic getaway destination in Latin America is the quiet town of Tulum, Mexico. Tulum is a town on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. It’s known for its beaches and well-preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan port city that tower over the town. 

A historical site mixed with stunning beaches, this is the perfect spot for history-buffs to unwind and relax while learning and experiencing the local history and culture. Visit the Tulum Mayan Ruins, then take a dive in a cenote native to the area, and discover the local culture and food by exploring the town center, Tulum Pueblo.

The Lake District, Argentina


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Next on our list is Argentina’s Lake District. The area of San Carlos de Bariloche (commonly called Bariloche) is a town in Argentina’s Patagonia region known for its Swiss alpine-style architecture and its chocolate. It’s also a popular area for hiking and skiing the nearby mountains. 

Couples looking for a mix of cultures will be delighted by the infusion of European and South American traditions in this region. Surrounded by glacial lakes and lush forests, travelers can enjoy hikes, winter sports, serene lakeside views, and exquisite cuisine. 

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is a gorgeous port city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, perfect for your next romantic getaway. The city offers charming colonial architecture, exciting nightlife, cultural festivals, beaches and more.  

Walk the cobbled streets and explore the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, a castle dating back to the 17th century. Lovers of architecture will also enjoy many of the ancient churches throughout the city. The art-filled city also boasts vibrant local music, handcrafted artisan goods, and even a popular graffiti tour in the Getsemaní neighborhood. Music-and-film-loving couples will also be pleased to know the city also hosts international music and film festivals throughout the year, so don’t miss out!

Guanacaste, Costa Rica


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Guanacaste is a province in northwestern Costa Rica bordering the Pacific, is known for its beaches and biodiverse parkland. Popular beaches include Playa Blanca, known for its calm waters, and Playa Hermosa, a popular sport for diving and water sports. Additionally, Santa Rosa National Park is a must-see destination home to rare dry tropical forest, surfing sites and over 250 bird species. 

Beach-lovers will enjoy the area’s many sandy spots, with unique beaches such as Flamingo Beach where its shores are covered in gorgeous pinkish white sand. Another must-visit location is Rincon de la Vieja, a famous volcano and national park and UNESCO World Heritage site. Hike or ride horseback through the national park to experience breathtaking views.

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Wherever your next vacation takes you, these romantic getaway destinations in Latin America are sure to spark romance, relaxation, and adventure!

business travel

Is Omicron impacting business travel because of corporate and government restrictions?

Are you a business traveler? Omicron travel restrictions have put a damper on global business travel. New policies and ongoing developments are currently hindering a return to travel as we know it. 

However, the travel industry continues to reflect progress and optimism in its long-term outlook for 2022, according to the latest poll from the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the world’s largest business travel association and leader in education, research, networking, and advocacy.

“Here, at the start of a new year, the business travel industry and business travelers continue to face a dynamically changing landscape due to Omicron. One comment received from a poll respondent readily sums it up: ‘Uncertainty is a huge wet blanket on [business] travel,’” said Suzanne Neufang, CEO, GBTA. 

“Despite the wave of Omicron and the ripple of challenges it has created, there are positive signs, and industry professionals continue to be optimistic for the long–term outlook of global business travel.”  

This most recent poll is the 25th in GBTA’s COVID-19 Recovery series, tracking the pulse of the global business travel industry during the pandemic. Below are a few highlights from the January poll

Omicron business travel poll highlights:

Optimism for the long haul – Three in four travel managers expect business travel volume at their company will be much (17%) or somewhat (58%) higher in 2022 than in 2021. Another one in ten (12%) expect business travel to remain about the same as 2021, but few (5%) expect it to be lower.  

Company travel cancellation decreases – Poll results show a decline in the percentage of companies that continue to suspend or cancel business travel. Sixty-eight percent of GBTA member companies have not yet opened international travel, compared to 79% in the October 2021 GBTA poll, and 29% have not opened domestic business travel versus 38% in October. 

Current business impacts – Six in ten (60%) suppliers/TMCs report their bookings from corporate clients decreased from the month prior. One in five (21%) characterize their bookings from corporate customers as having increased.

Comparing variants – When asked to compare Omicron and Delta variant concerns, 43% report they are either less worried about Omicron compared to Delta, and 45% are equally concerned.

Most significant barriers – When asked to name the single greatest barrier to business travel, 43% of survey respondents cited government policies that restrict travel or make it difficult (such as entry restrictions or mandatory quarantines). Travel managers based in the UK (66%) and Europe (62%) were more likely than those in North America (33%) to cite government policies as being the single greatest barrier to business travel. Conversely, North American travel managers (27%) were more likely than those in Europe (15%) to say company policies restricting employees from traveling are the biggest barrier. 

