15 Best Latin American soup recipes to try this winter!

Who doesn’t love a nice hot bowl of soup on a chilly winter’s day? As the temperatures continue to drop in the Northern Hemisphere, we at Latinas in Business are looking to cozy up with our favorite Latin American soup recipes.  

All around the world, soup is enjoyed by every culture. Soups come in all different styles, from chunky, clear, to creamy, and can be served hot or cold. Today, we’re focusing on our favorite hot soups from around Latin America. 

With January being National Soup Month, it’s the perfect time to indulge. Celebrate the month by trying out some of these recipes and sharing them with your loved ones. 

5 Latin American soup recipes in three different styles

Latin American soup

Sopa de Sancocho. (Photo source: dominicancooking.com)


Traditionally, Sancocho is a meat-and-roots-based stew. It can be found in various Latin American countries, especially the Caribbean, and comes in different variations depending on the country. Some of the key ingredients include meat, vegetables, broth, yuca, and platano. This hearty soup will make the perfect winter meal!

Recipes for Sancocho

  • Try it the Dominican way with Tía Clara’s recipe at Dominican Cooking, the oldest and largest Dominican cooking website. 
  • Another variation comes from Panamá. This version is similar to chicken soup. See the recipe here
  • Finally, another delicious version to try is Venezuela’s variation. This recipe from La Cocina Latina uses beef for a flavorful and filling meal that will satisfy the whole family. 
Latin American soup

Sopa de Mondongo. (Photo source: mycolombianrecipes.com)

Sopa de Mondongo

Sopa de Mondongo is popular throughout Latina America and the Caribbean. The soup consists of tripe as the main meat and a variety of vegetables. In the Colombian tradition, the soup also includes other meats such as pork and chorizo. In Colombia, Mondongo is served as a complete meal, accompanied by white rice, avocado, banana and drizzled with lime juice.

Recipes for Mondongo 

Latin American soups

Caldo de Res. (Photo source: maricruzavalos.com)

Caldo de Res

Caldo de Res, also known as Cocido, is a hearty soup made with beef meat and bones. The versatile soup includes many variations throughout Latin America in countries such as Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. 

This recipe is the perfect comfort soup, especially if you’re not feeling well. Made with beef bones and vegetables, this recipe has many health benefits such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Marrow bones also provide Omega-3, vitamin A, vitamin K2, iron, manganese, selenium, and zinc among others.

So, if you’re looking for a soup to revitalize your strength, this is definitely one to try! 

Recipes for Caldo de Res

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Sopa de Pescado. (Photo source: quericavida.com)

Sopa de Pescado 

Sopa de Pescado is a fish soup that can be made in various styles depending on the country. In Perú, the dish is called Chilcano de pescado and is made with fish fillet, herbs, vegetables, and a rich broth. In Cuba, the heads of fish are used and pieces of bread or rice are added to the soup and in Costa Rica noodles and potatoes are added. 

Recipes for Sopa de Pescado

Ecuadorian style Locro. (Photo source: laylita.com)


Locro is a thick and creamy soup popular in countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, and Paraguay. The Argentinian version is made with calabaza—or acorn or butternut squash, corn, beans and meat. In Ecuador, the soup is made with potatoes and cheese, creating a creamy and thick potato soup. The Paraguay version is similar to the Argentinian style, though it does not contain any squash. 

Recipes for Locro


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