Welcome to Erika Del Valle Cruz, new addition to our Editorial Advisory Board

Our warmest welcome to Erika Del Valle Cruz, our new addition to our Editorial Advisory Board. As an intercultural leader, Erika Del Valle Cruz provides coaching and training to leaders and organizations
Angelique Sina

Angelique Sina joins the LatinasinBusiness.us Editorial Advisory Board

Welcome to our new "Madrina" Angelique Sina, the latest member of our Editorial Advisory Board. We are extremely honored to have such a powerhouse helping out in our quest for the economic empowerment of the Latina working woman!
Will Robalino

William Robalino newest Padrino in LatinasinBusiness.us Editorial Advisory Board

We welcome William Robalino, our newest "Padrino" and member of our LatinasinBusiness.us Editorial Advisory Board! I've known Will for quite some time through common activities and organizations. He is a dedicated professional...

LatinasinBusiness.us Madrinas and Padrinos Editorial Advisory Board

Thanks to our prestigious Madrinas and Padrinos for their continuous…