Getting back out there – Despite Omicron, most travel managers feel employees are willing to travel. Two in three (64%) feel their employees are “willing” or “very willing” to travel for business in the current environment. However, this number was down from 78% in the October GBTA poll. A majority of seven in ten (72%) GBTA members and stakeholders report they would definitely or probably travel for business. However, respondents based in Europe (49%) are more likely than those based in North America (35%) to report that their company has canceled all or most business trips.   

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masks when shopping online

While we still have a long way to go before global business travel returns to its pre-COVID norms, this recent poll shows that many remain optimistic for the future of travel despite the challenges. 

omicron travel

What to expect from Omicron flight cancellations and new travel requirements

This holiday season, thousands of flight cancellations left travelers stranded in airports across the United States. While many cancellations were due to severe weather across various states, the spike in Omicron infections also played a part in disrupting holiday travel plans for thousands. 

Were you one of the many whose travel plans were impacted by omicron this holiday season?  

How the virus affected airline travel  

The Omicron variant began spreading rampantly over the Thanksgiving travel period and has since continued to spread rapidly. Omicron is reportedly more transmissible than other COVID-19 variants. 

In an article by Bloomberg, David Powell, physician and medical adviser to the International Air Transport Association, estimated that “aircraft passengers are two to three times more likely to catch the virus during a flight since the emergence of Omicron.”

The higher chance of infection and rapid spread has led to new travel guidelines and unexpected flight cancellations. 

Since December 24, more than 15,000 U.S. flights have been canceled, The Washington Post reported. Additionally, some airlines have already preemptively canceled flights for the month of January. Last week, JetBlue announced it would cancel 1,280 flights through January 13. 

The rising infection rate does not only affect travelers but also airline workers, including air traffic controllers. Derek Dombrowski, a JetBlue spokesman, said the airline has seen a surge in sick calls because of the omicron variant. 

Additionally, Henry Harteveldt, an aviation analyst with Atmosphere Research Group, said in the same article, if Omicron infections continue to rage on, airlines may announce further cancellations for the remainder of January and possibly into February. 

omicron travel

Travel cancellations may continue throughout January and into February. (Travel photo created by freepik) 

Current Omicron travel restrictions and guidelines 

While many airlines continue to cancel flights, travel is still possible. If you’re planning to travel, here are the newest guidelines to follow to reduce your risk of infection. 

According to the CDC’s newest requirements

  • If you plan to travel internationally, you will need to get a COVID-19 viral test (regardless of vaccination status or citizenship) no more than 1 day before you travel by air into the United States. You must show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight.
  • Unvaccinated Americans and legal permanent residents are allowed to enter the country with a test taken within one day of departing for the United States. 
  • If you recently recovered from COVID-19, you may instead travel with documentation of recovery from COVID-19

In addition to these requirements, foreign travelers arriving in the United States to be fully vaccinated. All children over the age of 2 flying into the United States must also show negative test results before traveling. 

Currently, there is no post-arrival testing or quarantine requirement. 

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Federal mask mandate is still in effect and has been extended through March 18. This mandate requires all travelers to wear masks in airports, on planes, and on other forms of public transportation including buses and trains. 

Travelers should continue to practice general COVID-19 safety guidelines, such as keeping adequate distance from others, avoiding tight crowds, keeping masks on indoors, and washing and sanitizing hands.

Unwind and relax in Morocco this summer with Renovad’s Experiential Retreat  

Renovad is an initiative of management consulting practice–interDUCTUS. Renovad hosts world-class renovation experiences around the globe in destinations that evoke relaxation, inspiration and adventure, providing women of consequence a unique opportunity to reinvigorate mind, body, and soul. 

After many months with limited travel due to the pandemic, we are all itching to take flight and experience new things. This upcoming summer, unwind and relax in the stunning Morocco! From May 27 – June 4, renew your mind, body, and soul with a variety of renewal and exploration activities. 

Inspired by founder Pilar Avila’s own travels and experiences, Renovad’s programs are designed for minds and souls. Influenced and guided by a variety of life experiences, originating from the seven continents, leading across industries, Renovad strives to lift humanity while defying borders and barriers. 

“As women focus on sustaining our families, advancing our businesses, and improving our communities, too often we place ourselves far down the priority list,” said Pilar. “Reality is that in the measure that we nourish ourselves, we are more effective in lifting others. This is the impetus for Renovad retreats.”

Renovad’s upcoming Morocco retreat will be the perfect gift to give yourself or other hard working women in your life! Reserve your spot now! 

For a chance to WIN a trip to Renovad’s Morocco trip OR Greece trip, place a bid at the Latinas Are Back in Business Silent Auction on December 8! 

