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The holidays are here once more and we’re back with more gift ideas from women entrepreneurs in our Latinas in Business circle. The holidays are all about giving and receiving, and we love giving back to small businesses. If you’re still looking for that perfect gift for the loved ones in your life, look no further! 

Check out our list of fun holiday gift ideas from Latinas and women entrepreneurs below and help us celebrate the gift of giving back by supporting these women business owners this holiday season!

10 holiday gift ideas from women entrepreneurs 

gift ideas
Shop LUNA MAGIC Limited Edition Holiday Box! (Photo credit: LUNA MAGIC)


Sisters Mabel and Shaira Frias founded their makeup brand, LUNA MAGIC, as a celebration of the rich culture found in the Caribbean and Latin America. Combining their passions for beauty and lifestyle, they created a vibrant brand that celebrates their mutual love for their multicultural heritage. 

Luna Magic’s mission is to introduce high-performance cosmetics, bold flavor, diversity, inclusivity and vibrancy to the beauty industry. 

“We’re inspired by the rich cultures and music of the Caribbean & Latin America, the hustle and bustle of NYC and glamour of Los Angeles.” 

With a variety of vibrant and bold makeup products, including a Limited Edition Holiday Box, you’re sure to find the perfect holiday gift from these Latina entrepreneurs for the makeup lover in you life!

Shop LUNA MAGIC for your holiday gifts here.

Lux Beauty Club, woman owned wellness brand
Shop Lux Beauty Club for the beauty and wellness lover in your life! (Photo credit: Lux Beauty Club)

Lux Beauty Club 

Victoria Flores is a former Wall Street executive turned entrepreneur. She and her business partner, Leslie, founded Lux Beauty Club —a beauty and wellness brand specializing in hemp and botanical products. 

What started as a side hustle soon became a successful venture with a mission to always provide a high-quality product at affordable prices, while building a brand that people love and trust. 

The beauty and wellness lover in your life will enjoy their wide array of products from their Miracle Mask to Beauty Butter for luxury skincare to their various wellness gummies.

“We wanted to create accessible, cruelty-free, gluten-free, clean and transparent formulas that truly work for your body.  Our hemp and botanical elevate your mood and nourish your skin. Hemp is a lifestyle that when taken daily gives you the best results.  At Lux Beauty Club we guarantee farm to home, organic ingredients from our FDA certified farms. Only clean, nothing funky. Science from the plant.” 

Shop Lux Beauty Club products for your holiday gifts here!

Pink Root Products
BUY LATINA! Treat your hair to a new level and support a Latina entrepreneur! (Photo credit: Pink Root Products)

Pink Root 

Mariel Mejia is the Founder and CEO of Pink Root Products, a natural haircare brand geared towards helping with the transition from chemically relaxed and damaged hair to natural hair. 

If you have a haircare lover in your life Pink Root’s line of quality haircare products will make a great gift.

Pink Root Products was created to help customers, like Mariel, struggling with chemically treated and heat-damaged hair to transition back to its natural glory. With ingredients that are carefully chosen to nurture all textures and hair types from wavy to curly to kinks and coils, Pink Root products are designed to revitalize damaged hair and promote new growth by infusing nutrient rich and organic ingredients into our formulations.

“We don’t believe in bad hair, just bad hair care,” says Mariel. “Our mission is to help people enjoy and feel confident about their curls.”

Shop Pink Root Products this holiday season! 

Treat yourself with an intimate gift from Beia Beauty this holiday. (Photo credit: Beia Beauty)

Beia Beauty

Brittany Lo is the Founder and CEO of Beia Beauty, a luxury vegan skincare line that addresses concerns in intimate areas that affect women’s confidence in the bedroom and beyond, such as unwanted odors, body blemishes, and sweat. 

This line of products makes for a great “treat-yourself” gift for any woman looking to feel a little more confident in her own skin.

Beia’s mission is to remove the shame and embarrassment that prevents women from experiencing true pleasure, so they can feel comfortable and confident in their own skin – in and out of the bedroom. 

“I was inspired to create Beia, a company that destigmatizes societal taboos around sexual wellness, and takes an elevated approach to the intimacy space by focusing on how women feel before, during, and after the big event,” Brittany says. 

Shop Beia Beauty to treat yourself to a little something this holiday season!

gift ideas
Shop Villakuyaya for the chocolate lover in your life! (Photo credit: Villakuyaya Organic Dark Chocolate)

Villakuyaya Organic Dark Chocolate 

 Villakuyaya Organic Dark Chocolate founded by Tania Molina offers a variety of authentic, organic dark chocolate with ingredients sourced from Tania’s home country of Ecuador. 

Tania’s passion for chocolate-making and experimenting with flavors came from her grandmother, Juana, who had a natural gift with seeds, plants, and herbs. Tania remembers fond memories and experiences with her grandmother and cacao: memories of eating the cacao seed pulp, toasting in the crock, and the cacao powder with the hot milk. These memories remind Tania of her grandmother’s kindness, her love for her grandchildren, and her respect for nature–virtues that Tania has embedded into her business. 

