Rosario B. Casas shares how the pandemic has accelerated technology and tech trends to keep an eye on

Since the pandemic, businesses have been forced to adapt to the “new normal,” causing a huge rise in tech advancement, tech trends, and reliance on digital tools to thrive. 

Women-in-tech leader Rosario B. Casas is building a community for the digital transformation and business growth of Hispanic entrepreneurs. (Photo courtesy Rosario B. Casas)

During Latina in Business’ March virtual panel, “Latina Small Business Post-Covid: Recovery Resources and Trends,” panelists discussed how the pandemic has shifted our relationship with technology. Now more than ever, businesses are relying on digital tools to connect with customers, grow, and thrive. 

Rosario B. Casas, award-winning women-in-tech advocate and co-founder of Business Creative Partners, BCPartnersTech, shared some insights on recent tech trends that have emerged since the pandemic. 

The pandemic fueled huge leaps in tech advancement

Speaking with panel moderator, Pilar Avila, Latinas in Business executive board member and founder of Renovad Experiential Retreats, Rosario shared some insights into the world of tech. In our increasingly fast paced world, tech is always changing and growing. However the pandemic caused an even greater push to the pace of change. 

Rosario B Casas, Colombian born serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Business Creative Partners (BCPartnersTech), and award-winning women-in-tech advocate.

Rosario B. Casas 12:30 

Since the pandemic has started, we finally realized that the world is not going back to where we were before. It means that the pace of change will be increasing, like double every year. I mean, many technologies, and in the use of technology, the world advanced like 10 years, during the pandemic. It means companies finally understood that they can’t fuel their companies or can’t plan their companies without the use of technology to be more efficient. But with all this, and in every industry, if you see, we realize that sustainable energy is important. Finally, we get that point. And of course, many industries will need to update their sensors, their installations, everything. And with that, what comes is basically that training and education and learning is not anymore, an alternative, it’s a must. It is not possible to think that I will keep being myself with what I know today for the next years to come. 

Rosario emphasizes that going forward, as tech advancement continues, adaptation and lifelong learning will be a must, not just for individuals, but companies and organizations as well. For businesses to thrive, post-pandemic, and keep up with evolving tech trends they will need to start adapting and learning side-by-side with the changing technologies. 

Rosario B. Casas 14:30

It means acquiring new skills every day to be updated….And also upscaling, it means if I already know how to do this, how I’m jumping into the next level of training. And with that, I am sure that events like this are not only becoming part of that lifelong learning educational system in formal educational system, but of course, that people with kids and people with adults at their homes will fill that gap that they need to bridge with training and education in new ways that we were not imagining before.

Pilar Avila  15:19  

Amazing. So the growth trend, and the possibilities that technology and digital applications bring is not only about one sector of the economy or one function, it really goes across every function of business. But this topic of training and lifelong learning, has been absolutely transformed during the pandemic, thanks to the accessibility of technology. 

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Three key tech trends business owners and entrepreneurs should tap into

Pilar Avila 24:20

I want to hear a little bit more about how you know on the ground, you’re helping companies really coming to the digital age, and what are the trends, maybe certain applications beyond the workforce engagement that you might be observing that we need to be aware of and tapping? 

Rosario B. Casas  24:40  

Well, yes, sure. Thank you. When the pandemic started, and we started with my husband, seeing small businesses closing, we decided to create a program, a 10 weeks program for small business owners in order to help them acquire not only digital skills but also a digital mindset. And well Susana [Baumann] is one of our coaches, and we have 65 phenomenal mentors. But the idea is to create a community of Hispanic business owners both in the US and Latin America because also if small businesses are closing any of both geographies we are having huge issues….We need these businesses to keep thriving, growing. And of course, their leadership is growing in the new digital era. 

Where I see the three key [tech] trends: Ecommerce, for sure and E-services is a must. The second is, all the touchless economy, how we can grow the services and the systems without or avoiding the risk of touching and cleaning and acquiring or assuming all that cost that it implies. And Google has amazing tools for where technology companies can build things there. And the last thing that I think is Productivity and Personal Life, for sure, is a trend. We need business owners to learn how to be productive, how to use technology to make their life easier, how to automate processes, right. And basically, these three trends are where we are trying and helping business owners to acquire skills.