Morocco Retreat Itinerary 

Core Retreat Program – Marrakech & Atlas Mountains – May 30 – June 4, 2022

5-night accommodations, including:

  • 3 nights at our Marrakech riad within the old city walls including Euro Moroccan breakfast, rooftop terrace and Wi-Fi
  • 2 nights at an award-winning Atlas Mountains kasbah including daily Moroccan breakfast, lunch and dinner feast, private hammam steam bath unattended sessions, all located at almost 6,000 feet with 360 mountain views
  • Daily yoga & meditation group practice
  • Marrakchia medina promenade and welcome dinner
  • Marrakech history and cultural experience with lunch
  • Shakira gratitude dinner
  • Visit Education for All, a full scholarship secondary boarding school for girls
  • Trek across Atlas Mountains
  • Airport and Marrakech/Atlas car transfers
  • Renovad organic cotton bag, yoga mat, handy dandy journal & eco pen
  • Personalized attention from hosts with maximum of 24 guests
  • Master Concierge to assist you in researching flights and any additional custom-made experiences
Morocco 2019

Morocco, 2019 Renovad Retreat

Early Add-On Option – Zagora Desert – May 27-30, 2022

3-night accommodations, including:

  • 2 nights at Zagora village kasbah
  • 1 night at Ouarzazate riad
  • All meals: 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners
  • 2 yoga & meditation group practices
  • Zagora desert experience with camel ride to and from nomad camp feast
  • Ait Ben Haddou UNESCO World Heritage Site tour
  • Inbound airport car transfer
  • Desert to Ait Ben Haddou to Marrakech van transfer

Extended Add-On Option – Live with the locals in Imlil Atlas family lodge – June 4-6, 2022

  • 2-night accommodations in an Imlil Atlas Mountains family lodge
  • 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners with your host family
  • Imlil community walking tour
  • Imlil/Marrakech car transfer

For pricing and additional information, visit

business travel

Is business travel as we know it dead? 

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted countless industries across the globe over the past year and a half. One industry that has faced tremendous change is the travel industry, which came to a screeching halt in 2020 as countries closed their borders to prevent the spread of the virus. Now, more than a year on, we are still seeing the pandemic’s effects on travel. While widespread vaccinations and the CDC’s updated guidelines regarding mask usage and travel for vaccinated individuals have encouraged some to take leisure trips this summer, the business travel industry is still a long way from recovery.  

Pre-pandemic, business travel accounted for $300 billion of the airline industry’s $800 billion revenues according to a Fortune article. At the start of 2021, the International Airline Transport Association (IATA) predicted that the industry would see positive recovery by the end of the year. Now, the IATA predicts business travel will not fully recover until 2024 to 2025

So what does this mean for the age of business travel? 

Has Zoom ended business travel as we know it? 

It’s no secret that companies are now far more hesitant to authorize business trips, considering the risks as infections continue to crop up and new variant strains spread globally. Over the past year, we all have had to adapt, including companies, who have adopted the use of video conferencing technology to facilitate communication between employees and hold meetings worldwide without the need to travel. In many ways, Zoom has transformed the way we do business. 

Photo by Surface on Unsplash

Business travel is also incredibly expensive. A Forbes article reported that one U.K. bank saved over $300 million in travel expenses over the past year. Many short trips, especially in Europe, between company offices, are now being replaced by train travel, while unnecessary trips are being replaced by virtual meetings. Until travel regulations fully lift and vaccination numbers rise, it does not make sense to take a trip halfway across the world for a company lunch or business meeting. 

You might be interested: What to know about the new COVID-19 Delta-variant infecting young and partially vaccinated people 

Resuming corporate travel protocols

Still, some road warriors express their dissatisfaction with Zoom meetings and long to resume standard business travel. 

In an article with NBC News, road warrior Stewart Mann said, “I went from flying probably 175 to 200 flights in a normal year to two flights last year after the pandemic hit. I’m a people person and I was depressed.”

For others, such as Fred Grubbe, president of the National Precast Concrete Association, Zoom just doesn’t cut it for his job. He said his workers prefer seeing the industrial mixers and heavy equipment they need to purchase in person. “With the restrictions of Zoom, you can’t see, touch or test the merchandise. This was huge,” he said to NBC News. “It’s very important because a lot of these relationships are personal. These are vendors our members have been working with for years,” he said.

Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash

Resuming business travel protocols post-Covid19 will be a long road and travel may look different moving forward. In the U.K., companies are looking to send employees on longer, less frequent trips. “Because of the restrictions, it makes more sense to group two trips into one and stay a bit longer and then hop between cities instead of several trips,” Avi Meir, CEO and co-founder of TravelPerk told Forbes

Other industry leaders report hearing talks of a new category of business travel emerging: ‘return to base’ meetings for digital nomads who have changed locations either temporarily or permanently during the pandemic, working remotely far from the company’s home office. These meetings would require digital nomads to travel back to the company’s home base for routine face-to-face meetings. This new category of business travel may help to revitalize the airline and travel industry as business travel slowly begins to resume post-pandemic.