“The chocolate and the heart of the business is and always will be Ecuadorian,” says Tania.

Check out a variety of unique flavors and gift boxes this holiday season and gift some quality chocolate to someone in your life!

Shop Villakuyaya Organic Dark Chocolate for your next holiday gift here

gift ideas
Looking for an alcohol-free wine replacement? Try Karviva Unwind! (Photo credit: Karuna Beverages)

Karviva Unwind

If you’re looking for beverages to bring to your holiday gathering try out Karviva Unwind, a line of alcohol-free wine replacement juice from Karuna Beverages. Founded by Dr. Angela Zeng , Karuna Beverages was inspired by her passion for natural healing that is rooted in her strong belief in traditional Chinese medicine and herbal sciences.

Powered with superfood fruits, Karviva Unwined is a wholesome Malbec-inspired wine replacement juice that perfectly pairs with any luxurious dishes! Full of health benefits combining traditional far eastern remedies with today’s modern science to concoct a super-juice packed with antioxidants and calming herbs. 

This non-alcoholic wine will make a great addition to your holiday meal for those who are alcohol-free but still craving the texture and flavor of a wine beverage.

Shop Karviva Unwined and other Karuna Beverages here

gift ideas
Shop fun hand-crafted ceramics from Female Alchemy this holiday! (Photo credit: Female Alchemy)

Miami-based Colombian ceramicist and artist, Tatiana Cardona, is the founder of Female Alchemy where she hand crafts multipurpose functional art ceramic products.

Her creative and eccentric pieces will make the perfect gift for a feminist art lover.

“My work started off as an ode to the female artists that paved the way for the rest of us. With time it has since evolved into the embodiment of the fun, creative, lively feminine spirit,” says Tatiana.

Lips are a recurring theme in her work along with bold, fun colors. From mugs to vases, jars, bowls, and more, you can find something fun and feminine for the home from Female Alchemy.

Shop Female Alchemy hand-crafted ceramics here.

Jefa in Training
The perfect gift for the aspiring entrepreneur in your life! (Photo courtesy of Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda)

Jefa in Training

Synopsis: Jefa in Training is the only Spanglish project-launching toolkit and female entrepreneur planner specially made for a new generation of boss women.

Do you have an aspiring Latina entrepreneur in your life? Someone who you know has the ideas but just needs a little push in the right direction? Gift her this book to set her on the right path!

Written by Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda, a community-builder, business-development strategist, coach, and socialpreneur, Jefa in Training offers women entrepreneurs the female empowerment needed to take a side hustle to the next level.

A solopreneur and small business guide, this business startup planner and toolkit is for women in leadership, business, and beyond. Full of lessons, anecdotes, worksheets, templates, and quotes this book will help aspiring women in business reach the next level and turn ideas into something much bigger.

Shop Jefa in Training here.

For the self-help lover in your life, check out Mindset Unlocked! (Photo source: Amazon)

 Mindset Unlocked

Another must-read gift for the self-help lover in your life with big aspirations. In Mindset Unlocked, Latina career coach Cici Castelli shares some key insights in mindset management and how to unlock your success mindset to take you to the next level. 

“To succeed in every area of your life you need to unlock your mindset, be bold, be flexible, take risks and start doing what other people can’t, won’t or don’t do,” says Cici. 

Full of personal stories and effective strategies for any business environment, this guide gives you the tools to boost your productivity, increase your capabilities beyond your comfort zone, and lead a team that refuses to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

Shop Mindset Unlocked here.

Gift the cooking-lover in your life this one-of-a-kind cookbook! (Photo source: Amazon)

Gran Cocina Latina: The Food of Latin America 

Shopping for a cuisine lover? Someone always looking for new recipes to try out? Check out Gran Cocina Latina: The Food of Latin America.

Gran Cocina Latina unifies the vast culinary landscape of the Latin world, from Mexico to Argentina and all the Spanish-speaking countries of the Caribbean. In one volume it gives home cooks, armchair travelers, and curious chefs the first comprehensive collection of recipes from this region. 

An inquisitive historian and a successful restaurateur, Maricel E. Presilla has spent more than thirty years visiting each country personally. She’s gathered more than 500 recipes for the full range of dishes, from the foundational adobos and sofritos to empanadas and tamales to ceviches and moles to sancocho and desserts such as flan and tres leches cake.

Detailed equipment notes, drink and serving suggestions, and color photographs of finished dishes are also included. This is a one-of-a-kind cookbook to be savored and read as much for the writing and information as for its introduction to heretofore unrevealed recipes.

Shop Gran Cocina Latina here.

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    Victoria Arena is a writer and student, passionate about writing, literature, and women's studies. She is bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish. She holds an Associates in Fine Arts for Creative Writing, and a Bachelor's in English Literature from Montclair State University.

By Victoria Arena

Victoria Arena is a writer and student, passionate about writing, literature, and women's studies. She is bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish. She holds an Associates in Fine Arts for Creative Writing, and a Bachelor's in English Literature from Montclair State University.

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