Through the 10-week incubator program, Brookly2Bogota, which is currently running in both New York and Colombia, business owners and entrepreneurs gain access to tools, mentors, networking, and training to accelerate the growth of their company in the new digital world post-COVID and carry out the digital transformation they require while acquiring knowledge and skills related to design thinking and agile methodologies.

The program is currently on its second cohort. For more information visit: 


Parallel18 seeking startups for acceleration program: Apply now!

Parallel18 is a top-level, performance-driven international startup program with a social mission: offering entrepreneurs from all over the world access to high-quality business training, funding, and networks to help them scale globally while working to position Puerto Rico as a unique hub for innovative businesses and technology. 


Parallel18 (Image via P18 Impact Report)

Interested in taking your startup to the next level?

Parallel18 is calling for startups to join Gen.9 of their international acceleration program. Applications for the next cohort are open now through May 10th. Interested startups can access the application here. Gen.9 cohort will start in August 2021 and will end in December 2021. 

parallel18, startups

Parallel18 is calling for startups!

Parallel18 is committed to making Gen.9 their most diverse generation yet and they are especially interested in supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs around the globe. Since Gen.5, female founders in P18 amount to no less than 42% of each cohort. Additionally, 61% of P18’s graduates are Latinos and 33% of their Matching Fund investments have been in female-led companies.

Chosen companies accepted into the cohort will have the opportunity to access a network of investors, business partners and contacts who work closely with entrepreneurs to tackle every key aspect of the company’s needs. In addition, they will receive a grant of US $40,000 – equity free – consulting and support during the 20-week program. Participating companies will also have access to the entire parallel18 community composed of the program alumni, a broad network of mentors, corporate clients and investors.

What parallel18 will provide for #P18Startups

parallel18, startups

What parallel18 can offer you. (Image via P18 Impact Report)

  • Funding: US $40K grant (NO EQUITY)
  • Curated network of active investors
  • Connections to multinationals, so they can generate business relationships that can help you scale.
  • Acceleration like no other: parallel18’s program offers amazing mentorship, and the team is always hands-on, helping startups boost their growth. 
  • Because P18 believes in them: they created a follow-on matching fund to invest in their startups. P18Ventures offers the opportunity to apply for US $75K as an investment in your company. P18 has already invested in 24 of their alumni. 
  • Perks for all: P18 works hard to have access to discounts on the services you need to get things going.

What parallel18 is looking for from startups


Parallel18 cohort members.(Image via P18 Impact Report)

  • Traction: startups that already have sales or users that are willing to pay for their product are better served by P18’s program
  • Scalability: companies that have a product that can easily adapt to other markets
  • Early-stage startups: startups that have been operating for 3 years or less
  • Be able to participate in P18’s blended format: selected startups will have to come to Puerto Rico to open their commercial bank accounts. They can also be asked to come to the Island for specific opportunities. All of this can be subject to change depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic keeps developing. 
  • Have a plan for your performance in Puerto Rico: this includes hiring, acquiring customers, among others

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View this post on Instagram


A post shared by parallel18 (@p18startups)

Still need more convincing? Parallel18 has worked with more than 200 companies from more than 10 diverse countries. So far, their alumni have raised US $126M in investment after finishing their program and P18’s team is focused on providing the best opportunities to ALL founders. 

If you think your startup would be the right first for parallel18’s program, then Apply Now! Deadline: May 10th, 2021.

First Lady of New Jersey

First Lady of New Jersey emphasizes women entrepreneur leadership at Latina conference

First Lady of New Jersey Tammy S. Murphy addressed women’s leadership at 2019 Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch organized by Latinas in Business Inc.

entrepreneur empoerment

2019 Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch announces keynote and celebrity speakers   

The 2019 Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch will present Founder and Designer of Cenia New York as Celebrity Speaker. Cenia will do a dress giveaway for one lucky attendee. The winner will be announced at the event and will schedule a date to visit the Cenia New York showroom in New York City. 

entrepreneur empowerment lunch

Cenia Paredes, celebrity designer and founder, Cenia New York will be Celebrity Speaker at the 2019 Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch (Photo courtesy Cenia New York)

