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pandemic consequences

Pandemia del COVID-19: ¿Hay un lado positivo en "la tormenta perfecta"?

A medida que todos estamos cada vez más preocupados por las consecuencias de la pandemia de COVID-19, cuándo y cómo terminará esta historia, un buen lugar para comenzar es tratar de apaciguar nuestras mentes,
unemployed workers

New Jersey is stepping up efforts for unemployed workers and freelancers

To better serve the unemployed workers hit by COVID-19 pandemic, New Jersey is stepping up its efforts by temporarily suspending the “work search requirement” for laid off workers and creating a jobs portal...
pandemic consequences

C0VID-19 pandemic: A silver lining in the perfect storm?

As we all get increasingly concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic consequences, when and how this story in going to end, appeasing our minds is a good place to start.

How to improve brand perception

Did you ever wonder why a brand like Apple or Nike is so massive and easily recognized in different corners of the world? The real reason is...

NJEDA announces new support to businesses impacted by COVID-19  

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) Board today approved a suite of new programs designed to support businesses and workers facing economic hardship
financial assistance, Women's March on Washington

State by state financial assistance in response to harsh requirements for SBA loans

State by state financial assistance seems to be the only hope in this moment of need. The SBA loans harsh requirements are selective of which businesses are going to survive and which are going to close their doors forever.
wellness, freelance, business cash flow

Beyond COVID-19: Be proactive about your business cash flow

Being proactive with your business cash flow is essential as we are waiting to see what the developments of this chaotic situation are going to be.
entrepreneur skills

Beyond COVID-19: Prepare your entrepreneur skills for the survival of the fittest

Understanding how your entrepreneur skills need to change in a dynamic global world cannot be more essential than at this time of COVID-19. Even if you have a job, you should consider these changes in your professional skills for a changing world.
business loan

SBA provides Disaster Assistance Loans for Coronavirus impacted small businesses by states

Disaster Assistance Loans will be offered to small businesses in designated areas or regions to mitigate the effect of the pandemic caused by Coronavirus.