Take a sneak peak inside the highly anticipated book “Jefa in Training” by business development coach Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda

Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda is a business development coach, strategist, nonprofit founder and author of Jefa in Training—the first business-launching book for Latinas. 

The highly anticipated book covers the foundations of how to launch and grow your business and doubles as a workbook so that you can create a business plan while you’re reading. It also features tips from other successful Latina founders such as Ana Flores from We All Grow Latina, Marivette Navarrete from The Mujerista and more! 

As a development coach and entrepreneur Ashley has combined her experiences and expertise to create this must-read step-by-step toolkit for aspiring Latina entrepreneurs. 

Jefa in Training

Jefa in Training—the first business-launching book for Latinas.

A sneak peak inside Jefa in Training 

Jefa in Training is a much-needed guide for all of us who need a blueprint to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Not only does this book provide the tools, but it provides the inspiration we all need to make that first step! Bravo, hermana!” 

Eva Longoria, award-winning actress, producer, director, activist, philanthropist, and CEO of UnbeliEVAble Entertainment.

Jefa in Training

Taking the first step in your entrepreneurial journey. (Photo courtesy Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda)

Getting started is often the hardest part. Many women will hold themselves back from starting their ventures, afraid to take that first step. Ashley knows first-hand what it’s like to build a business from the ground up and the obstacles that come with it.

In 2017, Ashley launched her own nonprofit #WomxnCrush Music to help create opportunities and community for women and non-binary songwriters through programming, fundraising and marketing efforts. This project stemmed from her passion for connection. 

“I felt a need to have a support system as a woman singer-songwriter, a safe space for us to create and share resources with each other,” she said. 

Through the process of being a first-time founder, Ashley also worked on marketing and business development teams for startups and large companies. 

Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda is a business development coach, strategist, nonprofit founder and author. (Photo courtesy Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda)

“Soon after it was only natural for me to combine all of my experience and knowledge to coach other entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses. That is how I began working with more and more Latinas-founded brands like The Mujerista, Cadena Collective, Bonita Fierce Candles (to name a few) in 2019 and became known as the Business Hada Madrina.”

Her own experiences launching her nonprofit and working with other Latina entrepreneurs increased her desire to help build networks and communities which were vital to her own success. 

“When I first started working with The Mujerista to build our online community (The Mujerista Network), I met so many incredible rising Latina entrepreneurs who were actively seeking guidance on how to grow their businesses. They felt the same need I did when I was starting #WCM and suddenly I felt the same feeling I did when I created my organization. The feeling of wanting to fill a need for our community. And that is how my book Jefa in Training was born.”

Covering everything from imposter syndrome to micro-aggressions and bilingualism, Jefa in Training isn’t your typical small business book. Part Latinx book, it is a conversation with a special tribe of Latina immigrants, Hispanic American generations, and women of color in financial, media, entrepreneurial, and creative spaces. It’s a Latina book by Latinas, for Latinas

Featuring first-hand experiences, guest stories from successful business women in Latinx companies, worksheets, and more, Jefa in Training is the only Spanglish project-launching toolkit and female entrepreneur planner specially made for a new generation of boss women.

A business startup planner and toolkit for women in leadership, business, and beyond, Jefa in Training offers women entrepreneurs the female empowerment needed to take a side hustle to the next level. Whether it’s learning to define your brand, set up a beta test group, or draft an LLC operating agreement, this compendium of lessons, anecdotes, worksheets, templates, and quotes teaches the next generation of women in business how to work for yourself and turn your ideas into something much bigger. —Jefa in Training

Covering everything from imposter syndrome to micro-aggressions and bilingualism, Jefa in Training isn’t your typical small business book. (Photo courtesy Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda)

Pre-order Jefa in Training today! Releases Feb. 22, 2022

“I’m eager for Jefa in Training to get into the hands of as many aspiring business owners as possible because that is how we will create change in the world. Representation in any kind of industry is important and the more of us that take that first step into pursuing entrepreneurship, the more we can build wealth, create safe spaces and provide opportunities for each other,” said Ashley.

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Advice to aspiring Latina entrepreneurs  

“Develop your personal “why” and work towards fulfilling that mission. And don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way!” Ashley advises. 

When she was launching her own venture, one of the main obstacles she faced was finding reliable resources and not having a proper support system throughout the process. These challenges led to consistent burnout and several versions of her first venture.

“Develop your personal “why” and work towards fulfilling that mission. And don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way!” (Photo courtesy Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda)

“I’ve learned that by finding a community that aligns with my values, can support me when I’m struggling, celebrate my wins with me and can share resources – it makes all the difference. Learning to let people in and trust people with the vulnerabilities of my business did not make me weak – it allowed me to grow stronger as a founder,” she said. 

Another piece of advice is to lean into your personal strengths and always be resourceful. For Ashley, one of her strengths has always been her ability to develop connection with others easily.  

“I was able to take this superpower and create a true network of like-minded and supportive contacts who could help me as I entered the next phase of my business.”

When it comes to being resourceful, Ashley says, “Building a business can get expensive but if you can find creative ways to make an impact without a large budget, it can help you get the attention you need to get to that next level!” 

If you’re ready to take things to the next level and finally turn those dreams into reality, let Jefa in Training lead you step-by-step along this exciting entrepreneurial journey. The time to build your enterprise is now!


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