The Latinas in Business 2019 Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch (EEL) is shaping up to be the event of the year for small business owners. The “Beauty, Health, and Wealth: Taking Charge of Our Lives” event, co-hosted by Hudson County Community College (HCCC) and produced by 3L Communiqué, will welcome dynamic speakers and honorees for an opportunity to learn, connect and succeed! The 2019 EEL takes place Thursday, June 13 from 9 am to 2 pm at the college’s Culinary Conference Center, 161 Newkirk St, Jersey City, NJ 08736.

entrepreneur empowerment lunch

First Lady of New Jersey Tammy S. Murphy invited as Keynote Speaker (TBC) for her involvemment in women and children’s health initiatives. (Photo credit:

First Lady of New Jersey Tammy S. Murphy has been invited as Keynote Speaker (TBC) for her involvement in women and infant’s health initiatives. Speakers also include Celebrity Speaker designer and founder of Cenia New York, Cenia Paredes, as well as a Fireside Chat with actress, TV writer and producer, women’s advocate and creator of StorySharing, Ivana De Maria.

Mayor Wilda Diaz of the City of Perth Amboy will receive a special recognition as a “Small Business Champion” for her distinguished work in building the city’s Business District.

In addition, 16 Latinas will be awarded for exceling at growing their businesses and building community around them.

For additional information and registration: Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch


Raising the bar for women entrepreneurs

“Latinas in Business Inc. is once again raising the bar to discuss the topics that provide entrepreneurs with key tools needed for small business success,” said Susana G Baumann, President and CEO of Latinas in Business Inc.. “This year’s theme is reflective of one of the fastest growing industries in the United States – Wellness- a trillion-dollar market broadly dominated by women entrepreneurs,” she said.

However, not all these businesses provide the financial wellbeing that entrepreneurs deserve for their efforts. Many struggle to get ahead in these highly competitive industries or markets. Some have accomplished certain degree of success but have reached a plateau and need to shake things up to get to the next level.

Most of them want to better their physical, mental or financial well-being and reclaim their natural beauty and vitality, re-establish balance and fulfillment. They want to take charge of their lives and businesses to achieve financial freedom while breaking away from negative stereotypes.

“Once again, the 2019 EEL is an educational and promotional event that continues to attract successful Latinas and other minority women entrepreneurs from different industries. They are invited to speak about their journeys, the obstacles and barriers they overcame, and how they have achieved success. Women in general -and Latinas in particular-need to see and hear from those peers, and believe that they can also succeed,” Baumann said.

For information and registration, click on the image.

Bilingual workshops at the Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch

Workshops at the 2019 EEL are based on “peer-to-peer” knowledge sharing. Experts in each field are also invited to provide additional information to help build a solid foundation for attendees’ small businesses. This year, in addition to 6 workshops in English, 2 workshops in Spanish have been added.

“We have selected topics like branding, funding, and business strategies that were very popular last year at the Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch. Other topics include marketing products to major buyers, healthy consumer trends and how technology is disrupting the wellness industry,” Baumann explained.

For additional information and registration: Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch

Cenia Paredes, Celebrity Speaker at the Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch announces giveaway
entrepreneur empowerment lunch

One lucky winner will visit the Cenia New York exhibit room to pick up her prize (Photo courtesy Cenia New York)

“We are honored and grateful to have the presence of Cenia Paredes as Celebrity Speaker in this year’s Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch,” Baumann said. “She caters to the woman who embraces her curves, is sassy, self-secure and wants to look tastefully sexy and radiant no matter what size or body shape. At Latinas in Business, we support women’s self-acceptance and encourage them to stay away from negative stereotypes.”

In 2011, Cenia was chosen among 900 companies as one of the 22 participants of The Workshop At Macy’s, and she was one of 4 vendors chosen to launch her product in selected stores in the June’12. Since then, Cenia has expanded her distribution to specialty stores globally and has expanded her line to include a highly successful denim line with her patent pending Cenia Convi Jean. In the Spring of 2016, Cenia’s debuted on Shopping Life 24 in Russia and HSN in the USA.

