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6 Must-follow Latina travel influencers to inspire your 2022 summer travels

Whether you are looking for your next adventure or simply wishing to live vicariously through some awesome photographs, these Latina travel influencers will be sure to captivate your imagination. With summer just around the corner, these travel bloggers are sure to spark some ideas and inspire your next big trip. 

From digital nomads and solo travelers to lifestyle bloggers and content creators, we’ve gathered a few Latinas who are sharing their travels via vibrant photos and storytelling. Follow them on a journey across the world one photograph at a time! 

6 Must-follow Latina travel influencers


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Amanda Grace is a licensed physical therapist, a passionate traveler, and an adventurous foodie. Born in New York and raised in Georgia, she currently lives in Southern California.

She shares her adventures on her travel blog, PT Passages, and her Instagram of the same name. 

“For me, the word passage not only represents my blog posts but also my journey through my physical therapy profession, travels, and things that just made my life easier. My blog consists of a personal collection of travel, physical therapy, and other life experiences,” Amanda shares on her blog. 

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Ashley is a Texas native, part-time world traveler based in NYC. Her passion for travel and photography stems from her sense of curiosity. She longs to discover the similarities that unite all the varying cultures around the world and discover the differences that make each unique. 

“I took my first solo trip at the age of 18 and have been hooked ever since! Since then I have traveled to over 70 countries, with close to half of these as a solo female traveler. My hope is to inspire other women of color to get out there and explore – whether that’s in their own city or around the world!” says Ashley. 

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Rosa and Samantha Rose are a mother-daughter duo embarking on the journey of life by visiting one city at a time. They share their travel tips and insights on their blog and Instagram page, where their 12k+ followers globetrot along with them one picture at a time. 

“For both of us, happiness consists of the simple things in life such as traveling. Whether it’s hopping on a plane to a far away destination or jumping in the car for a quick getaway; the journey is just as fun as the destination. Traveling allows us to escape from our everyday routine and let’s us create new memories along the way.” 

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Cynthia was born in Mexico and currently lives in Shanghai. She is a freelance graphic designer and photographer sharing her journey as she explores new places in Shanghai and around the world. 

“My travel addiction started when I was so young and I wanted to explore new places and meet people from foreign cultures. I was always dreaming about different landscapes and ways to see the world. My love for photography started a couple of years later when I joined an art collective. Since then my two passions merged and now I have the chance to share them with you,” she writes on her blog. 

Follow O Christine | @ochristine 

Olivia Christine, or “O”, is a writer, photographer, multimedia content creator, and the outdoor and wellness travel expert behind. Her blog,  O. Christine inspires people to prioritize travel and wellness, invest in experiences, and connect with the outdoors.

“As a Bronx-born Afro Latina with lupus and a former overworked career, I know what it feels like to burn out and wish for an escape,” she writes. “What it feels like to be unsure of how to start anew — especially as a Black woman. But I found joy and whole-body wellness in travel and am here to arm you with information and motivation to do the same.”

Her blog’s mission is to remind each person that you can create a life we love despite your circumstances and to inspire you to connect with the outdoors and explore, whether that be overseas or in your own backyard. 

Follow Flor | @flopereira 

Flor Pereira is a 28 year old Argentinian traveler, lifestyle blogger, and content creator sharing her tips and tricks, from fashion and beauty to travel and photography. She has traveled to destinations around the world including South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand and is currently based in NYC. 

Her blog, Penny Lane Blog, was originally created as a personal diary in 2010, where she wrote short texts and uploaded images that inspired me. Since then it has become one of the most visited Argentinian fashion and lifestyle blogs. 

Today Flor continues to share her adventures on Penny Lane Blog and her Instagram page to more than 115k followers! 

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We hope these Latina travel influencers will inspire your next big adventure or at least fuel those wanderlust dreams!

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