¡La unión hace la fuerza!

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Our goal is to bring together a community of bloggers, writers, journalists, vloggers, photographers, communicators, and business owners seeking one goal: to support, enrich and bring economic empowerment to the experience of Latinas in business and the workplace. From those running their own businesses to those just entering the labor force or sitting in the corner office, is dedicated to the fastest growing business community in the nation.

What’s in it for you? has been designed to provide a space, a window of opportunity, a platform for Latinas who want to share their concerns, expertise, strategies and achievements. We also want the site to be a productive possibility for those who would like to promote their product or service, attract customers to their businesses, learn about social media, give business advice or ask for business advice, be a “madrina,” become a minority vendor or find business to business trade opportunities.

Our promise

Our promise is to provide quality content, moderate all articles submitted for publication, keep a stylish publication with great features and an attractive look, and share the possibility of serving our amazing Latina business community.

If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity, please contact us with your idea, product or strategy. If you are a professional writer or an advanced blogger, we would also like to hear from you, as we offer matching writing opportunities with businesses and products.

We believe that “la unión hace la fuerza” in every aspect of life: in business, the family, as a community or as a nation. The more united we stand, the better we can rise up and help others on the way.

Susana G. Baumann


  • Susana G Baumann

    Award-winning journalist, author, multicultural expert, public speaker, small business advocate and the Editor-in-Chief of Susana is an Argentinean immigrant who started her own small business over 20 years ago. Now, through her new digital platform and social media channels, she advocates for the economic empowerment of Latinas in the United States.

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