In addition to inspiring entrepreneurs and providing advice on getting brands noticed by corporate entities, Paredes will do a dress giveaway for one lucky EEL attendee. The winner will be announced at the event and will schedule a date to visit the Cenia New York showroom in New York City to pick up their prize.

“I’m an entrepreneur who knows all too well what it takes to obtain success as a small business owner,” said Paredes. “I’m honored to be this year’s Celebrity Speaker at the Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch. After dedicating years to building my brand and expanding my designs, it gives me great pleasure to pass on some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.”

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Join us for an open discussions, interactive panels and peer-to-peer sharing with successful Latinas and other women entrepreneurs who took charge of their lives and their businesses in these very competitive industries, and the companies and organizations that are disrupting the wellness industry with products, services and technology.

Ignite your passion to achieve your ideal beauty, health, and finances. You will gain a clear and deep understanding of what truly motivates you and work toward your own personal and entrepreneurial breakthrough.

For additional information and registration: Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch

strategic alliances

The Power of WE NYC and four Latina entrepreneurs building strategic alliances to succeed

The Power of WE NYC presented a panel “en español” leading to discuss the topic of “Building Strategic Alliances”(Construyendo Alianzas Estratégicas). WE NYC (Women Entrepreneurs NYC) is an initiative based out of the New York City Department of Small Business Servicesdedicated to helping women start and grow their businesses.

The Power of WE NYC Spanish Panel (L to R) Diana Franco, WE NYC; Susana G Baumann, Latinas in Business Inc.; Juanita Galvis, The Assemblage; Bisila Bokoko, BBES International; Sarah Valdovinos, Walden Green Energy; and Rosario B. Casas, VR Americas.  (Photo Credit:

“While there are almost 359,000 women entrepreneurs in NYC and women contribute approximately $50 Billion annually in revenue,” says WE NYC,  “according to our research, men own 1.5 times the number of businesses, have 3.5 times the number of employees, and generate 4.5 times the amount of revenue.”

strategic alliances

Diana Franco, Director, WE NYC (Photo Credit:

I was grateful for the opportunity to be invited as a panel moderator for this event, and to be able to meet with the WE NYC team led by Diana Franco, Director, Women Entrepreneurs NYC. In her remarks, Diana prompted the audience -mostly Spanish speaking entrepreneurs or to-be entrepreneurs- to think of strategic alliances and partnerships as ways of building and expanding their businesses rapidly and more effectively.

strategic alliances

Susana G Baumann, Founder, President and CEO, Latinas in Business Inc.

As explained on their event’s brief, “The WE NYC research conducted in 2015, found that 75% of the WE cited the lack of business networks as a challenge. Creating these networks will be especially helpful to obtain clients and build partnerships. There is no better approach to solving challenges than the famous saying ‘two heads are better than one,’ harnessing the strengths and abilities of others from different corners of the ecosystem is one of the most strategic ways for businesses to scale.”

How hard is it to be a Latina entrepreneur?

We know how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur … Moreover, when you carry what I call “the triple qualifier”: being a woman, an immigrant –or a descendant of immigrant parents or grandparents– and a Latina … working and struggling to sustain and grow your business.

We had the opportunity to listen and interact with a panel of women entrepreneurs who benefited from different types of strategic alliances and collaborations and with them facilitated the success of their respective companies.

Juanita Galvis: An enterprise based on collaborations
strategic alliances

Juanita Galvis, co-founder and Chief of Social Impact, The Assemblage. (Photo Credit:

Juanita Galvis is Co-Founder and Head of Social Impact of The Assemblage, spaces of co-participation designed specially to promote growth, creativity, and personal and business well-being. These spaces can be used for work, community building and even flexible stays and event production and promotion.

The vision of Juanita’s company describes the values ​​that sustain their model as: collaboration, innovation, relaxation, growth, balance and impact. In the topic of collaboration, for example, they mention the assembly or connection with other creatives, leaders and entrepreneurs to develop projects that inspire social change and disrupt the established order.

Juanita spoke about her biggest challenge, which is a to be part of a family business with her ex-husband. “We have created a different type of relationship between us,” she said, “personal and professional. We established certain rules and we defined our areas of expertise so decisions are made that way. It is not impossible,” she explained.

