5 Latina LGBTQ businesses to support this Pride Month! 

June is Pride Month, a time to both celebrate the LGBTQ community and an opportunity to peacefully protest and raise political awareness of current issues facing the community. 

This Pride Month we’re shining a spotlight on a few Latina LGBTQ businesses and brands that are creating inclusive products and raising awareness for important social issues. 

Latina LGBTQ businesses and brands to support!

Kalani + Wolf 


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Founded by Dominican-born Afro-Latina entrepreneur, Joanis Duran, Kalani + Wolf is  a sustainable clothing and accessories brand that’s 100% vegan. As a brand, Kalani + Wolf is dedicated to changing the narrative to end systemic racism and disenfranchisement. 

The brand actively volunteers in community cleans ups, signs petitions, participates in peaceful protest, organizes discussion panels, makes calls and writes to local senators, and donate money to animal sanctuaries 

“Kalani + Wolf is for the non-conformist who can’t keep their mouths shut, aren’t afraid to mobilize their community, demand social justice and human rights. We welcome all body types and complexions- one which mirrors our BIPOC + Queer communities.” 

Moon Mother Apothecary 

Founded by herbalist, Suhaly Bautista-Carolina, Moon Mother Apothecary creates herbal medicinal products derived from AfroCaribbean and AfroDominican healing practices. In addition to selling plant-based medicines, Bautista-Carolina provides virtual consultations and herbalism lessons. 

Moon Mother Apothecary is also deeply involved in activism and social issues. Plant Power x People Power is a project by the brand focused on producing and distributing herbal medicines for “BIPOC protestors, activists, and community members mobilizing for justice and directly affected by police violence.” 

Founder Suhlay is deeply committed to decolonizing medicine and re-introducing her community to the traditional, ancestral wisdom that many have been ripped away from as a result of migration, erasure, colonialism, and other oppressive and violent systems. 

“This too, is a form of activism: returning to ourselves, creating spaces of agency for folks to enter into their own healing, so that when clients/participants/spirits who open themselves to my offerings walk away, they leave with much more than the plant medicine,” she says.

Pa’Lante Para


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Pa’Lante Para is a clothing brand founded by Julia Pacheco Cole, a member of the Lambda Pi Chi sorority. The brand creates affordable and trendy clothing for Latina and multicultural-based sororities.

Motivated by her own frustration at the lack of multicultural sorority clothing options, Julia decided to create her own brand as a fun side project. 

“I found that it was easy to buy things that had my letters on them, but what was lacking was the true spirit of my organization (and many others I saw). So I decided to take matters into my own hands and create the styles that I was looking for myself. What started as a fun side project has turned into so much more, taking inspiration from Latina clothing brand favorites to come up with creative, forward-thinking, and more affordable options,” Julia shares. 

Today, she is one of a few queer Latina-owned businesses serving these sororities and the only Latina/Multicultural-focused Greek paraphernalia shop in the Pacific Northwest.

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Bianca Designs 


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Founded by Bianca Negron, Bianca Designs is a small accessory shop run out of Queens, NY, creating inclusive pins and fun accessories. 

Bianca is a queer gender-fluid Latinx designer and artist who enjoys creating inclusive pride art that provides representation and visibility. Their style is minimal yet playful and often uses lines, geometric shapes & custom typography. Bianca uses their business to support various foundations, organizations, and mutual aid funds with the proceeds from some products. 

“I created Bianca’s Design Shop as a reflection of my passion of design meshed with who I am as a person which is essentially a Queer human,” says Bianca. “I always wanted to find a way to give back to our community, so with having my background in design I’m able to create inclusive products that provide visibility.” 

High Hemp 


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Founded by Paola Fernandez, High Hemp is a Florida-based company offering an alternative to tobacco-based rolling papers and a variety of CBD products including gummies and tinctures to keep you feeling your best. High Hemp also sells merch including Pride merch and accessories.

“High Hemp Co. is one of the first all organic herbal wrap companies who pride themselves on a cleaner, more flavorful smoke. We’re breaking the trend of tobacco based products and creating better alternatives. We are High Hemp.” 

Be sure to check out these Latina LGBTQ businesses and brands this Pride Month and beyond!

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