Rosario B. Casas: Technology and strategic alliances
strategic alliances

Rosario B. Casas, Co-founder, VR Americas.  (Photo Credit:

Rosario B. Casas is Co-Founder and CEO of  VR Americas, a company dedicated to expanding the borders of immersive technologies –Virtual Reality, Augmented, Mixed– in industrial applications. Rosario is a Colombian entrepreneur based now in New York with more than 7 years of practical experience in data and technology platforms and management roles.

She is also an enthusiastic advocate for growth of Women in Technology (STEM), co-founder of several strategic partnership models, member of the Big Data Advisory Board at Rutgers University, and has been a lecturer at TEDx, The World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship , and The World Innovation Network TWIN Global, among others.

In addition to its virtual reality products, perhaps the most well-known project of VR Americas was the Telemundo AR campaign for the 2018 World Cup. Through an application, fans of the world could follow and support their favorite teams and players, witness crucial moments of the championship, share it in networks and even play with their favorite effects.

Rosario explained how she started her virtual reality company with two partners that understood their roles. “One is a nerd like me,” she said,” the other one is our out-and-about person, who finds clients partners.”

As a company that needs to develop a portfolio of present customers and at the same time increase the capacity of their company with a vision to the future, they are constantly looking at who their potential clients are and who can benefit from the technology they offer. “Remember that you need to solve a problem, a ‘pain’ that your customers cannot resolve by themselves,” Rosario said.

strategic alliances

Sarah Valdovinos, Co-Founder, Walden Green Energy.  (Photo Credit:

Sarah Valdovinos: Access to strategic capital

Sarah Valdovinos is Co-Founder of Walden Green Energy, a company focused on renewable energy projects. In addition to her work at Walden, Sarah makes investments in companies that fight climate change, including solar energy distribution companies in Latin America, charging station networks for electric vehicles, and other sustainable technology companies.

Previously, Sarah worked 10 years in investment banking. She entered the field of energy over twenty years ago at Southern California Edison. Sarah is first generation of a Mexican family, and she has also been the first of her family to graduate from college.

Getting capital from investors is one of the most important obstacles for all small businesses, especially for minority-owned companies. Many do not have the family network and social relationships that can become initial or angel investors.

Sarah defined early on that she was interested in sustainable energy but saw that money was an issue to achieve her goals. “I decided to pursue an MBA and work for a few years in the financial industry, where I not only acquired the knowledge to build my own business with two partners, but also the contacts and relationships I needed to fund my projects,” she explained.

Most impressive is Walden Green Energy’s rapid growth. In just 7 years, they started the construction of two projects that produce 150 MW of solar energy. “To give you an idea, it powers about 50,000 to 60,000 families,” Sarah explained.

Bisila Bokoko: Alliances for international expansion
strategic alliances

Bisila Bokoko, Founder, BBES International. (Photo Credit:

Bisila Bokoko is an award-winning bilingual speaker, television personality and advisor to world leaders. Bisila is the founder of BBES International,a business development agency based in New York that represents, promotes and markets brands to reach the global market. She also serves as an advisor to emerging leaders, providing guidance on personal branding and leadership that prepares them to move to the world stage and share their experience at a global market.

Bisila has shared her professional experience and her inspiring journey with audiences around the world during her 18-year career, and has been a presenter in diverse places such as the United Nations Organization in Switzerland, a keynote speaker in the Dominican Republic and in South Africa.

Bisila presents her company as a passport to other markets and she introduces herself as the “ambassador” of the brands she represents. “An Ambassador, like in real life, is someone who represents your brand with total knowledge and expertise about your company and is completely embedded in your company’s vision and goals. It is someone who can speak intelligently and convincingly to global strategic partners and get them interested in your product,” she explained.

BBES International mostly represent Spanish brands that have entered international markets such as Europe, South Africa, Latin America and the United States. “Before I take a new client and develop an international marketing strategy, we evaluate the company to see if they are ready for the jump, and the markets that best fit their needs,” she shared.

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The audience then got to make questions to these fantastic Latina entrepreneurs who are rapidly growing their businesses and sharing their experiences. We thanked them for their time,  it was truly an extraordinary panel about strategic alliances, and we learned from their successes!

strategic alliances

Q&A Session after the Building Strategic Alliances panel – Dr Ginny A. Baro. (Photo Credit:


Latina SmallBiz Expo Pitch Competition winner

Gain the ABC of business at the 2018 Latina SmallBiz Expo & Pitch Competition

The 2018 Latina SmallBiz Expo & Pitch your Business to the Media Competition pre-registration is now open!

Have you heard of the ABC of business? Do you want to gain..

  • ACCESS to new customers and contracts,
  • BRAND and promote your business, and
  • CONNECT with influencers and decision-makers?

Then get ready for a great treat this year! We have been working on it for the last two months and we are ready to launch a fantastic series of events to promote the 4th annual 2018 Latina SmallBiz and Pitch your Business Competition throughout the Tri-State area!



2018, a year of growth for Latinas in Business Inc.

This year, LatinasinBusiness. us has become Latinas in Business Inc. and we are working at obtaining its non-profit status. We are more committed than ever to our mission and we are launching the 2018 Latina SmallBiz Expo Pre-event Marketing Campaign that will help promote the event in different cities and counties around the reach area.

2018 Latina SmallBiz Expo

Rafael Mata, Director, Hudson County Office of Business Opportunity

The excitement doesn’t stop there! We have received the support of the Hudson County Office of Business Opportunity, which will be co-hosting our Latina SmallBiz Expo and Pitch Competition on November 8.

“Hudson County Office of Business Opportunity is proud to partner with Latinas in Business Inc. to help fulfill our mission of empowering women and minority-owned businesses,” said Rafael Mata, Director of the HCOBO.

Kudos to Rafael for taking such a big step in the right direction, offering us guidance, advice and a home for our event this year!

We also count with the usual partnership of our Media Sponsor Univision 41. Gracias mi angel, Angel Vazquez Rivera, Director of Outreach and Community Development at Univision 41, who is always ready to extend a hand when needed. They will be providing promotion and presence at the event.

What’s new at the 2018 Latina SmallBiz Expo?

  1. The Pitch your Business to the Media Competition has officially opened on July 1st and it will open nationally! So get ready to  compete with all sorts of Latina entrepreneurs and also from all industries and states!
  2. Our Promotional Pre-event Campaign will include a series of planned networking events and also workshops for entrepreneurs. Latinas and any other small business owners can attend and learn, network and find information for a successful participation at the November 8 event. If you have an idea for an event in your city or town, please lets us know at
  3. To reward all participants of the Pitch your Business to the Media Competition, we will host a Make-Over Day, a fantastic mini-event to take place on October 30! A day of pampering for all participants and selection of the 10 finalists! Participants will get a hair and make-up transformation, and also receive gifts and prizes galore! Vendors and sponsors are welcomed for an opportunity to see these Latina entrepreneurs blossom!
  4. We have added an Entrepreneur Empowerment Lunch with workshops in breakout rooms during the 2018 Latina SmallBiz Expo. Renown experts in entrepreneurial topics will be conducting workshops for you to learn and succeed as a small business owner. Everybody is invited to participate in these workshops!

So are you getting excited already?

Angel Vazquez, Univision 41 Media Jurors

Angel Vazquez Rivera, Director of Outreach and Community Engagement, Univision 41

This year, we are ahead of the game and we want to get out there and let the world now that Latinas are here to stay, to expand and to succeed! Get ready to receive plenty information about everything that is happening and how to register for the Pitch Competition. This will be our best year ever for the Latina SmallBiz Expo and Pitch your Business to the Media Competition

To participate or inquiry for sponsor or vendor opportunities, please contact or 848 238 6090.

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Co-hosted by Hudson County Office of Business Opportunity and Media Sponsor Univision 41

Participants at 2016 Internet Marketing Week SBDCNJ - Rutgerts School o

Internet Marketing Week is back at Newark Rutgers School of Business

This year, New Jersey’s Internet Marketing Week #IMW2017 will be on Monday, October 9th –Thursday, October 12th from 5-9 p.m. at Rutgers Business School- 1 Washington Street, Newark, NJ.

Please have your businesses register as soon as possible by filling out the application form on the “Participant Applications” ticket type:

Participants at 2016 Internet Marketing Week SBDCNJ - Rutgerts School of Business NJ

Participants at 2016 Internet Marketing Week NJSBDC E-Business Division – Rutgers University School of Business NJ

Business Learning Tree (BLT) is working along with the NJSBDC E-Business Division to provide superior quality programming to guide established small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Our purpose is to lead the way for future community and economic development which will result in sustainable growth, job creation and prosperity.

Participants at 2016 Internet Marketing Week SBDCNJ - Rutgerts School of Business NJ

Sunny Kancherla, Director, NJSBDC E-Business Division with Participants at 2016 Internet Marketing Week SBDCNJ – Rutgers University School of Business NJ

For the past 4 years, our biggest event “Internet Marketing Week” provides Small Business Owners with the opportunity to recognize and harness the return of creating an intelligent digital strategy and leverage the power of investing in their online presence.  Winners from previous years include Scarlett Rocourt of “Wonder Curl”, Earlene Cruz of “Kitchen”, and Pamela Roundtree of “New Body New Mind New Living”.

Since 2008, the NJSBDC’s popular E-Business Division, directed by BLT’s own, Sunny Kancherla, has championed and educated on the subject of Internet Marketing for nearly a decade helping entrepreneurs at all levels transform their small business challenges into opportunities.

Please have your businesses register as soon as possible by filling out the application form on the “Participant Applications” ticket type:

Participants at 2016 Internet Marketing Week SBDCNJ - Rutgers School of Business NJ



2017 Latina SmallBiz Expo & Pitch Competition hosted at NJIT announces the 2017 Latina SmallBiz Expo and Pitch Competition hosted by New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in Newark NJ and Media Partner Univision 41

logo latina expo pitch competition

pitch competition


, the national digital platform that advocates for the economic empowerment of the Latina working woman, has announced their 2017 Latina SmallBiz Expo and Pitch your Business to the Media Competition, an annual event that showcases the power and driving market force of Latina-owned small businesses in the Northeast. 

NJIT Campus Center Atrium Exterior (Courtesy of NJIT) pitch competition

NJIT Campus Center Atrium Exterior (Courtesy of NJIT), the national digital platform that advocates for the economic empowerment of the Latina working woman, announced their 2017 Latina Small Biz Expo and Pitch your Business to the Media Competition. The event will take place at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Campus Center Atrium in Newark, NJ on November 9, 2017. Main Media Partner for this event is Univision 41.

Susana pitch competition

Susana G Baumann, Editor in Chief,

“After two successful years of conducting our Pitch your Business to the Media Competition, we have added the Latina SmallBiz Expo to this annual event. We want to celebrate and showcase the power of Latina small businesses in the region, the driving force of many markets such as beauty, retail, clothing, telephone services, food and beverage, financial services and many more,” said Susana G Baumann, Editor-in-Chief,

Hosting this event will be the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Enterprise Development Center (EDC), a high-tech and life science business development center on the campus of New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). As an “innovation cluster” and focal point of global cooperation, the EDC boasts an ecosystem of ninety (90) seed, start-up, and expansion companies developing next-generation technologies and products across multiple industry verticals. 

The EDC ecosystem mirrors the diverse student and faculty body of NJIT with more than 2 out of 5 company CEOs being of color and nearly a quarter being women-owned. These companies have generated annual revenues of $110M, created over 800 jobs, and stimulated deal flow into the investor funding community via the NJIT Highlanders Angel Network (NJITHAN).

Jerry Creighton Sr., executive director of the NJIT/NJII pitch competition

Jerry Creighton Sr., executive director of the NJIT/NJII (Courtesy NJIT)

“We are excited to partner with in support of the Latina SmallBiz Expo & Pitch your Business Competition. We share a common mission of empowering entrepreneurs and promoting opportunity, job creation, and economic growth in our communities,” said Jerry Creighton, Sr., executive director of the EDC. “The Expo and Pitch Competition, coupled with our contributing breakout sessions, will be an impactful learning opportunity for all attendees. We are very pleased to participate and welcome Latinas, the fastest growing business community in the nation, to our campus.”

Latinos represent 19 percent of the population in New Jersey and New York states. “In New Jersey alone, Latinos as a group make up the fastest-growing segment of the state’s population. They also contribute an estimated $46B in purchasing power to the state’s economy and own an estimated 36 percent of all small businesses,” Baumann said. “Similarly, New York Latinos’ purchasing power stands at estimated $90B and growing. Half of New York’s over 300,000 Latino-owned businesses are owned by Hispanic females, compared to 36 percent in the nation,” she added.

“We are extremely grateful to count with the support of NJIT as Hosting Sponsor and Univision as Media Sponsor because they recognize the relevance and potential of this community in the region,” Baumann said.

The event will take place at the NJIT Campus Center Atrium, 150 Bleeker St, Newark, NJ 07102, on November 9 from 4:00pm to 9:00pm. Free parking will be available for all attendees.

For information and to register or to participate in the Pitch your Business to the Media Competition, please visit Latina SmallBiz Expo (

For sponsorship and promotional opportunities, please contact

NJIT Campus Center Atrium Interior (Courtesy NJIT) pitch competition

NJIT Campus Center Atrium Interior (Courtesy NJIT)


HETP classes Hispanic entrepreneurs offered by SHCCNJ

The NJ Hispanic Chamber of Commerce opens doors for Hispanic entrepreneurs

The Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey offers opportunities to startups as well as established Hispanic entrepreneurs looking to expand through their Hispanic Entrepreneur Training program (HETP).

HETP classes Hispanic entrepreneurs offered by SHCCNJ

HETP classes Hispanic entrepreneurs offered by SHCCNJ

“The mission of the HETP is to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate business education and mentorship services to Hispanic small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs,” said Luis O De la Hoz, Vice Chairman of the chamber. “These services are provided for free to all aspiring or established entrepreneurs.”

This year, according to De La Hoz, the program has been divided into two tracks to allow better gathering of the information provided. “We used to have startups and established businesses together but we realized that questions and concerns were different for both type of Hispanic entrepreneurs,” he said.

Based on the last year’s program experience, the chamber gathered a great amount of information of the Hispanic entrepreneurs needs, including a structured business plan, resources and “a taste of reality.”

2016 Best Business Awards

Luis O De La Hoz. Vice Chair of the SHCCNJ and Padrino

“While established businesses demand information about resources and access to capital, mentorship or resources for growth in new markets, new ideas need to be analyzed in order to determine their sustainability,” De la Hoz shared. “It is a taste of reality for startups that goes beyond the enthusiasm of a business idea and proves it possible.”

This year, instructors are also different for both tracks and the curriculum will have a different knowledge level.

The Statewide Hispanic Chamber is committed to offer New Jersey’s over 80,000 Hispanic entrepreneurs and small businesses an appropriate support system to help them flourish.

“It is the concept of ‘familia’ that will allow our community to grow together, and sustain real growth,” De la Hoz said.  “Our goal is to provide access, opportunity and meaningful mentorship/coaching for all our community so that we guarantee them a fair starting point to become successful,” he concluded.

Track description of the HEPT Program for Hispanic entrepreneurs

Make Your Idea a Sustainable Business

20-25 participants in an ideation phase will be instructed during a 60-hour course.  During such time, a newly developed curriculum with workbooks for all participants shall provide the framework for the creation of individual business plans.  From soft skill development, business writing and networking platforms, participants will not only have completed a comprehensive business plan upon graduation, but also have fundamental business skills not usually offered in a classroom experience.

Classes will commence March 11, 2017, and shall be held every Saturday (12 weeks) from 9AM – 1PM at The Culinary Conference Center at Hudson County Community College in Jersey City.

Participants shall be selected on a rolling basis until February 24, 2016.

Grow Your Existing Business

This course shall consist of 20-30 participants that have previously completed a SHCCNJ HETP course and/or SHCCNJ small business members that want to expand their business platforms. Bilingual subject-matter experts will lead participants through 11 workshops on a variety of topics critical to establishing and strengthening a business. Participants will be paired with coaches for a 12-week period. Also, all will be granted access to shared office space at FUSE Bergen Community College Regional Accelerator.

​Program will commence March 14, 2017, and will be held on Tuesdays from 5PM – 7PM at FUSE in Lyndhurst. Participants and coaches shall schedule meetings based on their availability.

Participants shall be selected on a rolling basis until February 24, 2016.